Best Wellness Centers in Tagaytay

By: Levi Santiago

Living your day-to-day in this fast-paced environment where we are all connected through social media and the internet may make things feel overwhelming or overbearing sometimes. Living a busy city life, in particular, is sure to make you crave a nature getaway geared towards happy thoughts and relaxation at some point. Perhaps you may have a condo for sale in Tagaytay that you would prefer to spend some time off staying in.

Many advertisements have proposed that the solution to these predicaments is a great wellness center or a nice relaxing body massage to take your mind off of the many responsibilities you have on your shoulders. If this is what you are looking for, then this blog will show you the best wellness centers in Tagaytay City to bask and enjoy amidst the cool climate.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay

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Summit Ridge Tagaytay is equipped with facilities that can offer services that can benefit your well-being and health fairly well. Allowing parking that is free of charge and access to free Wi-Fi, this wellness center has its own dining areas, shopping venues, and recreational facilities that will be sure to take your mind off of unnecessarily bothersome things.

The rooms are air-conditioned and come with a wardrobe, TV, and personal safe. Bathrooms come with complete toiletries. Reviews of this wellness center state that cleanliness is a strong point of Summit Ridge Tagaytay in Tagaytay City. In addition, meals can also be served in private rooms.

Summit Ridge Tagaytay is 3km (approx. 5-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pine Suites Tagaytay. On the other hand, the wellness center is approx. 5.5km, 8-minute drive away from Crown Asia’s Pinevale.

Nurture Wellness Village

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Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City is a spa that is accredited by the Department of Tourism. Nurture Wellness Village is known for specializing in healing received through nature called “ecotherapy.” Nurture Wellness Village uses this to its advantage by offering a full body massage or body massage particularly called “touch therapy.” Nurture Wellness Village performs these full body massage or spa services to relieve muscle tension in huts whose designs are inspired by Ifugao design.

Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City has various massage therapies that come in different packages. One of these is the Hiyas spa package that utilizes Manggang body wrap, Mayumi coconut body polish, and Aruga signature body massage. Under the Haplos Kalinga Touch Therapy package, on the other hand, there is the Ginhawa and Kawagong full body massage, which lasts for 90 minutes per spa session. It is important to note that Nurture Wellness Village requires advanced reservations, although Nurture Wellness Village can also accommodate walk-in clients depending on availability.

Nature Wellness Village is 1.8km (approx. 4-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pine Suites Tagaytay. On the other hand, the wellness center is 2.5km (approx. 5-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pinevale.

T House Tagaytay

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T House Tagaytay is a wellness center in Tagaytay City that aims to provide tranquility to all of its clients. The packages it offers are comprised of different massages that revolve around head massage, full body massage, back massage, shoulder massage, body scrubbing, and revitalizing facials.

The facials last for 30 to 40 minutes, while the body scrub lasts for around an hour. On the other hand, a full body massage lasts for about 2 hours. Hand and foot care treatments, including foot spa, are also offered.

Tranquilitie Spa

The Tranquilitie Spa is primarily known for its combination massage or combination treatments. Serving as the respective spa facility, massage place, or wellness spa of T House Tagaytay, the offered combination treatment is comprised of a body massage and an option given to the client to choose between red ventosa “cupping,” hot stone massage, traditional Filipino hilot, or body scrub.

T House Tagaytay is 5.7km (approx. 10-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pine Suites Tagaytay. On the other hand, the wellness center is 4.5km (approx. 8-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pinevale.

Qiwellness Living Spa

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If you are interested in spending your time in a wellness center whose treatments are on the foreign side, specifically of Chinese origin, then Qiwellness Living Spa in Tagaytay City will be able to offer you Chinese healing techniques set in ambient facilities. Its signature massages are the following: “Qitranquility, Qivitality, Qiharmony, and Qireflexology.”

If you want a change of pace from the usual traditional Filipino massages that are typically offered around your condo for sale in Tagaytay, then this spa facility may be right for you. The healing techniques it offers combine both modern and oriental therapies, where body treatments are grouped into the three spa packages.

The Jasmin Joy package offers a “hydrating scrub and massage type that clients would prefer,” the Rose Reverie package offers a “purifying scrub with a massage that aims to drain lymphatic drainage,” and the Bamboo Bliss package offers an “exfoliating scrub with deep tissue massage.” Other treatments include hot stone massage, Swedish massage, acupuncture, and many more.

Qiwellness Living Spa is 2.3km (approx. 5-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pine Suites Tagaytay. On the other hand, the wellness center is 4.8km (approx. 9-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pinevale.

Sonya’s Garden

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Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay City is a wellness center that offers various massages, such as back massage, foot massage, full body massage, along with hydrotherapy. It has rooms with bathrooms that are complete with toiletries.

Its signature massage is full body massage that is comprised of the use of lavender-scented oil and specific massage strokes. Spine alignment massages, as well as the Filipino hilot, are included in their packages. In addition, other services from Sonya’s Garden include body scrubs, facials, foot spas, and a basil dalandan tea for ending a session meant to give clients relaxation.

Sonya’s Garden is 14.4 km (approx. 2o minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pine Suites Tagaytay. On the other hand, the wellness center is 16.9km (approx. 26-minute drive) away from Crown Asia’s Pinevale.

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