Basic Home Exercises to Create Your Desired Summer Body

By: Gabriel Angelo Javellana
Basic Home Exercises to Create your Desired Summer Body

The summer season is already here and due to the Alert Level 1, everyone is already geared up for a well-deserved summer vacation. After all, the ease of restrictions calls for a full working capacity in the many offices within Metro Manila’s central business districts, there is no question as to why the working populace dreams of a provincial escape.

The season’s weather greets us with a warm breeze and the qualms of a cool ocean or a resort community’s leisure pool. New memories to be created with your family, friends, or maybe with a total stranger, if you went on a solo trip. Regardless of what kind of trip that you would take, the attraction of the beach or swimming pool is the tradition of a summer activity. And after two years’ worth of working at home and quarantine purposes, it is time for you to flaunt your body, burn those body fat and stand out strong in the crowd.

Even though you didn’t start during 2020, it is time to catch up with the Summer Body that this season entails to many of the millennials love to post on their social media. Besides the likes, reactions, and followers increasing, your self-esteem and overall health is worth the long-term benefit when you lose weight, not only for the summer season. It has been established for a long-time that regular exercise increases your longevity, confidence, and mental health, not only for the goal of a toned and fit body build. In this article, we have listed the best full body exercise that you can do immediately at the comfort of your home and they are beginner friendly, for those finally looking to start that hard working grind to a summer bod that you have been longing for. Also, this is very useful to those returning to exercise after a long time or a weekend food binge.

Get ready to have your feet shoulder-width apart, and start readying your upper body because we listed down some basic home exercises that you can do to to have a healthy body, and to lessen your body weight to get your desired summer body:


Cardio is the most basic and easy variation of exercise to do start a total body workout to enjoy weight loss. We all have been doing it during elementary days and as adults (and teenagers), we can easily do it at this state. We just need to regain the energy to do so as a part of exercising regularly.

Jumping Jacks and Jogging are the two best exercises to start with, simply because you can control the speed and level of tension whenever you want. How you breathe during cardio determines how long you want the exercise to last. Cardio increases your stamina and easily burns the calories that you consume. If you practice these exercise variations for 6-days straight, your weight counter will shrink and you become more active than ever.


Plus, when you are on the treadmill, either jogging or doing a brisk walk, you can listen to your favorite music playlist or watch a movie or TV show. You can easily sink into what you are listening or watching too, as that helps prolong your exercise and, maybe, be a hack to jack in immediately to your cardio blast.

Cardio can be your warmup to the rest of the exercises in this list. I recommend a 10 – 15 warmup on the treadmill and then 3 – 5 minutes worth of jumping jacks for first timers. And remember to always hydrate after your cardio blast.


Sure, you would think that building a huge chest only involves a bench, dumbbells, and barbells – not entirely. Through simple pushups, the foundations to building a bulky chest is possible! You will see significant results if you are consistently doing pushups. Plus, you would utilize your body weight to great effect and gain strength immensely.

Form is essential to any given exercise, practicing it and eventually getting used to the proper form will activate your targeted muscle groups to maximize gains. First, you must practice push ups by standing straight with your hands on the wall. This is where you can train your form, before actually going to the real deal. And what is also great about this “practice form” is that it is used for physical therapy purposes.


Now, for the actual pushups, you must begin with an assisted form – what does that mean? Pushups on your knees. This is especially helpful for beginners, who are not yet used to the feeling of carrying their own body weight for exercise. Given that the chest is one of the most challenging ones to grow out, this is more prevalent when a person is using their own weight.

You must get used to the effort of pushing with your weight, before you can do the standard pushup. Additionally, there are forms of push ups that target different areas of your chest (pecs). You can do either an incline or decline pushup for the upper or lower chest, respectively. Either way, the push ups have stood the test of time for being a simple, yet effective workout.


Never skip leg day for your lower body muscles! The legs are one of the vital muscle groups, besides the upper side, as it is one of the biggest parts of the body and produces a lot of testosterone growth and burns the most calories.

Sometimes, most people ignore the legs, because they focus on the other muscle groups and neglect them because they have the excuse of “I am walking everyday, therefore my legs get daily exercise.” Although that is true to some extent, focusing intensely on growing and strengthening your leg muscles are vital to avoiding muscle imbalances and reducing potential injuries.


For exercising your legs, simple squats can do the trick by doing it with knees slightly bent. Your bodyweight already is a challenge as you have to carry everything through your thighs, calves, and feet. Your feet must be firm on the ground and be careful that you will not wobble around as you get down and up. Go at it at a rhythmic pace – not too slow or too fast, just right to have tension in your thighs and not tire yourself immediately.

Standard and sumo squats provide variety to your routine and these target the outer and inner thighs, respectively. You can add weights to push yourself and you can gain a significant amount of muscle.

Lastly, the calf raises are great as well. From the name itself, it targets the calves and helps a lot in your ankle stability and longer mobility. You can do it either in standing position or sitting down and growing them is much easier to do at any given time.

Core Exercises for your Abdominal muscles


The last muscle group is your core! Of course, when you think about the “core muscles,” abs immediately come to mind. Sure, the abs are the visible change when you would engage in your core, but that is not the only goal when it comes to developing your core muscles. Just like the base word of this muscle group, it is the crux of your overall balance and strength. It is the “trunk” of your body after all that will aid the other exercises and strengthening it can be done through your body weight.

Doing the plank position are the simplest form of strengthening your core and just by doing 30 seconds to a full minute everyday, or even every other hour, can build stability and core strength. Next are the leg raises and this requires you to engage your abs through lifting your legs.


You will simply lie down on the floor and do this. Make sure that you will not feel the tension in your neck, only on the core. It is important that you create an arch on your lower spine and not lie completely flat so that your abs are engaged.

Lastly, for your obliques, the Russian Twist is commonly used to build that V-Shape and “tiger-like claw marks” above the muscle group. Remember to twist the entire torso to further engage the muscle and get that distinct shape. Also, lift your feet a little bit so that you can emphasize your torso more. But for beginners, you can put your feet on the ground or grab a small stool to assist in lifting your feet.

In Conclusion


These exercises are guaranteed to give you a lot of room to progress to your summer body that you are desiring. But, keep in mind that exercise isn’t the only supporting factor to a healthy and active lifestyle. The exercise is just 20% of the overall progress to a healthy mindset and a toned body. The rest of the 80% starts in the kitchen – what you eat is the major hard work to achieve your body goals. A balanced diet of a high protein, low to medium carbs, and fibers (vegetables and fruits) is the determining factor to high energies, healthy nutrients, and the maintaining calorie count.

Yes, counting calories – the right kind at least – matters. As it determines the build type you are aiming for. Whether you want the bulkier, muscular type or an athletic, lean type. Either way, it is up to you for your summer body goals, you can progress to a gym setup for more equipment basis or purchase dumbbells for added weight and tension to challenge yourself and add more variation to this list’s suggested routine.

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