7 Signs You’re Ready to Get Your Own Space

By: Crown Asia
7 Signs Youre Ready to Get Your Own Space

Let’s face it: It’s difficult for young Filipino adults to move out of their parent’s house. You must consider finances, convenience, and of course, mom and dad not wanting to be away from their kid!

But there’s nothing quite like moving out that helps turn you into the adult that you want to become. The experience of building your own home, making your own choices, and learning to take care of yourself grants you freedom, and independence, and can truly help you learn more about yourself. You get to learn about the things that your parents worried about but didn’t give time to notice.

Condos are seen as a great starting point for young adults who want to get their own space. They’re generally more budget-friendly compared to a house. When starting, a smaller space to take care of is better. And the good news is that today more than ever, with all the flexible and affordable plans available, it’s not as intimidating to find a condo of your own anymore! Go out and see what options are available — you’d be surprised by how easy it can be to find a condo that’s right for you.

So, if Having a Place to Call Your Own Has Been on Your Mind, Here Are Seven Signs That You’re Ready to Move Out of Your Parent’s House:

You Have a Steady Flow of Income

Arguably one of the biggest factors when it comes to moving out on your own is budget. If you have enough monthly income coming in, try to work out the numbers and see if you can feasibly and sustainably have your own place.

While this can seem overwhelming, there are also a lot of things you can try to make moving out possible. Maybe you can room with your best friend, a sibling, or perhaps even your significant other to make costs a lot easier on the wallet.

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You Want to Learn How to Take Care of Yourself

If there’s anything that living away from home teaches you, it’s being responsible for yourself. We all get to the point where we want to be able to stock our own pantries, cook or bake for ourselves, and do our own laundry. These are life skills that are invaluable to every adult!

While there’s no denying that it’s going to be a lot of hard work, in the end, you’ll be a lot better at it. After all, we can’t always rely on others for our own survival.

You’re Looking to Control Your Own Schedule

More often than not, having a home to call your own also means you have more control over your time — and we don’t just mean not having curfews!

Rather, controlling your schedule means being able to really make time for things that are important to you. It’s about learning how to manage your time and discover what your priorities really are.

You Are Yearning to Build a Space That’s Truly Yours

We might not always give it a lot of thought, but the environment we design and build around us can affect our attitude, mood, and day-to-day mindset.

So, if you always find yourself looking at or being inspired by furniture, wall art, or even interior design pegs on the internet, maybe it’s time to make that Pinterest board of yours come to life!

You Want More Control of Your Life

Something as simple as moving out can greatly affect your drive. Often, people feel helpless when they are under something, or someone else’s control, and this feeling of helplessness has a negative impact on one’s self-image. You’ll feel incapable of doing things. When you are in control, you’ll feel stronger and more capable of getting through life’s obstacles. It’s a psychological battle.

Getting your own space means your rules. Others can’t dictate your choices. So, if you’ve been yearning to take more control of your life, maybe it’s time to try finding your own space!

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Plenty of Your Friends Are Beginning to Move Out on Their Own

While we believe that everyone has their own pace and that you shouldn’t compare your progress to others, there’s still merit in taking cues of when the right time might be to venture out on your own.

In fact, you and your friends can even bond through this shared experience. You can swap tips, help each other move in, and attend each other’s housewarming parties!

Your Parents Trust You

Plenty of Filipino parents struggle with the thought of an empty nest, but a lot of them also want to know that their children can survive without them. Sometimes, they see it as their way of helping their kids grow up to become capable adults.

So why not try having this conversation with your own parents? You might be surprised by their answer. If it turns out that they’re supportive of your big move, then what better sign can you ask for?

Moving out is a big step — one that you’ll eventually need to do one day. Ultimately, it’s just as much an emotional and mental journey as it is a physical move. When you’re beginning to live away from home, you get to learn from your mistakes, find out what works for you, and slowly discover more about who you are.

So, if you do decide to move out on your own, we hope that you eventually get to design your own life on your own terms. And when it’s in your own hands, you can create a life that’s right for you.

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