Unique Ideas for Your Vacation Rental Home

By: Mary Pauline Viloria

With only an hour’s drive from the city, Tagaytay is a popular destination for day trips. Its relaxing atmosphere, fantastic restaurants, and stunning landscape never fail to slake any Filipino’s thirst for leisure. Along with quick vacations, Tagaytay staycations are among the most popular activities both on the weekends and throughout the workweek. As the second summer capital of the Philippines, the city has a lot to offer, from a cool breeze, a nice climate, little traffic, a high standard of living, and investment prospects in a Tagaytay condo for sale real estate to a stunning view of the notorious Taal volcano and thick pine forests.

A wise strategy to get a passive income is to invest in a tourist destination like Tagaytay. But to make it more exciting for your guests to rent your space, you must have a unique way of designing or creating a theme for your pad. Here we’re listing down ideas that property owners could use to make their vacation rental property income skyrocket!

Ways to Increase Your Vacation Rentals Income

1. Bookworm’s Den

A holiday destination with a literary theme can be the perfect choice for those who enjoy immersing themselves in a good read. This theme concept can highlight certain writers or books, or it can simply showcase floor-to-ceiling bookcases stacked with both classic and contemporary literature. Of course, every bookworm fantasized about taking everything up and going somewhere peaceful.  

2. One with The Heavenly Bodies

Did you know that you can view a galaxy 212 million light-years away with your own eyes? Moon craters with binoculars? A clear night will reveal a plethora of delights. Take the stargazing activity to another level by setting up a little space observatory on your unit’s balcony. You can simply use binoculars and even a small telescope.

3. Disney-Themed Family Suite

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Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! Bring the happiest place on earth inside the four corners of your unit with a Disney-themed family suite. Include a selection of Disney movies for your guests to watch on rainy days or in their spare moments.

4. Bring Back the 80s

Make your clients have a trip down memory lane with your retro-style unit! You may add a collection of 80s mixtapes or CDs and also a Tube TV with a VHS tape player or vinyl player that can be enjoyed by your clients. Of course, add your favorite 80s movie posters to your wall as a cherry on top of your room.

5. Arcade Haven

Who wouldn’t want to play hours of Super Mario on their family console or enjoy a mini indoor arcade game machine? Of course, everyone would enjoy playing with their friends and loved ones just like in the old times! Your clients will also love playing pinball 24/7 in the comfort of your pad. Get creative with your game room decor! From tables, sofas, and gaming chairs to wall art and ornaments, don’t be afraid to adopt a retro flair to complement your favorite old-school games.

6. The One with Friends Themed B&B

Photo from vacationstravel.com

Have your unit’s living room transformed into Central Perk and of course the iconic purple door of Monica and Rachel’s pad. You may also add Joey’s Hugsy, set up Chandler’s favorite bubble bath, and Phoebe’s guitar with Smelly Cat’s lyrics! Oh, and don’t forget to add books about the pre-historic era for Ross!

Pros of Hosting Themed Vacation Home

Stand out from the crowd

A themed rental may be an excellent marketing strategy for distinguishing yourself from competitors. Offering a themed experience is one method to stand out from the crowd and attract more people.

Offer a premium

A themed rental is deemed to be a “luxury” experience. Many guests will spend more to snap entertaining photographs in your venue. Make sure you don’t forget a welcoming card for when your guests arrive. It really enhances the premium feel.

You can Market a Specific Guest

Themed rentals are another amazing way to boost your short-term rental game. If you have a distinctive theme that appeals to a specific sort of guest, you are more likely to receive bookings from those who are seeking that style of experience.

Interesting interior designs create fascinating photographs

Finally, thematic rentals could be a lot of fun! If you love decorating and coming up with new ideas, developing a themed interior design for your rental home may be just up your alley. Furthermore, a distinctively designed short-term rental will look excellent in pictures – and beautiful images are one of the keys to success as a host!

Tips for Your DIY Design

Don’t be afraid to decorate your condo unit yourself if you have a concept for a theme for your rental and already have some décor items of course you can use the free AllHome Gift Certificates that come along with your purchased condominium units to acquire anything else you need.

Keep these recommendations in mind as you plan a concept for your holiday home:

  1. Start with what you have and then get anything extra you need to complete your theme.
  2. Do some study before deciding on a motif. What types of visitors are you hoping to attract? Which are the most popular themes? What brings visitors to your area?
  3. Remember to keep your digital presence up to the latest. Publish new descriptions and upload new images to let your customers know you’re ready to welcome them in. To give your rental an inviting atmosphere, use descriptive phrases like “magical” and “serene.”
  4. To improve your visitors’ experiences while staying in your rental, you can also use aromatherapy. Use essential oils and soaps, for example, that are related to your overall concept to set the mood.
  5. You don’t have to style the entire house all at once. If you lack decorating talent or budget, keep things basic and neutral. Working on one room at a time, expect some guests to prefer a neutral gathering spot if the rest of the house is vibrantly decorated.
  6. Make sure your vacation rental supplies are always stocked and have a monitoring file when it comes to these things to minimize expenses.
  7. Finally, pick paintings, photographs, and murals for the walls. Murals of popular figures are extremely appealing to children, so add them to their bedrooms.

Wrapping Things Up!

All in all, these are just a few of the ideas that you can use to amp up your vacation rental game and stand out among millions of listings online. For this to become more successful and feasible you may want to invest in ready-for-occupancy units in Pine Suites Tagaytay, especially with great vacation rental amenities as well! Of course, having a prime location is a plus, and Crown Asia has the right winning investment for you at the heart of the second summer capital of the Philippines Tagaytay! Our exciting promos can also help you furnish your unit with up to 200k pesos worth of AllHome Gift Certificates. So hurry as we have a few units left!

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