Best Spring Cleaning Tips for the New Year

By: Iane Mance

Holidays are near approaching as the remaining days of the current year continue to dwindle. Soon enough, spring cleaning season has come to grace us all with its presence. Thus, in the spirit of the ever classic, “New Year, New Me”, it’s time to leave the old behind and usher in the new. This also means finally getting rid of those nasty dust bunnies, or worse, dust mites that have accumulated in your living space such as your condo in Las Piñas. As the warm weather rolls in, it’s about time to do some spring cleaning which can help rejuvenate your home. It’s also a good chance to not only freshen things up but also liven them up. Don’t know where to start though? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with these spring cleaning tips!

Spring Cleaning: Before You Get Started

While spring cleaning may not be the most fun activity, it’s still a good opportunity to finally get things within your quarters, like a condo in Las Piñas, organized and it just may surprisingly feel refreshing afterward knowing everything’s been properly dealt with.

Create a to-do list and schedule

Diving in headfirst without a game plan may make you quit before you’ve even gotten through half of what you need to be cleaning. Creating a schedule and carefully laying out a to-do list ensures maximum efficiency in doing those spring cleaning tasks. You won’t have to be relying on your memory alone to figure out what needs to be done. Having a physical list makes it easier to choose what to prioritize. One thing to take note of is that you don’t really have to do spring cleaning in one whole day. Instead, you can slowly work your way through one room onto the next. Maybe prioritize the kitchen sink or the range hood for a day and then thoroughly clean your stainless-steel appliances the next.

Prepare cleaning supplies

This one’s a no-brainer. If you plan on cleaning, of course, you have to have cleaning supplies in hand. If not, you can add buying these supplies to your list of things to do. But sometimes, you can get creative with what you have in the kitchen. Common cooking and baking ingredients like baking soda, lemon juice, and white vinegar can be pretty effective astringents that get rid of dirt and stains on clothes. If you have a vacuum, make sure the vacuum’s upholstery attachment is clean. Additionally, having a damp microfiber cloth can be pretty handy as they are more effective than traditional cloth at getting rid of dirt and germs.

How to Deep Clean

Deep cleaning might be a new term to some. But really, it’s nothing too difficult. It just means that you’re thoroughly cleaning not only visible areas and surfaces of your living space but also less used spaces like a bookshelf. By deep cleaning, you are essentially getting rid of visible dirt, germs, and bacteria.


This means getting rid of things within the room you’re about to clean. While it is preferable to finally throw them in the garbage disposal, you can also place them somewhere else like a plastic bag if they’re still worth keeping. Doing decluttering helps free up the space within the area and makes it easier to scan which objects actually belong there and need cleaning, fixing, or even replacing. It noticeably makes the room brighter too and can help motivate you while cleaning as there aren’t too many distracting objects that need to be moved every now and then.

Work from top to the bottom

When cleaning, it’s good to remember that as you remove dust, these tiny particles automatically fall downwards, which is why starting from the top such as your ceiling is important. This will also save you time as you don’t have to repeatedly clean your floors and lower furniture.

Remove dust from hard surfaces

This can be done with a clean cloth dipped in soapy water or any other cleaning agent. However, exercise caution as some furniture may react to these liquids.

Clean or Replace Window treatments

Your window treatments could vary from Venetian blinds to panel tracks. Most likely, if they haven’t been touched in a long time, the dust has already settled into them. To have clean blinds once more, you can simply vacuum them. If they’re expensive drapery, just put them in your washing machine and leave them in the dryer while you clean off the rods and rings.

Spring Cleaning Checklist


You can clean this area by dusting off the kitchen cabinets and then arranging your cooking tools and ingredients. Appliances like the oven might need to be cleaned too. Fortunately, you don’t need an expensive oven cleaner, instead, you can use trusted kitchen ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to remove all that stubborn grease. For people who own a coffee machine, the coffee filters might need a little brushing up too. Lastly, you can make replacements to your fridge’s interior shelving if they are broken.


People don’t usually mind their bathroom’s shower head, but over time they accumulate mineral buildup from water which causes blockage. This can be cleaned by soaking it in white vinegar. Apart from that, shower curtains may be in need of a cleaning as well while the toilet seat on the other hand is no stranger to dirt and of course, needs to be given attention. Don’t forget about the grout lines on your bathroom flooring which might have dirt wedged in between tiles. This also goes the same to your laundry room. A room with water would always breed dirt.

Living Room

For those with pets, vacuuming the couch and rugs (if any) is crucial as there may be pet hair lying around, and can be pretty dangerous to visitors with allergies. Meanwhile, the windows may be riddled with dust from the outside, and cleaning them can be tough because sometimes there are streaks left from the liquid used to wash them. For a streak-free window, use a 50/50 water and vinegar solution when cleaning them.

Other things to take note of

  1. Dusting off ceiling fans
  2. Replacing bath towels with fresh new ones
  3. Cleaning the exhaust hood in the kitchen with a mixture of water and 1/4 baking soda
  4. Make sure the light switches aren’t jammed with dust or dirt
  5. The dryer vent in the washing machine isn’t filled with lint. If it is, it can be vacuum cleaned

And the last step to any good spring-cleaning session is letting the fresh air in and finally getting a deep breath of that cleanliness permeating through your condo in Las Piñas. Though it takes a lot of time and effort to spring clean, it’s still a good way to prepare for Chinese New Year and for when spring arrives.

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