Creative Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts to Make in your Condo in Laguna

By: Kyle Miguel Santos
Creative Handmade Mothers Day Gifts to Make in your Condo in Laguna

Just now I came to a realization, that when I look at my mother, I am looking at the purest love that I’ll ever know. I’m more than happy to say that not everyone is blessed to be raised by loving and sweet mother. Some children, due to circumstances, had to live without one, while others lost theirs too soon. You are lucky to have the best mom if you can still spend time with the one person that loves you unconditionally.

This coming Mother’s day, surprise her with a celebration like no other. Throw a party at your condo clubhouse in your condo in Laguna or prepare a dinner for two at your commodious condo unit and maybe add a bouquet of flowers while you’re at it or even an out of town vacation sounds fun. She’s guaranteed a good time if she knows you took all the time to plan out a mother’s day celebration for her!

Mother’s day is that time of year wherein you show your mother or grandmother how much you appreciate her with all the hardships and sacrifices she’s done for you,  but not taking anything away from the fact that we have to treat every day like its Mother’s day. It’s important for Mother’s day to be memorable and special because moms do so much for the family. Mother’s day 2022 can finally be celebrated with ease because the pandemic has lightened up, but we still have to keep safe so.

If you want something more personalized as mother’s day gifts to your wonderful mom in this special day, here are 6 creative DIY Mother’s day gifts to make at your condo in Laguna:

Breakfast Extravaganza


Be a substitute in your mom’s kitchen for a day and cook her a special meal! Why not start Mother’s day right with a beautiful morning grand breakfast buffet, it doesn’t have to be 5 star breakfast meal, keep in mind it’s the thought that counts and your mother will surely appreciate whatever it is that you have prepared for her. Keep it light and simple with a choice of Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Cinnamon French Toast Bakes, with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a side of fresh orange juice. Don’t forget to add fresh fruits on the side for that early morning freshener to jumpstart your Mother’s day celebration.

Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip or Sugar Heart Shaped Cookies


Who doesn’t like freshly baked cookies especially with a heart shaped design, show your momma some love with these warm and yummy treats. Chocolate chip cookies/Sugar cookies are super easy to follow and simple to bake. They’re simple yet thoughtful treats that show your love and appreciation to your momma. Decorate them with simple greeting that give the cookies extra character and uniqueness, to make them extra sweet. I know my mother would love special cookies just made for her.  Baking cookies in your commodious condo in Laguna unit may be a handful but in the end it’ll all be worth it to see your mother smile.

A Handmade Gift of a Special framed family photos/ Mother’s day album


With all those memorable family photos why not compile all those pictures all in one picture frame or better yet all in one album, but if you don’t have enough photos to fill up an album, then I suggest putting it all in one framed family photo making it a great staple piece to put in your mother’s condo or house. Gathering and Framing family photos is a great way of preserving those wonderful memories. You may even turn them into handcrafted framed family photos. Personalize these family memories and form new memories too with your mom this coming May. Another way of showing your appreciation on Mother’s day is creating a decorative art piece with favorite photos of your mother, short notes saying how much you appreciate her, sweet quotes, and small little details you love about your mother. It’s the little yet simple things that count, so make it worthwhile. This beautiful family photo frame will serve as a decorative piece on your condo in Laguna as well!

Box of Love or a Gift Box


Like almost everything on this list, this is one incredibly simple but very genuine Mother’s day gift. First things first before even thinking of what to put inside this so called “Box of love”  I would like you to pick a box that would represent Mother’s day, after that, write a short or silly Mother’s day poems to lighten up her day or why not even both? Short but heartfelt messages will also do the trick to help boost your mothers mood and ready her up for an exciting day, after writing her short messages, Pick out her favorite chocolates but it doesn’t have to be chocolates it may be her favorite snack throughout the day that she usually eats, right after that include something special, maybe a wooden musical box that plays her favorite song. A box of love is something personal that will make her extra happy since most of the things that she loves are all in one box, especially when she needs aspiring quotes or short messages coming from you, and it’ll help her fee special every time she opens it.

Handmade bracelets


If you want something more personal, why not try hand crafting a bracelet for you and your mom, but not just any kind of bracelet, something that symbolizes unity between you and your mother. If anything, hand crafting something like this is so simple yet so heartfelt and not to mention you can do this pretty much anywhere and anytime. Personalize these bracelets for you and your mother with special trinkets based on your mother’s personality. Remind your mother with all those wonderful memories with those handpicked trinkets on her bracelet.

Mother’s Day Bouquet Wrap


Since we all know giving flowers on Mother’s day is standard nowadays so why not shake things up and add your own little touch and give your sweet mother some sweetly-wrapped fresh blooms and colorful flowers with a beautiful Mother’s day wrap DIY for extra flair, so it would feel more personal and add more flavor. A wrap bouquet takes little time and effort but always makes for a beautiful gift. This idea is perfect for last minute Mother’s day gift givers or anyone who always gift a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Mother’s day. Remember its  always the little things that matter the most.

If you are not a crafty and DIY mother’s day gifts person, you can look for other gifts like home decor, essential oils, an embroidery thread and even plants if she has a green thumb! After all, its the thought of giving that counts!

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