Maximizing Your Home’s Resale Value: Key Renovations to Consider

By: Hanna Rubio

As they say, properties like your house and lot for sale in Cavite increase their value over time. This is mainly why property investment is most likely the best investment you can ever have for the return on investment is relatively higher than others.

There are numerous determinants of such an increase like the current demand and supply in the market, its location, the overall size of the house, the condition, and when the house has undergone renovations to rebuild and improve the property.

Even though renovating a home can be expensive but from small changes to drastic remodeling can help your home’s resale value skyrocket. However, you as the owner should still be smart about this for if renovations are done hastily, instead of increasing its value, you’re rather devaluing your property.

Home improvement projects should be done effectively so you can make sure that you’re helping your home greatly increase its value whilst minimizing expenses. So, whether it’s for your betterment or if you’re putting your property on the market for sale, renovations surely add value to your home.

Here are some key renovations you can consider in revamping your house and lot for sale in Cavite.

Key home renovations that you can consider to maximize your home’s resale value

Improving Curb appeal

The first impression truly lasts so it is essential that you create a good one for it is something that homebuyers will always remember. Since it is the first thing that prospective buyers see, it is just necessary to start your home renovations in improving your home’s curb appeal. Aside from that, curb appeal has a significant impact on how people see your property from the outside.

When curb appeal is not appealing to buyers like they are supposed to can be a deal breaker. You can amplify it by simply painting your front door, tidying up your yard, effective landscaping, making a grand entryway, installing a new garage door, or having a spacious driveway can entice buyers on considering or even purchasing your property.

Outdoor Structures

Home improvements don’t only mean refurbishing your interior but also the exterior of your property. Potential buyers are also on the lookout for not just only vague outdoor spaces but also functional ones. It is an extension of your home so it is a nice move to revamp it into a space for enjoyment.

You can spruce it up by making a small garden where you can put plants that can help complete the vibe you’re going for. Another thing is you can add a deck or backyard patio where the people can chill and bond. Although it might cost you so much, adding a swimming pool can also greatly increase the value of your home.

Bathroom Remodeling

Some may find it unnecessary to include bathroom remodeling as a key renovation but most everyone pays much attention to having a nice-looking bathroom. Need not fret if it’s not included in your budget for you can apply for a home equity loan that can help you fund your home renovation projects.

Bathroom renovation can start by adding more square footage to it to create enough space. You might also want to consider the ventilation of the bathroom. A walk-in closet, vanity, sinks, and more storage are also great addition for a more luxurious bathroom experience.

Roof Renovations

Another vital thing that you should not forget is to also check up on your roofing situation. If you are planning to sell it, potential buyers would appreciate it if the roof has no issues and at its best condition.

To avoid such problems from arising, choosing a quality roof is the best choice. It is important that you inspect your roof consistently so you can minimize your maintenance costs.

Incorporate Smart Technology

The expectation in the housing market is continuously increasing as time goes by. Homebuyers are always finding something that can ease their day-to-day life. This smart technology is gaining traction in the real estate market for it not only eases someone’s burden but also is very efficient.

Install smart devices on your home like CCTVs and smart locks for added security, smart thermostat, and other smart appliances. There is no denying that this move will be expensive but it can surely improve your home value.

Kitchen Upgrade

A spacious kitchen is a plus, especially for those homebuyers that are very much interested in cooking. Modernizing your kitchen space assists you in catching the attention of potential buyers. By just upgrading your cabinets or installing more for storage purposes, building an island without compromising the functionality of the appliances, furniture, or the whole space is a smart move in increasing home values.

Moreover, upgrading your kitchen according to the national association of remodeling industry records a high return on investment.

Install new flooring

Homebuyers are straying away from houses that have so many issues because the maintenance can cost much more than the price of the property. So, to attract homebuyers it is much better is inspect the entire house from the ceiling up to its flooring. Make sure that the materials you are using or will be using for your flooring is such that is durable, and can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Revamping your Attic

Revamping your attic does not just add to your home’s value but also an added functional space that can be maximized by potential homebuyers. This added space can be used as an extended living area, bedroom, or storage of important belongings.

If you have an extra budget, you can consider attic insulation for it helps conserve energy which can then leads to much less electricity bills.

Level up your Light Fixtures

By simply leveling up your light fixture game, your property value gradually increases especially if it’s effective. You might want to tread carefully for there are appropriate light fixtures for every home. Although it is important that it’s still aesthetically pleasing, you should pay more attention to its functionality. You don’t need to invest in something that looks nice but would cause problems later on.

There are also energy-efficient light fixtures available in the market so you might want to take advantage of that. It saves energy which lessens electricity bills and improves the overall ambiance of your home.

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