California Dreaming: Everything You Should Definitely Try in California

By: Levi Santiago
California Dreaming Everything You Should Definitely Try in California 2

California, USA is one most popular travel suggestions when it comes to choosing places you should go to at least once in your lifetime.

The hot bright sun, thrilling nature walks and hiking terrain, fabulous theme parks, breathtaking sceneries, exciting food scenes – there are a lot of excellent spots that you just have to travel to once you get there. After all, your Carmel house and lot in Bacoor Cavite emulate the Californian vibe for good reason. So get your phone’s notepad ready or bookmark this blog post, because once you travel to the real deal, be sure to try all of these things in California!

Places to Travel to in California

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

As one of the United States’ most iconic landmarks from its appearance in many movies, high-quality photographs, postcards, and the like, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is a place you have to go to. The red color of the bridge was intentionally designed to make the bridge easier to see in foggy conditions, which frequently happens in the area where the bridge is. While admiring the bridge, you can visit the Golden Gate Recreational Area or ride a guided boat tour that will go under the bridge.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

With 1,200 square miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains’ serene waterfalls, nerve-wracking cliffs, prolific meadows, and towering sequoias, Yosemite National Park offers you a hiking trail of a lifetime. Although the entirety of Yosemite National Park is huge, the majority of the tourism occurs in Yosemite Valley, where you’ll come across the park’s iconic landmarks: the Half Dome and the El Capitan’s summit. Three out of ten of the world’s largest waterfalls are located here as well, with Yosemite Falls being the highest one; and because it’s the highest waterfall in the whole park that much of the water that falls into the lake below it is snowmelt because of how high the waterfall is. Although Yosemite National Park has a lot of natural sights to see, don’t forget to stop by the souvenir shop as well, if you ever want a remembrance to put somewhere in your house and lot in Bacoor Cavite.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

With a reputation for being one of the most breathtaking bodies of water in the United States, Lake Tahoe boasts eye-catching granite cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Moreover, this lake is one of the oldest in the world, dating back approximately two million years; it is also located along the border between Nevada and California. If ever you travel to California in the winter or summer, all the more reason to go to Lake Tahoe. The area surrounding the lake is just as worth exploring. This is because when it snows, snowmobile driving and skiing become popular to do in the area. In the summer, on the other hand, kayaking and jet skiing are much more prominent activities.

Burney Falls

Running nonstop on any day, Burney Falls pours more than 100 million gallons each day. The water coming down the waterfall are from underground springs from the top of the waterfall. Moreover, the entire landscape was created by weather erosion and volcanic eruptions. The surrounding region is comprised of mountain peaks covered in basalt, which is black volcanic rock. In terms of the Falls’ name, it was named after pioneer Sam Burney who lived in the Burney Falls area in the 1850s

Disneyland California

Disneyland California

Dubbed as the “happiest place on earth,” you can never go wrong with visiting a Disneyland. With its overwhelming number of exciting rides, enchanting gardens, and festive parades, it’ll start making you think you should stay around a little bit longer. The theme park also has thematic restaurants you can dine in, and gives you the chance to meet your favorite Disney characters and interact with them. Makes sure to check out their merchandise stores as well. It’s not all the time that you can get memorabilia from Disneyland that you can put on display somewhere in your house and lot in Bacoor Cavite.

Death Valley

The story behind this national park’s name dates back to 1849-1850 when a group of pioneers got lost in the middle of the area. At some point, the pioneers believed that the area would be their actually grave, and the ones who made it out were able to tell that story. Because of how hot it can get, Death Valley was called Furnace Creek in the past because of how the temperature in the surroundings reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit. It is because of this that tourists are advised to travel to Death Valley in the early hours of the day, or else they might end up getting cooked in the heat, which definitely not as comfortable as living in your house and lot in Bacoor Cavite.

California Food Scene

California Food Scene

Apple Pie

Apple pie is a traditional American dessert. Try the apple pies made in California to give your tastebuds a taste of what it tastes like straight from the cultural source. Food travelers who have been to California recommend trying the Julian Pie Company apple pies.

California-style Pizza

This kind of pizza combines Italian and New York thin crust, making it light and tender. The toppings of the pizza are unique and nontraditional, comprising combinations of pineapples, chicken, goat cheese, artichokes, and the like.


Cioppino is a fish stew that originated from San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf. It is primarily tomato broth and red wine with seafood stew in them comprising of squid, mussels, shrimp, and the like.

California Burrito

The California burrito was created in San Diego, found most commonly in cafes and taquerias in the Pacific Beach and Mission Bay neighborhoods of San Diego. What makes this burrito really live up to its name is how it has no beans or rice; which is because it’s been replaced with French fries, along with pico de gallo salsa, carne asada, and cheese.


The sushirrito is simple – it is a burrito filled with sushi. Californians happened to have a deep liking for Asian and Mexican cuisine. So why choose one over the other, when you can have the best of both worlds?


The burger has always been an iconic American dish, but almost none is more iconic than the cheeseburger. It is said that the cheeseburger was created in 1926 in Pasadena, and was created out of curiosity about what would happen if a slice of cheese was placed on top of a cooking burger patty.

Fun Activities to Try in California

Fun Activities to try in California

Ride the San Francisco Cable Car

The manually operated cable cars in San Francisco are the last to still be operated until now. The cable cars have three routes that they go through, and riding them will give you the full Californian experience that your Carmel house and lot in Bacoor Cavite emulates.

Shop in Chinatown

As the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, it is located on Grant Avenue and Stockton Street. Make sure to check out the sales they have there, and to try out the Chinese cuisine the restaurants offer.

Dine in the RMS Queen Mary

Docked in Long Beach, the RMS Queen Mary is a retired ocean liner that used to sail from 1967 to 1967. Offering a unique experience to dine on the liner itself, a guided tour around the ship is offered as well.

Wine Tasting at Napa Valley

It is in northern California that Napa Valley is located. It is famous for its highly praised wineries. It has impressive vineyards that you will encounter in the guided tours – and there’s a lot of wine tasting that comes with it, so better take advantage of that!

Wine Tasting at Napa Valley

See the Stars at Griffith Observatory

The view of the city from the observatory is already stunning in the first place, especially during the night. Moreover, other than checking out the exhibits, it is at night where you can watch planets and stars from the telescopes inside the observatory.

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