How to Protect Your Pet During Thunder Storms and the Rainy Season

By: Marge Santos

Being more of a dog person, individuals always consider their dog as part of the family. Hence, they put great care into decision-making regarding family matters like choosing a home. It brings them comfort to know that there is a premium Condo in Las Pinas that caters to this concern, providing amenities to help pet owners live with ease alongside their cats and dogs.

It is imperative for them to provide for their dogs’ safety and general well-being. They feel the need to equip themselves with ways to protect their dogs, especially during thunderstorms and the rainy season. They aim to prevent their dogs from getting anxious or frightened by loud sounds like thunder. Gaining a deep understanding of why dogs become nervous during thunderstorms and changes in weather from bright and sunny to gloomy with a hint of rain is important to them. They seek to comprehend why pets exhibit certain behaviors in such situations. Acquiring this knowledge will be beneficial before delving into various methods to assist their dogs during thunderstorms.

Why Are Dogs Scared of Thunder?

First, it is best to know why dogs are scared of thunder. While they are generally afraid of loud sounds like fireworks, construction noises as well and loud traffic, thunder is the worst sound for them. This is simply because dogs do not understand where these loud sounds are coming from.

Why Are Dogs Afraid of Thunder?

If you’re wondering why your dog is scared every time it rains, it is helpful to know that certain breeds of dogs are more afraid than others. Greyhounds, Chihuahuas, Basset Hounds, Shih Tzus, and Poodles have a particularly hard time dealing with the rumbling sound of thunder. Hence, if your dog falls under these breeds it is likely that they will experience a higher stress level compared to other breeds.

What You Can Do For Your Dog During a Thunderstorm

Creating a safe place for your pets within the home is a priority. Pets instinctively gravitate towards a place where they feel safe and protected. It is best they have a space to serve as their sanctuary every time the rain falls. It may simply be a kennel tucked in a corner for your dog or a comfy cushion under the bed where the sound of thunder or falling rain is muffled or minimized. A warm blanket or their favorite toy may add a nice touch, serving as a source of security in the distressful condition the pets are going through.

A relaxed and calm vibe shown by family members also greatly influences the emotional state of pets. It would be helpful if family members were able to maintain a cool and calm disposition for the pets to follow suit. After all, a stress-free dog is a happy dog.

Another practical way is to utilize calming products. If your dog is showing signs of distress, it’s great to know that there are calming products available to help you put them at ease. Natural products or herbal remedies known to have a soothing and calming effect are chamomile and lavender, to mention a few. For synthetic ones, there are pheromone diffusers such as Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats. Try to discover what works for your pet.

Soothe your dog with Toys, Treats and More

Family members may also play soothing music or turn the TV on. The pleasant sound they hear will not only distract them from the rumbling sound during a thunderstorm, but it may put them in a positive mood allowing them to relax.

Pets honor their routine. However, changes in weather conditions disrupt the routine and pets do not understand these changes. Dogs who are used to having their daily walks may not understand why they have to be confined at home and why they will not be able to go out and proceed with their usual activity. However, if we are able to give them a substitute activity, they will be able to shift their focus. Try to come up with simple ones such as playtime within the home. If the space within the home permits fetching, try to throw a ball or a favorite toy within the house. This will not only allow him to miss his daily routine but will offer a happy distraction, lessening the possibility of anxiety and despair during rainy weather.

Give Positive Reinforcement

Pets respond easily to an approach they fully understand. They manifest behavior expected of them when given positive reinforcements. It may be helpful to reward them with treats every time they remain calm or when they maintain positive behavior during a storm until such time that they become used to the rain.

Be Present

Pet owners should not ignore their dogs’ fear of thunder. Use this kind of weather for some extra cuddle time, encouraging pets to associate stormy weather with a positive experience. It could be more loving to be with your dog during a rainy day, thereby eliminating the feeling of abandonment or having separation anxiety. However, pet owners should not overdo it as this may lead to reinforcing a fearful behavior. Instead, sit with them or give them loving belly rubs or scratches or brush their hair. These gestures set the tone that their humans are calm and that it is safe for them to behave in the same way. The moment they exhibit this behavior, why not give them their favorite treat? It is a good way to condition them to continue with the good behavior since they get rewarded for it.

Provide Proper Identification

It is best for us, fur parents, to be prepared in terms of their pets’ security. Frightened dogs may tend to run away during a storm and it is best to be prepared for these circumstances. Same with cats who are allowed to freely roam outside of the home from time to time. It is wise to attach tags containing vital information about their owners to their collars or even consider microchipping. Their fright might elicit a reaction the pet owners do not expect so it is best to be prepared for it. Who wants to lose their precious fur baby during a storm?

Seek Professional Help

For extreme cases of anxiety in pets, fur parents are advised to consult with their veterinarian on anti-anxiety medication that may be given to them in highly stressful conditions. Pets react differently and they have different levels of stress tolerance a professional advice from your veterinarian might be the best approach in cases like this.

Commit to A Deep Understanding

It is important that pets feel the love of their families, especially during the rainy season. A pet who feels the security and protection of their families would be able to express their unconditional love and loyalty towards their humans. Hence, we need an in-depth understanding of their needs, especially during the rainy season. A pet that is traumatized by the storm does not naturally outgrow their fear and would need professional help to overcome it. So, let’s make sure that they do not spiral down into deep despair.

Be Prepared

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Needless to say, we fur parents should ensure that the pets’ overall happiness and security are prioritized.

After going through these practical measures, it is a relief to know that they are simple and doable. We are now equipped with what to do every time the situation calls for it.

So, the next time it rains, may it be a fun time for you and your adorable pets. May you share a stronger bond with your happy dog not only during bright sunny days but also during a storm?

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