Home Projects to Do Over the Weekend

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Home Projects to Do Over the Weekend

Get off your laptop and create something with your own hands! Nothing beats how empowering it is to design items that you can use and display in your own home. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a budding hobbyist, adding personalized touches to your living space will let you boldly express what you believe your house — and thus, your life — should look like.

Envision the life you want to have by spending your weekend hitting up your nearest AllHome, rolling up your sleeves, and trying out one of these quick, fun, and low-budget DIY projects.

Here Is a List of Fun Projects You Can Do in Your Home Over the Weekend

1. Driftwood accessory holder


Photo from diyhuntress.com

If you’ve run out of vanity space for your necklaces and bracelets, hang them on your walls! Driftwood, which you can get from aquarium stores and online shops, will be your base for this project. You can also repurpose any thin slab of unused wood. For the “hooks”, use small, ornamental knobs — those from old drawers are perfect. Drill holes into the wood, insert the knobs and screw the backs with locknuts. Attach a sawtooth hanger or string to the back to hang it.

2. Sea glass storage jars

Immortalize the tranquillity of waves with containers in the same minty tint. All you need are glass jars, vinyl letter stickers, and a can of Krylon Sea Glass Finish Sea Foam or another frosted glass spray paint. Label your jars with the stickers, which function as stencils, then spray them with three gradual layers of paint. Afterward, take off the stickers, and fill those jars up!

3. Paint chip calendar

Paint chip calendar

Photo from americanlifestylemag.com

Stylishly keep track of your time with this convenient calendar. Create it with a large picture frame, 35 paint swatches, tape or glue, scissors, and a dry-erase marker. Alternatively, use thick specialty paper or print your own chips. Cut the swatches into smaller rectangles, and arrange them into seven by five color-coordinated rows and columns on the frame’s inner board. Tape or glue the swatches, and reassemble the frame. Write on the glass to start using your calendar.

4. Marbled mugs

Nail polish can beautify mugs, too! Get started with white ceramic mugs, non-quick dry nail polish, toothpicks, and a sizable container full of hot water. Pour the polish close to the water’s surface, and swirl the lacquer around with toothpicks to achieve the marble effect. Quickly dip your mug into the water, and let it dry upside down. While the mugs aren’t dishwasher or microwave safe, you can better maintain your artworks by coating them in an acrylic sealer.

5. Floral hangers

Floral hangers

Photo from mayholicraft.wordpress.com

Add vibrant patterns to your closet with these garden-bloom hangers. Grab some plastic hangers, floral fabric, scissors, and tape (double-sided is best). Cut the fabric into thin strips, secure the first part with tape, then wrap the rest of it around the hanger. Repeat until you’ve covered the entire hanger in cloth.

6. Fairy garden

Plant parents, spruce up your babies’ homes with fantasy-inspired miniature gardens. You need a large flower pot, plants, and decorations. To preserve the garden’s compactness, use plants that won’t overgrow the pot — herbs, grass, and succulents are good choices. For accessories, let your imagination fly by using both existing and unconventional decorations like pebbles, tiny toys, wine cork, and metal cupcake cups. Fill the pot with soil, place your plants, and decorate to your heart’s content.

7. Photo wall

Photo wall

Go to your nearest arts and crafts store and find some twine or yarn, some pins or thumbtacks, paper clips, and a wooden frame. If you have some leftover wood from a previous project, that could do the trick. Make your own photo wall with these steps. Cut the wood into any size that you want, may it be as small as a photo frame or as big as a painting, it’s up to you to decide. Put the pins or thumbtacks on the back of the frame on alternate horizontal planes. Then loop the twine or yarn around the pins or thumbtacks. Make sure that they are tight and that the line won’t sag. Then you have the backbone of your photo wall. The line of the string should be diagonal. Attach your printed photos using the paper clips then voila! You have your own photo wall, full of precious memories.

8. Organize

Now, this isn’t much of a DIY home activity but it will certainly improve your home a lot. Organizing your stuff will make your home much better and would help you ease your mind. By organizing things you get to easily remember where you stored a specific item. But what you can make is the container itself. If you want a colorful container for your items, just buy some poster paint and do your stuff on the containers. A good rule of thumb when organizing stuff is by the number of times you use them in a week. If you use a certain item every day, it’s best to put it where it’s easier to be found/reached.

9. Glass Terrarium

Glass Terrarium

With today’s situation with the pandemic, it’s harder to go outside. But what if you can feel the outside inside your home. Build your own terrarium using old glass bottles from the last bottle of whiskey that you’ve finished. You can create a slice of the outside world inside a jar. You’ll need to do your research on making terrariums but it is generally easy. First, you’ll need a clean jar or glass bottle. It doesn’t depend on what size the container is but make sure that what you’ll put inside the terrarium will fit. Then you’ll need some of that good terrarium soil, which is generally any kind of soil. You’ll need to moisten the container then fit your preferred species of moss. Put decorations and your preferred insect then you are good to go. Just make sure to feed the insect you’ll put inside the terrarium. The research might take time but setting up one will only take minutes.

Whatever activity you do will definitely bring out your creative spirit. After all, pouring your heart and soul into DIY home accessories and home improvement will show the world the kind of person you are and the wondrous life you deserve. And with the pandemic still happening, building stuff is a great way to distract yourself from the outside world and relax for a bit.

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