Life Can Be Hard Stop Rushing and Find Your Pace

By: Levi Santiago
Life Can Be Hard Stop Rushing and Find Your Pace

Life functions to always have hard times. After all, there’s a saying that sounds familiar that talks about how a heart rate monitor mimics the nature of life for living things: there are ups, and there are downs and consequences in our living processes – if it’s flat, then that means you’re body is not alive anymore, aren’t you? In relation to this, many people like to weigh the weight between the ups and downs in their whole life and compare them; and some of them come to the conclusion that a flatline – a life with no ups and downs, a life ended for good or death – would be much easier off.

Now, would that really be the case? Thinking about it logically, you won’t be able to feel that it is “easier off” because your body will not be able to feel anything in the first place if you were gone from this world as living matter. Secondly, are you aware how rare it is for you to have the ability to alive right now? There’s a “1 in 102,685,000“ chance of you being ever coming into conscious existence – that’s “a 10, followed by 2,685,000 zeroes” right after it; but so what, right? Well, the reason why you should care is because what you have right here is an unbelievably and extremely rare chance that you are taking for granted by having thoughts of even giving up completely. If you know your life will end in the first place, then why not make sure you live it to the end without regrets and being an essential part of our human environment? Make that 1 in 102,685,000 chance mean something – not to strangers, not to friends, not to family, but to you. Take a step back on the worries that have been beating you down on your knees in your lot for sale for a moment and focus first on the core of it all – you.

Questioning some things in your life is not a life sentence. Its part of our mental health to think about a few of life’s questions, taka few deep breaths as we try to answer some of them:


Hurry Sickness and Is It Important to Get Ahead of Others in Life’s “Race”?

One of the misconceptions that people have when it comes to viewing life forms is that it is a race – and because they think it’s a race, they think about other people as competitors that they should compare their achievements with. The saying “nobody’s perfect” is passed off as cliché, but it fits the context in this scenario. Keep in mind that it is probable that there will always be somebody in this world that will be better at you at something – and this thought discourages many people. What you should really derive from this is that we as humans have flaws and limits, but keep in mind that we are human. Humans think and feel, and they have something called will. You have the sentience and consciousness to decide what you believe in and the choice to act on it. And when times become unbearably hard, what you have within you is your will – how deeply rooted that will is depends on how much you’re willing to keep going.


What is the point of deciding to keep going in life when so many people are ahead of you though? The point is that many people keep looking into other peoples lives and finding out what happened to this person and that person, that they end up knowing more about other people than they know themselves – ironic, isn’t it? Stop looking into what the neighbor next to your lot for sale is doing or what your friends have been up to recently – that does not significantly concern you at all. Focus on what’s happening in your life right now. There is definitely something that you know you should be taking care of right now and attending to; and those are the kinds of things you should be giving attention to.

Another very important aspect to remember in our modern time is this: the posts you see in social media are merely highlight reels of people in their happiest period. You never get to see the hardships and trauma going on behind those smiles on your screen. People spend so much time looking at social media posts that show others having such a good time that it makes the ones viewing those posts so much to think that they haven’t achieved enough in life. If this is an issue that you face, then it’s time to set social media aside – stop looking at the posts, start looking at your to-do notes. This is a good way to start as well. Take a long time off, preferably a month or two, off your social media. You’ll see how much you haven’t been looking outside the window in your Lot for Sale to see how pretty the sky is. It’ll clear your mind a lot more.

Life is Short, But Are We Really Living?


When thinking about personal achievements and your career, it’s easy to start discouraging yourself with thoughts of how you wasted so much time or how old you are and all that. That does not matter anymore because you can’t change the past. People also worry about the future and how uncertain and frightening it can be. That also does not matter as much as well, because if the future is so uncertain and unknown, what’s the point of spending all your time trying to figure out what’s going to happen in the future? All you’ll be accomplishing by doing that is sitting on your chair for hours in your Lot for Sale looking at the wall – you might as well just watch fresh paint dry on a wall, in that case. The point is: focus on the present. What are the cards you are dealt with right now? Think about your current options, where you currently stand, and how you can go about tackling the challenges you are facing right now.

Now, if your age is really bothering you in regards to whether or not you can achieve a life that you can call fulfilling, there are several examples of people that can prove you wrong regarding how age doesn’t define your chances of succeeding in life. Henry Ford started the Ford Motor company when he was in his 40’s. Stan Lee, one of the founders who created the iconic early Marvel comics, published his first successful comic book when he was in his late 30’s. Oprah Winfrey was a news anchor in her 20’s but was “fired for being too emotional” when she reported the news stories; and it was only in her 30’s that she started the Oprah Winfrey show. Harland Sanders, also known as Colonel Sanders, the man who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), founded KFC when he was in his 60’s! Before KFC, Sanders was known as a “failure” who had about a dozen jobs that he got fired from, along with a failed restaurant business just right before he started KFC. These people, regardless of their age, have proven that success knows no age. And if they were able to prove it, then you can too.


Another important thing to remember is that these people are not just examples of individuals finding success at a later age. They are also examples of people who embody strong will to keep moving forward amidst any and every hardship that comes their way. And within their will is the passion they have for what they do. What is that particular path for your life that makes your eyes light up and evokes strength from you to take another step? Ponder on that. Take a walk outside your lot for sale or write down in a personal journal or a piece of paper what your thoughts are regarding this. Think about what kind of path that is for you, for that is what will fuel your will.

Everything’s a Mess, How to Start Making your Life into a Positive One Towards a New Life?

“Aim small.”

– Jordan Peterson

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson forwards the idea of aiming small when it comes to taking the initial step towards organizing and tackling the challenges you need to take care of in your life. Peterson presents the idea that the hardships in our life can be likened to that of a monster – like a dragon – that wreaks havoc and restlessness not just in our life, but inside our very minds too. In relation to this, if you slash the dragon enough times, it will keep bleeding until it dies. That is where the efficiency of aiming small is found. When you have a task or to do list that is unbelievably hard to the point wherein you can’t even bear to look at it or is giving you prolonged stress by increasing your stress hormones – say for example, a pile of divorce papers or pages of a research paper on your desk that you have to take care of – then first aim small. Stop multitasking, take a deep breath and start by beginning to do it slow. Start by just opening the cover page of the pile of papers, and that’s it. Take a break. Afterwards, come back, open the cover page, and just flip through the pages – and that’s it. Take a break, and then come back. Open the cover page, flip through the pages, read a few lines off the first page – done, take another break.


Do this cycle continuously, slowly but surely, reading more and more of the contents of the divorce papers or research paper you are handling. Slowly but surely is the key process here and soon enough you will see the positive effect as it helps you reduce stress and assist in time management making you do a better job and finish more tasks. Slash the dragon little by little enough times, and it will bleed out until it dies – remember that. This approach of aiming small can translate into other parts of your life as well; and it’s a good way to instill consistency and a sense of discipline in your life. Therefore, in the middle of all the hardships you are facing right now – remember on putting focus on your life and stop comparing yourself with other subject, focus on the present and not the past or future, figure out what kind of path fills you with passion which will fuel your will, and last but not the least, aim small.

You will overcome your hardship – declare it to yourself for you are the only one who can make it true. Not anyone on your surroundings, not a pet animal, not your family and friends (although they have a large part on it) but you and only you can make your body, and your mind satisfied with overcoming hardships in your life.

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