A Week in the Life of a Tech-Savvy Condo in Pasig Homeowner

By: Bianca Angeli Arellano
A Week in the Life of a Tech-Savvy Condo in Pasig Homeowner

It is Monday, and the first thought that arises into your mind is a mantra that you have been keeping dear for the year: every day is a new day.

photo of an unmade bed


Today, you and your partner wake up to sunlight gently filtering through the thick curtains of your balcony while a quiet Ortigas kicks itself into starting the day. You open Spotify Premium and load the best of Porter Robinson’s dance music onto your JBL soundbar, to fill your condo in Pasig with the much-needed pick-me-up energy that pulls you both out of the sheets and into your early morning routines. Two moleskin journals, a pile of sketchbooks, notebooks, and some paperwork are neatly arranged next to a pair of space-gray iPad Pro’s, your silver Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, and your partner’s Razer Blade Pro 13”—all gleaming on a desk by the balcony that overlooks a busy J. Vargas Avenue.

You are on the couch, on your Samsung Galaxy S21, updating yourself on LinkedIn and Instagram happenings as you enjoy the new blend of iced coffee that you just experimented with from the Nespresso Pixie machine that you and your partner bought for yourselves last Christmas. He is sitting across from you, enjoying his favorite cup of hot cocoa while reading Medium articles on his Galaxy Note 20. You spend most of the day gathering project updates from your colleagues, lightheartedly chatting with some prospective clients, and setting goals for the rest of the week. Your partner’s newlywed cousin also calls in, asking for advice on finding a ready for occupancy condo that she and her husband can settle in. You then overhear your partner happily recommending them to some luxury condo in Makati and Mandaluyong.

photo of a basket of laundry


It is Tuesday, and the gears are starting to grind. Your Galaxy S21 beeps with a notification from your Samsung FlexWash washing machine—the wash cycle has just been completed, and it is time to organize the fresh laundry. Sia’s music plays in the background as you admire your newly ordered Zalora apparel. Your partner is on his iPad, busily talking to your younger sister over Zoom as he assists her in setting up her Nikon D5600 DSLR for a school project.

After the call, you remind your partner that two technicians will come over in the afternoon: one from your internet provider to improve your luxury condo’s connection to the fiber internet, and the second to install the Yale Smart Mortise door lock that your partner ordered as an added extra layer to the condo’s top-notch security. For the rest of the day, he helps you with maintenance chores: dishwashing, cooking food to last the work week and keeping the unit tidy. You also grab the Honda HR-V to do a quick grocery run and restock supplies; on the way home, you and your partner blast Back to the Future soundtracks on your Pioneer MixTrax Android Auto stereo system, and sing your hearts out to the film’s hit classic “The Power of Love”.

photo of sticky notes with personal notes


It is Wednesday, and hump day starts. Time to get onto those work-related tasks. An Apple Pencil, a couple of highlighters, and a set of brush pens have scattered in several places on your dining table, and at the margins of some notebooks and magazines hastily consulted for inspiration. Post-Its in various sizes, colors, and shapes adorn the walls of your luxury condo in Pasig, next to the premium furnishings you bought a few years ago from a showroom sale in Power Plant Mall. Your ultrabook hums quietly as you write and sketch in between mental breaks at work. Your partner is also knee-deep in work on his Razer gaming laptop, lost in his own world as he listens to upbeat tunes on his Sony WH-1000XM4 noise-canceling headphones.

You spend the evening on a catch-up call with your Southie high school friends, playing Zoom games with a Jackbox Party Pack that they helped you buy last month. Some of your friends ask if you might know of any house and lot for sale in Cavite, and you point them to a few properties in Bacoor and Alabang. As your friends get into a close deliberation between studio and one-bedroom condo units, you momentarily pop the Airpods Max out of your ears to check on your partner, who is setting up and testing his brother’s MacBook Air so he can use it with ease.

photo of coffee set


It is Thursday, a rainy, relaxing, yet productive day. Lo-Fi and chillstep music softly streams from your Google Home speakers. Despite the dark atmosphere outside, your luxury condo unit is lit warmly and comfortably thanks to the handful of Philips Hue smart light bulbs on the choice lamps and fixtures you opted for in your home. The cold white glow from the ultrabook keeps you awake as you continue typing away at your novel’s manuscript, and your partner is at his desk, sketching away on his Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet.

The unit is later filled with the heartwarming smell of hot chocolate. Your partner wraps a cozy blanket around your arms and offers you the newest cocoa blend that he tried on the Nespresso. He sips hot chocolate from his favorite mug: a bistro mug from a big-name theme park that he frequently visited in his childhood years, and you take a short break from a standoffish conversation between two particularly dislikeable characters. You make a quick note to improve their backstories in the future. Your partner pulls on a lighthearted chat about his coworkers from different time zones. You also talk about your clients in Baguio and Cebu and crack a few jokes about them sending over some of their local delicacies.

