August, Ghost Month Season: The Not-So Superstitious Belief

By: Phinalope Chandumal
August Ghost Month Season The Not So Superstitious Belief

What is Ghost Month? On the first day of the seventh-month mark most prepare for the “bad luck” and take precautions for what lies ahead. During this period, according to Chinese folklore, the spirits of our loved ones visit the world of the living. This is when most ventures, business and real estate industry, are believed to be put off for later dates.

Why Is August Pegged as the Ghost Month?

The ghost festival season, August, is known as the seventh month of the lunar calendar. This is when business owners, families, and people in general become wary of their transactions and plan carefully around ghost month.

There is no set date for the start of Ghost Month, but for 2023, it started on August 16 and will last until September 14.


The seventh lunar month is believed to have the “gates of hell” open, allowing the hungry ghost to roam the world, potentially leading to bad luck or harm in regard to ventures.

How to Combat Ghost Month


Counter the bad luck that is believed to roam the earth during the month by following the do’s and don’ts that are practiced by the Chinese and the people, up to this day. Combat bad luck by following this simple list below.

Conduct Offerings During the Hungry Ghost Festival


Cleanse yourself this ghost month by offering a lot of food and by praying or worshiping the hungry ghosts. In the Philippines, most Chinese business owners would even hold paid shows to amuse the evil spirits, keeping them out of harm’s way.

Avoid Going Out Late at Night


It is best believed that spirits at night grow stronger. Most children and senior citizens refrain from going out of the house and lot at late hours a prevent encountering the dead.

One of the famous beliefs is that daylight drives away evil spirits by burning them with its light, which is why there is a need to keep our way out of dark spaces.

Avoid Swimming in Large Bodies of Water


It is said that the spirits are also on the lookout for rebirth during the ghost season. They pry on the living and the first gateway they see that opens, they leap in for the opportunity.

Do not go for a swim as it is said to be where most evil spirits plot for rebirth by drowning people and switching places with them. If you do have a planned trip to the beach or resort, take extra caution and be wary of who is near you.

Stock up on Salt During Ghost Month

The Chinese just like most Feng Shui beliefs, follow the saying that salt is the best to avoid being put in the eye of evil spirits and bad luck. During the festival, to deflect the gates of hell,

Avoid Taking Photos or Videos at Night


Most believe that cameras can detect and attract supernatural beings, making it also possible for these forces to be trapped inside the photo or video that has been captured. It is best to not take photos at night when is it not necessary to avoid the threat of misfortune.

Avoid Repeatedly Calling Out Names of Family Members at Night

Repeatedly calling out the names of family members at night, or even your own name, could attract malevolent spirits. The idea of calling out names during the Hungry Ghost festival could beckon spirits to come closer, leading to negative interactions or disturbances.

Since the barriers between the spirit world and the living world are considered thin during ghost months, people often avoid drawing attention to themselves in order to prevent unwanted spiritual encounters.

Tips for Businesses to Follow During Ghost Month


The Hungry Ghost Festival has also made business owners take precautions.

Even in the real estate industry, they avoid practices and other business transactions to not disrupt the flow of abundance for their businesses. Even making huge decisions during this period should be avoided. Follow the tips below to maintain and operate your business during Ghost Month.

Avoid Signing Contracts

According to Feng Shui experts, Ghost Month is believed to bring about unfortunate circumstances and negative luck in areas such as relationships and businesses.

Hence, it is advised to refrain from activities such as contracts of any sort, initiating new businesses, submitting job applications, or finalizing housing agreements within the period.

Make Wise Investments Only

Thinking about investing in the month of the Ghosts? Thinking of that house and lot or condo for sale?

Make sure to only invest from the best. Ensure that before purchasing, you have to be able to weigh in your options. Do not make rash decisions during this time, always double-check and verify all details. See the picture beyond and how it will benefit you beyond the month.

Spread Positivity Even Through Small Gestures

Sending out goodwill messages or small tokens of appreciation to clients and customers during Ghost Month can be seen as a thoughtful gesture and help maintain positive relationships.

Amidst caution and restraint, these gestures of respect and understanding shine brightly. Incense wafts from humble altars, which are an eloquent homage to tradition. Thoughtful messages and tokens reach out, bridging the temporal gap between the living and the departed.

In this ethereal season, such acts of kindness transcend superstition, fostering unity and appreciation within communities. The power of small gestures, in their quiet simplicity, reminds us that even during Ghost Month, human connection and empathy remain steadfast, defying the veils that separate us.

Prioritize safety

If your business operates late hours or involves any work-related travel, take extra care to ensure the safety of fellow employees.

This can help alleviate any concerns related to ghost month as this is also the time of the year when a lot of accidents occur. Make sure to take well-lit and known safety roads that’ll help you to efficiently get to your favorite destinations – like your home at Crown Asia.

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