2021 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

By: John Abbe Gardiola
2021 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home

The Year of the Metal Ox is here, and it is the perfect time to review lucky and unlucky sectors in your home and to place corresponding cures and enhancements. For property seekers, it is also an opportune time to include Feng Shui considerations in evaluating home buying options.

Aside from personal feng shui, The House of Flying Stars is a helpful tool in analyzing architectural feng shui for a property—be it a premium house and lot, a lot only, or a condominium unit. The figure below summarizes the sectors governed by nine areas.

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The Grand Duke

As a general rule, the directions facing the Grand Duke, also known as Tai Sui, must be avoided for the year. Since the Grand Duke is located in the Northeast Section this year, facing the Northeast direction or turning your back towards the Southwest direction is considered inauspicious. Moreover, activities in the Northeast section must be kept at zero or minimum level to avoid disturbing the Tai Sui.

The Killing Star

The three killing star is located in the East section this year. It is always recommended to avoid turning your back in this direction, as this star signifies death or total loss. Simply put, facing the West direction is unlucky this year.

2021 Feng Shui tips

The Lucky Sectors

For the Year of the Metal Ox in Feng Shui, the lucky sectors in the home or location are the following:

1. The South

The South sector is governed by Victory and Success this year, and areas attributed to “South” are generally considered auspicious. A front door located in this sector boosts the homeowner’s chances for overall success. In terms of real estate, properties located in the South should be lucky. If one is looking at premium properties for sale in the south like a house and lot for sale in Cavite, Alabang, or Laguna (the “South” areas near Manila), this is a good year to pursue the investment.

2. The East

Another good sector is East, where Love and Academics bloom. For those who want to boost chances for romance and further their studies, frequenting this area is recommended. In a subdivision, for example, those in the east portion might be luckier in terms of love and school life this year. For the singles who are looking for a property and for a significant other, investing in a property located on the eastern side of a neighborhood might just help. TIP: There is a ready for occupancy house for sale in Ponticelli Gardens Bacoor that is located on the east side of the development.

3.The Center

The Center area is attributed to Heavenly Luck this year. This location might just help to enhance chances of winning the lottery, betting, finding the best deal, or simply getting the answer to one’s prayer. Should you be interested in a property investment, inquire about exclusive promos and deals being offered— this can come in the form of extended down payment terms, spot cash or spot payment discounts, and special loan or financing interest rates, among others. In Metro Manila, the capital region and “center” of industrial development in the Philippines, premium condominium developments of Crown Asia include 515 Shaw in Mandaluyong, The Currency, and The Spectrum in Ortigas Central Business District, and Laureano de Trevi and Salcedo Square in Makati City.

4.The West

Considered as the Prosperity Sector, the West brings good fortune in the Year of the Metal Ox. When it comes to wealth and money, the West location gives the best advantage. Whether it be through better earnings for business owners or an increase in salary or bonuses for those who are employed, the financial position of those who maximize the West area might be more positive. There are still a few lots for sale in Island Park Cavite that are located in the west area. Some of these are in Levanzo, Amalfi, and Caribe.

5. The Northeast

Fame and future prosperity reign in the Northeast region as this area sets a stepping stone to greater heights, promotion, and recognition of efforts. When considering future gains in a property investment, upcoming developments are just as important. The master-planned community of Vista Alabang has a wide range of offerings that guarantee value appreciation. Complete with and surrounded by residential, commercial, institutional, and infrastructure project pipelines, a real estate investment here is a no-brainer and might just bring the future prosperity one can eye.

The Unlucky Sectors

For the Year of the Metal Ox, the following areas are advised to be avoided to the fullest or as much as possible:

1. The Southeast

The Southeast sector represents misfortune. This may include hardships or even total loss in all aspects. If the entrance access of a property is located in this area, an alternate route might help to counter whatever inauspicious event the area could bring. An advantage of a development with several access roads or entry options is that one can just pass through the areas with auspicious forecasts for the corresponding year. In Citta Italia, Crown Asia’s Italian-inspired exclusive community located in Bacoor and Imus, options for access can be through Molino Boulevard or Buhay na Tubig.

2. The North

As the threat of COVID-19 is still present, the North sector plays an important part as the Illness Star resides here. Some observe that those whose bedrooms are located in this area tend to be more sickly. While installing cures and avoiding this area could help, easy access to medical and health facilities is an important factor to be considered in eyeing a property. In Vista Alabang, the Vitacare Unimed Hospital and Medical Center is already under construction. This will greatly benefit homeowners of the nearby Ponticelli Gardens, Ponticelli Hills, and Amici subdivisions in Daang Hari, not just in contribution to property appreciation and return on investment, but also in travel time saved going to a hospital especially in case of emergencies.

3. The Southwest

The Southwest region is regarded as inauspicious this year because of the Quarrelsome Star that it houses. Confusions and misunderstandings can arise between family members for those affected by this zone. Aside from this, the occupants of the area are susceptible to legal issues and conflict with coworkers. Relationships might just be better and in harmony, if one has the liberty to choose space options in more auspicious areas. For those looking at house and lot for sale, the Lladro Classic Model House has a family area on the second floor and a den on the ground floor, which are located in different sectors of the house—perfect for family bonding activities should the dining area and living area fall on the Southwest.

4. The Northwest

To prevent robbery and violence, the Northwest section is suggested to be avoided. In relation, dwellers here might be prone to be the victim of scams or cheating. If the bedroom of a property intender is in this location, a little caution such as a quick background check on the developer and seller will help. With over 25 years of experience in upscale real estate development and as a subsidiary of Vista Land, Crown Asia has already built a solid reputation with its completed and turned-over projects. Included in the roster of its award-winning projects are Valenza Mansions in Santa Rosa, Laguna; Ponticelli in Vista Alabang, and Citta Italia in Imus-Bacoor.

While these general recommendations might help, again, there are other considerations apart from the House of Flying Stars (which changes every year). Seeking the counsel of a Feng Shui consultant can best provide information on cures, enhancements, and on a wholistic view in terms of the overall compatibility of a property and an owner that in turn could bring more luck. Still, logic must be the foundation of a sound decision-making in buying the house or condo of your dreams.

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