International Beer Day: Best Places to Get a Pint

By: Gabriel Magan
International Beer Day Best Places to Get a Pint

The essence of International Beer Day, celebrated on the first Friday of August each year, transcends borders and cultures, symbolizing the universal joy that a cold beer brings. This global observance honors the sense of camaraderie, culture, and the simple pleasures associated with this beloved beverage. From the United States to the Czech Republic, beer holds a special place in the hearts of many. This blog post explores the significance of International Beer Day and delves into why Sixty Four, a retro-themed bistro located at Evia Lifestyle Center in Daang-Hari, Las Piñas City, is an ideal location to raise a glass especially after you choose to buy a house and lot for sale in Cavite. This blog also takes readers on a journey through a selection of premium beers from around the world.

International Beer Day – Celebration and Significance


International Beer Day, established in 2007, transcends mere merrymaking. It is a global celebration that unites beer enthusiasts and newcomers through a range of events, promotions, and festivals. These activities bring people from diverse backgrounds together to bond over their shared love for this iconic beverage. This day serves as a reminder of the cultural exchanges and connections that beer fosters, transcending linguistic and cultural barriers.

National Beer Day and Its Evolution

National Beer Day is a celebration of beer’s prominence and the freedom to enjoy it. Initially arising in 2009, this day, founded by Justin Smith, commemorates the Cullen-Harrison Act, a significant event that marked the legalization of mild beer production during the prohibition era. What started as a quirky tradition has grown into a viral sensation, with Smith’s Facebook group encouraging people to toast the occasion with their favorite beer-related beverages. Today, beer companies worldwide actively promote and participate in National Beer Day, honoring the enduring appeal of this beloved alcoholic beverage.

Sixty-Four: A Retro-Themed Bistro for International Beer Day


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Nestled within the charming Evia Lifestyle Center, Sixty Four is a testament to timeless taste. The retro-themed bistro envelops patrons in an ambiance that harkens back to simpler times, offering both nostalgia and warmth. Whether seated at the bar or in cozy booths, guests experience an atmosphere that celebrates tradition and history. This setting takes on greater significance on International Beer Day, where raising a glass becomes an homage to the past and a celebration of shared experiences.

Reasons Why Sixty-Four is the Best Place


Sixty Four transcends being a mere bistro – it is a haven for beer enthusiasts seeking a carefully curated selection of premium beers. With staff knowledgeable about beer styles and flavors, Sixty Four offers a personalized journey through the world of beer. International Beer Day at Sixty Four is an elevated experience, marked by a passionate staff dedicated to providing a memorable occasion. The establishment’s commitment to excellence is palpable, ensuring that each beer poured is an invitation to explore new tastes.

Sixty Four is a nostalgic bistro located at the Evia Lifestyle Center in Las Piñas, celebrating the 1960s era and its cultural icons like The Beatles, Muhammad Ali, and the moon landing. With its retro ambiance, Sixty Four offers an immersive journey back in time, accompanied by DJ-spun hits spanning from the ’60s to the early 2000s. Inspired by The Beatles’ song “When I am Sixty Four,” this bistro, crafted by the Villar Group, presents a vintage design that invokes the spirit of the carefree ’60s.

Its interiors hold stories of the past and present, inviting guests to relive memories. Sixty Four combines its charming aesthetics with delectable food, great coffee, and a range of drinks, including cocktails available around the clock. The menu features enticing dishes like Chalmette Crab Cakes, Pasta Pronto, and Gumbo Crab Soup, along with signature drinks such as Cafe Au Lait and Jazz Box.

Additionally, the bistro hosts “Flashback Fridays,” a retro-themed dance party, where patrons can groove to hits from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s. The inviting atmosphere, delicious offerings, and retro vibes make Sixty Four an ideal spot to celebrate International Beer Day, as it encourages patrons to reminisce, make new memories, and enjoy a unique experience reminiscent of the era it pays homage to.

Exploring Different Types of Premium Beer


Premium beer stands out not only due to its cost but also its dedication to craftsmanship and extraordinary flavors. It encompasses a diverse range of styles, each boasting unique characteristics that cater to a variety of tastes. From the robustness of a stout to the crispness of a lager, premium beers offer a world of possibilities for exploration.

Notable Beers to Try Out

The journey through premium beers begins with Sixty Four’s remarkable selections. Embark on a journey of premium beer exploration with Sixty Four’s impressive selection. The bistro’s beer menu features a range of notable options, including popular choices like Singha, Chang, Leo, Beerlao, and Heineken. Additionally, beer enthusiasts can savor an array of distinguished European brews, such as Flensburger Pilsener, Weihenstephaner wheat beer, Weihenstephaner dark wheat beer, Hofbrau original lager, Hacklberg-Jacobi wheat beer, and Hacklberg-Jacobi dark wheat beer. With this diverse assortment of beers, Sixty Four offers a delightful experience for beer aficionados seeking both international and European flavors.

Beer Brewing and Origins


Behind the pleasure of every beer sip lies a complex process that fuses science with art. Brewing involves a meticulous interplay of ingredients such as malt and hops, which impart distinctive flavors and aromas. The historical origins of brewing are intertwined with cultural practices, resulting in a tapestry of brewing techniques worldwide. Whether it’s the hop-forward ales of the United States or the yeast-driven concoctions of Belgium, each beer style narrates a tale that echoes its place of origin.

Beer’s Impact in the United States and Beyond

Beer holds a special place in American culture, with its rich history and enduring popularity. The United States boasts the world’s second-largest beer market and stands out for its beer consumption per capita. Despite the challenges of the prohibition era, the Cullen-Harrison Act marked a turning point, allowing mild beers like Bud Light and Budweiser to become staples of American leisure. Throughout history, beer has left its mark on human societies, with its ancient roots traceable to civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. As a cultural and economic force, beer continues to thrive as a symbol of camaraderie and enjoyment across the globe.

Toast to International Beer Day


As International Beer Day approaches, take a moment to reflect on the essence of a beverage that has united people for centuries. Whether at Sixty Four, immersed in its retro-chic atmosphere, or in the comfort of one’s home, raising a glass becomes a salute to the global community that celebrates the delight of a well-crafted beer. The diversity of flavors and styles serves as a reminder that, despite our differences, we share a universal connection through the joy of sharing a pint.

Here’s to International Beer Day, a day that harmonizes a sense of camaraderie, culture, and the simple pleasure of savoring a good beer. Cheers to Sixty Four for offering a sanctuary where beer enthusiasts can uncover the intricacies of this beloved beverage. And above all, cheers to the beer itself – a beverage that bridges continents, unites individuals and brings the flavors of the world to our glasses.

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