Halfway to 2022: What does this mean for Real Estate in Taguig?

By: Gabriel Angelo Javellana

2022 has definitely been a ride, to say the least. The 7-month trek to get to August had a lot of bumps along the road, but the Philippines remained steadfast and vigilant as ever amidst the pandemic.

We are halfway towards the new year of 2023 and a lot of progress has been seen and felt all over the world. This is especially true for the real estate industry in the Philippines.

Up to now, the main reason why real estate is always the go-to for investment is its nature of being a long-term viability. Amidst many crises, real estate still grows with you, especially the demand for a condo in Taguig. Adapting to the current times at a rapid speed.

Colliers Philippines, one of the premier real estate research firms, released once again their quarterly report for the status of Metro Manila’s properties. They have detailed tons of new updates that investors and developers are keen to keep their eyes on and show massive enthusiasm across their beloved properties.

During their webinar on July 28, they have broken down the key areas across the Philippines. What is notable is their insights into Metro Manila.

In terms of the working sector, the interest in going back into the physical workspace is on the horizon. With the advent of post-Omicron reports detailing the decreased cases, many companies and corporations forecasted that more of the workforce will return, due to their adaptation within the New Normal. Despite the general public choosing flexible and hybrid work-from-home setups, the interest is still increasing.

The government has set out many efforts to raise the employment rate. This in turn will affect the overall rental and vacancy rate of many condominium properties and other properties may they be affordable or luxurious properties that are in close proximity to business districts. The upcoming and ongoing infrastructure projects, like the noteworthy Metro Manila Subway, promise a great advantage for transportation, connecting the major cities of Metro Manila conveniently. Because of that, it will affect the overall land value of said cities and it has been steadily growing over the past few quarters.

Therefore, this will also influence the value of condo units within the cities, and investors who have reserved their units early in a pre-selling condo in Taguig and other parts of Metro Manila are delighted to know that their units are growing in their early state. Colliers mentioned that along with growing land value and future transportation, those are the main attractive factors for deciding whether or not you should choose to invest in a pre-selling condo, because the majority of them are progressing in their building status to meet their turnover dates in a few years.

It is the perfect time to invest in a pre-selling condo, either for personal use or taking advantage of the growing rental yield that has the potential to further increase their demand when the return-to-office mandates hit, as well as the full thrust back to face-to-face classes.

Even consumer sentiment shows promising reactions towards the economy and real estate market and the added news of positive growth in remittances.

With these results in mind, it is the perfect time to invest in your next prime real estate investment. Where could deliver world-class qualities, investment potential in the growing rental market, near to one’s conveniences, and a global location. Leisure and work meet in this pre-selling property of The Courtyard in Taguig Metro Manila, developed by Vista Land & Lifescapes Inc., one of the well-known real estate developers in the country.

The Courtyard – A Global Lifestyle Near Bonifacio Global City In Taguig City

The Courtyard is your next premium real estate investment that will provide you with a global lifestyle at your doorstep. The Courtyard is a pre-selling condo development in Taguig that offers an extraordinary upscale living space and takes advantage of the rental opportunities within the urban city. The condo development provides residents the absolute convenience of living near the Bonifacio Global City business district and other first-rate key establishments, a retail commercial strip on the ground floor, and the accessibility of multiple road infrastructures for faster travel times.

After a long day at work, The Courtyard greets you with its resort-inspired amenities and an open green space pavilion that harkens to the feeling of an everyday vacation. The posh amenities put future residents’ wellness first and create a serene atmosphere just a few steps away from your home. An active lifestyle is possible within this high-rise community and investors are attracted to this condo development’s live-work-and-play atmosphere. Residents are comfy with The Courtyard’s compact and modern Studio Units that give you a spectacular view of the Bonifacio Global City skyline.

Everything is at an arm’s stretch, as the property is located along Pedro Cayetano Boulevard, strategically near the C-5 Road that gives residents a 15-minute drive to BGC and other places in Metro Manila. Transportation hubs, medical facilities, and lifestyle centers, such as Vista Mall Taguig, are within your reach.

This is the perfect time to invest in a property like The Courtyard by Crown Asia Properties, as the capital value appreciation of the property is growing. Due to the various infrastructure developments within the area, such as the C-5 Southlink, the future Metro Manila Subway and South East Metro Manila Expressway, and the recently opened BGC-Ortigas Link Bridge. It is no wonder that the property is well-poised to appreciate in value over the next few years. The area’s continuous developments further add benefits to the pre-selling development for seamless and accessible driving, higher rental yields, and the news of the Philippine economy opening up again due to more vaccinations and eased restrictions.

The Courtyard is in a prime location just in proximity to Makati City and other business hubs in surrounding locations in Metro Manila.

The Courtyard is the best condo for sale in Taguig Metro Manila, one that enables its investors a progressive and investment-worthy condo living – providing you with an exclusive, vertical village community that is designed with finesse and elegance. Upon investing in this pre-selling condo development, you will truly achieve a global lifestyle and access to some of the incredible sights and spots in Taguig City.

For more information about The Courtyard and other Crown Asia projects, visit our official website, like and follow The Courtyard’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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