You continue typing away on your Dell ultrabook until you reach one writing goal. You mark it off your journal. That is another win for the week! You stretch back and glance out the balcony, where Pasig nightlife wearily blinks into activity, despite the overcast fog and rain. You keep the chilly evening warm by heating some homemade ramen that your partner has made, using the Russell Hobbs slow cooker that your parents gave you as a wedding gift.

photo of coffee and flowers


Friday comes before you know it, and it also happened to be payday. You and your partner spend most of the morning and afternoon finishing what is left of your work tasks, running update calls to your bosses, and realigning goals for the next week. The JBL soundbar blasts songs from your favorite artists—Owl City, Ava Max, Starset, and Halsey—as he prepares grilled cheese sandwiches on your La Germania electric range.

You slowly and satisfyingly cross off the last few tasks for work, just to make sure you won’t fall behind anymore. You remember the previous week—how it suddenly got flooded with unexpected calls and Zalora deliveries. That weekend had been spent untangling to-do lists and backlog chores, with long afternoons dedicated to clearing everything up and deciding on a work and chore schedule that was ready for life. You and your partner had spent a considerable amount of time by the side of the pool area in a condo for sale Philippines last night, with mugs of hot cocoa, calculators, and sheets of budget trackers out.

A sharp, flavorful scent brings you back to reality. You see your partner preparing some french fries on the Philips Air Fryer, so you grab the Blendtec Designer 625 blender to make some of your favorite choco-strawberry milkshakes. It is the last workday of the month, and you and your partner had planned out a date night to celebrate.

The condo staff rings your unit: your Yellow Cab delivery had just arrived at the lobby. You set out the pizza and chicken wings, delivered conveniently to your doorstep, in your living room coffee table along with the mini feast that both of you had prepared to share. You put the latest season of Star Trek: Discovery on your 4K, 65” Samsung QLED TV, so the JBL Dolby Atmos soundbar amplifies every whoosh and clink from the Starfleet ships. You make sure to take Instagram-worthy photos of your tiny celebration using your Canon iNSPic mini photo printer.

photo of a chip


It is Saturday now, and you and your partner have chosen to sleep in. It is the weekend after all. It is a hobby day, and he spends most of the afternoon building a more powerful computer for his work. Next to some screwdrivers, wires, and metallic parts, you recognize an AMD Ryzen processor, an NVIDIA RTX 3000 graphics card, and a brand-new Asus gaming monitor. He has taken up the dining table, so you move to the living room to create sample decals for a scrapbook you are planning to give your parents on their upcoming wedding anniversary. You text your parents as you want to check up on them, and they excitedly tell you about a recent site visit that they had to a premium house and lot in Cavite. They had been wanting a little distance away from the busy metro, and you congratulate them for making such an investment for themselves. You help them estimate a date when they can move in.

Ideas flood your head as you try out your new Cricut Maker: notebook accessories and scrapbooking materials you could create not only to upgrade your bullet journal aesthetic but also to further decorate your condo unit with photo frames and personalized motivational posters. You also consider designing some gratitude stickers to send to your colleagues, just to show your appreciation for their help on your work responsibilities.

Your partner has cleaned up his desktop-building knick-knacks and has moved to the balcony to take long-exposure shots of the busy J. Vargas Avenue and Meralco Flyover with his Sony A7SII mirrorless camera. You watch him and the orange sun setting over the city, as you brainstorm plot twists for your next novel. The twilight breeze occasionally picks up as you type away on your Apple Magic keyboard and munch on some soft-dough cookies that you and your partner made with the KitchenAid Classic Series 4.5 mixer and La Germania 500 series oven. After crossing off a few more writing goals for your manuscript, you both have dinner and a short video game face-off on your Sony PS5.

photo of a fitness center


Sunday, the real rest day. You start the morning right with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool, watching your partner do a few laps to keep in shape. You then head for a workout in your condo’s gym facility, hoping to exercise away the wrist and shoulder cramps that had started to grow from all that typing and sketching. You and your partner monitor your steps, heart rate, and calories burned using the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness trackers that you got each other for Valentine’s Day. Your JBL Go Bluetooth speaker also quietly streams your shared playlists in your corner of the gym.

You then make a late but healthy lunch of seafood pasta and baked chicken, partnered with Caprese salad and the home-grown basil that you have been keeping fresh in your LG InstaView refrigerator for the past weeks. You and your partner share a cup of fruits for dessert as you talk about the week that has passed: the big and small wins, the problems, and reassurances. You savor all these moments like how you savor your lofty views. You plan for next week’s mall trips and grocery runs, strategically scheduling them on weekdays so as to avoid supermarket crowds.

You take one last soak in the swimming pool, then end the day with a long, relaxing hot shower. You also try out new looks and hairstyles with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that your college best friend had recommended to you. Your partner is on the balcony enjoying the dusk breeze, tearing down some enemies in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his Nintendo Switch. You put on the next episode of Sherlock on your QLED TV, also resetting and sharpening your mind for new goals and challenges.

By the time both of you grow sleepy, your bedroom has already been pre-cooled by the LG DualCool smart air conditioner and humidified by your Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier. You tuck in and cuddle with your partner, satisfied with all the investments you made, and ready to conquer the next week ahead.

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