Getting Started with Journaling

By: Crown Asia
Getting Started with Journaling

Life is like a movie marathon. There are different genres that could make a person feel a variety of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, fear, or disgust. There are so many scenes and happenings in life that sometimes, a person can be lost. It could be overwhelming and getting back on track would be challenging. Getting started with journaling would help a person regain control over their lives.

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It is like an eye that sees things from a different perspective. A camera that photographs memories. It is also like a person that hears your untold stories. Someone that listens to whatever you say without any judgment. In journaling, there are no rules. Everyone is free to write or do whatever they want to do. For someone who is just starting to get into journaling, there are a lot of page ideas or contents to try; from sticking photos and colorful drawings or sketches up to writing deep thoughts and sentiments. Do not let your memories be forgotten or your words go in vain. Do not waste time anymore. Get a notebook, and a pen, and start writing right in your RFO house and lot.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Journaling as Well as Tips on How to Start a Journal:

To Not Be Lost

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Are you perhaps overwhelmed by different agenda, tasks, or events that you cannot keep track of anymore? Put a monthly calendar. There are a lot of videos about journaling on YouTube or even on Google. Most of them usually put a calendar right after the title page so they can always go back to it and see the whole overview of their month. Have a mood tracker to know whether the time spent has been more on the happy or the sad side.

A Piece of Something

It is always the smallest things that matter the most. Write about that time when you and your friends spent a day together or even that picture you spontaneously snapped when you were grocery shopping with your family. Memories should not be big to be considered memorable. Documenting small moments of your life makes you appreciate where you are right now. The small moments of your life become a fragment that somehow helps in filling a big part of you.

Orderly Disordered

Most often than not, thoughts and sentiments or even ideas are so random and scattered. Refresh your mind by collaging pictures, putting stickers, and writing random words that you feel like putting at that moment. It is totally fine to make spreads that do not have a specific theme. It is okay to be messy. Some may not understand and it is okay. It just has to make sense for you. Because at the end of the day in your RFO house and lot, it is your journal. And remember, the chaos and the mess is an important part of an art.

Gratitude Journal

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Listing the things that an individual is grateful for does not just teach them how to be thankful but to also appreciate even the littlest and simplest of things. Keeping tabs of something that they value helps them to be more positive and have a better outlook in life. Instead of dwelling on the things that they do not have, a gratitude journal allows someone to direct their attention to appreciating things that they already have. You will be bombarded by struggles and things that will make your life hard, but there will always be something to be grateful for. It does not have to be lengthy, it just needs to be sincere. Write every morning or before your day ends. Depends on where you are most comfortable.

Be You

Being vulnerable does not make someone less of a person. In fact, it makes them even stronger. Expressing what they feel makes someone brave for they are not afraid to show their real identity. Journaling enables someone to be honest with their feelings. Narrate and write everything that makes you happy, sad, or even mad. Because by doing so, you acknowledge your feelings and you fully understand that it is okay to not feel okay sometimes. For a rainbow to come out, it should rain first. The cloud should let go of its heavy feelings first in order to exhibit something beautiful. Write all your thoughts. Squeeze and dry out your feelings until everything is out of your system already.

Unsent Words

You can write letters for someone who you have a lot to say but do not have the guts to do so. A Lara Jean moment. Write your heart out. Say every word you have long enough to say. Don’t be afraid because there would be no Kitty who will intentionally send them to its recipients. Or write about your future self so you will have something to look back on. Your words would be a reminder of your past, may it be beautiful or not.

Just About Everything

There are days when your mind is just full of everything. It is clouded by ideas that tend to be distracting when not attended. Allot a particular page in your journal where you can just take down every random thought from your mind because it is a way to declutter your mind. When you have a lot of tabs open on your computer, you refresh it or remove unnecessary pages to prioritize things that are more important. Your mind also needs to be refreshed every once in a while. Jot down ideas in your journal that you may want to look back onto.

A Vision and Ambitions

Write about your dreams. Even the most complicated and out-of-this-world ideas. Because there is no limit to journaling. Write about your dream job. Narrate how you wanted to build your own company or business soon. Of how excited you are to visit your dream destinations. Write until you can give your words a rhythm. Draw your dreams until you can give color to them. For now, continue writing. Allow yourself to dream big and to be hopeful. Having an RFO house and lot is a dream that could be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

A journal opens up a new universe where you are the only one who exists. Something that only you know. The pages will calm your chaos. The photographs will be a reminder of everything you have experienced and your beautiful words will be the lullaby that will sing you to sleep at night. Journaling is so much more as it helps improve one’s mental health. Like how Crown Asia’s RFO house and lot will improve a person’s life.

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