Reasons Why a Condo in Las Pinas Investment is a Great Move

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Reasons Why a Condo in Las Pinas Investment is a Great Move

Metro Manila, known as the Philippines’ National Capital Region, is made up of seventeen separate cities that offer different experiences and adventures. In terms of the hustle and bustle though, people perceive the northern area of the Metro to be the busiest. While living there is not awful at all, for some individuals, it may be too busy or noisy, therefore living in the South is ideal. Although each urbanite would offer you quite diverse perspectives on how life is in the North and South of the region, some define a pleasant life as having more peace and quiet. Having said that, Las Piñas is one of the cities among the Southernmost part of the Metropolitan area, making the decision to invest in a condo real estate and relocate firsthand to this city a wonderful alternative to consider.

Why Las Piñas anyone? Well, for individuals who are aiming to build a career in the Metro and find a home near the business district, this article will tell you why you should particularly invest in a condo in Las Piñas. So sit back, grab your notes, and read on.

The best types of investments are the ones that grow, just like Hermosa in the South, here are the reasons why a condo in Las Pinas is a great move:

An Investment Close Proximity to the South and the Rest of the Metro

An Investment Close Proximity to the South and the Rest of the Metro

Being in the Southernmost part of the Metro, Las Piñas serves as a middle ground between the economic districts in Manila and the sanctuary in the provinces. The city connects Metro Manila to CALABARZON, and is only a few kilometers away from the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)  or Metro Manila Skyway. It is also close to CAVITEX, or the Coastal Road, which is close to Roxas Boulevard and the Bay Area. This makes it quite simple to organize quick getaways in surrounding provinces like Cavite and Laguna, while also allowing for rapid access to the rest of the Metro. As such, accessibility to essential establishments is also guaranteed, from restaurants, shopping districts, grocery stores, supermarkets, to hospitals, and various education facilities.

So, whenever you’re worn out from work and need a break from the bustling city, take a quick drive to Tagaytay and enjoy a decent cup of coffee while taking in the cool breeze and beautiful scenery, or perhaps treat yourself with your family or friends into a little beach or hiking trip at Laguna or Batangas. With these major highways easily accessible in Las Piñas, commutes to the rest of the Metro and nearby provinces are but a breeze.

Laid-back Lifestyle in the South

Laid-back Lifestyle in the South

Although city living is exciting with the endless career opportunities, the fast-paced lifestyle can become stressful after a while. As a result, seeking shelter in the South from the rapidly-moving city life may help you relax. Las Piñas, for example, is recognized for its laid-back lifestyle and tranquil environment, making it an ideal area to live for career-driven individuals or those who wish to start a family. But no worries, because the city is just a few minutes away from the metropolis, therefore you do not have to worry about missed opportunities in the NCR. For those wanting to be close to the Metro but also close to the serene embrace of nature, a condo in Las Piñas could be the best for you.

Growing Real Estate Market

Growing Real Estate Market

Experts believe that the South has a lot of potential for urban expansion. In the villages today, there is a lot of modern home architecture, and aside from that, there has been a lot of promise for economic development for the past several years. The real estate market in the South, especially in the Metropolitan area, such as Las Piñas, could be flourishing in a few years, resulting in an increase in property prices.

Consequently, it is preferable to purchase a condo unit while you are still young and capable, as real estate is widely regarded as one of the safest investment options accessible today. Philippine real estate has been robust in the face of successive boom-bust economic cycles, achieving new highs in take-up, supply, prices, and land values, notably in the last decade. Furthermore, many numbers show that long-term real estate ownership can provide reliable and lucrative income, appealing capital appreciation, and, to a degree, asset preservation.

Premium Condo Living in Hermosa

Hermosa Featured Photo

One of the defining traits of Manila’s southern portion is the presence of exclusive residential areas. With its sophisticated suburban arrangement, Las Piñas offers premium condo living where young professionals or starting families can escape the Metropolitan city hubbub, making the city a great site for real estate investment. With that, take Hermosa, a Crown Asia condo property in Las Piñas, as an excellent option when looking for a condominium property in the city.

The Hermosa is a 2.9-hectare sophisticated and exclusive resort-inspired condominium complex rising near Vista Global South, an impending master planned city rising along C-5 Extension in Las Piñas City, about fifteen minutes from NAIA and the Bay Area. Residents can enjoy exceptional convenience and an enhanced lifestyle experience thanks to a variety of refreshing amenities such as a function space, swimming pool, and nearby commercial, retail, and entertainment areas. With a sense of comfort and security, this sprawling modern and exclusive condo village in the South gives a refreshing ambiance to modern city-living, designed to accommodate modern convenience and at the same time, enjoy a stress-free environment.


Furthermore, living in the South has the advantage of being less polluted, allowing for more pure air and trees to breathe in the area. This condo in Las Piñas guarantees that you are surrounded by nature by giving additional amenities like a jogging trail, pet park, sky rose garden paradise, and complimentary bicycle access that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors.

As a country with one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, the Philippines’ National Capital Region has experienced tremendous expansion in recent years. In this regard, is it a good idea to buy a condo in Las Piñas? Absolutely! The earlier you invest, the better your chances of making a profit. Not only that, but when you adopt a more natural daily lifestyle, it will have a great impact on your health. Definitely a win-win situation.

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