2022 Happenings: Real Estate and Economical State of the Philippines

By: Gabriel Javellana
2022 Happenings Real Estate and Economical State of the Philippines

2022 is shaping to be a great year for real estate investors. With the dwindling COVID-19 cases of the omicron variant and more vaccine availability to teenagers and children, the advent of the New Normal is close at hand.

As of today, the economy of the Philippines is shaping to be fruitful in the many months to follow. Colliers Philippines, one of the premier commercial real estate agencies in the Philippines, has been one of the primary sources of the ongoing data analysis of the industry in this country. They have been releasing several quarterly analytical reports on the different areas and regions of the Philippines, highlighting the demands of home buyers and agents and, most importantly, the Philippine economy, in accordance with the overall global status and real estate sector.

In their latest flash report, they have emphasized the country’s overall economic recovery, in which their analyzed evidence is one of the exciting things to look forward to investing in real estate and proves to be incredibly attractive to first-time homebuyers in the real estate market today.

1st Quarter 2022: The Philippine Real Estate and Economy – Colliers International


As indicated in their analysis, Colliers’ Associate Director, Joey Bondoc, and Research Analysts, Martin Aguila and Brent Respicio mentioned that the ongoing infrastructure projects construction and the manufacturing sector were the contributing factors for the country’s economic rebound. This fact alone proves that despite the pandemic, the pursuit of progress and the country’s overall improvement did not halt in creating more conveniences and first-rate projects in the urban areas of Metro Manila. Plus, the added benefit of creating safe, decongested areas for low-density purposes and safety against COVID-19 was the sole driving factor for the increased movement of several “Build, Build, Build” projects.

The New Normal: From Dream to Reality

Furthermore, the lowered cases of the Omicron variant and availability of vaccines and booster shots created a positive outcome for the 1st and projected to the 2nd quarter of 2022. It snowballed into an increase in household spending interest (shopping for necessities and lifestyle outings). Adding to the fact, the Philippine economic growth recovery is influenced also by increased OFW remittances (currently equivalent to Php 1.6 trillion / USD$ 31.6 billion).  Thus, the current GDP of the Philippines, as of February 2022, is 5.6% and is projected to steadily grow in the following months.

Moreover, the data provided by Colliers correlates the decline of COVID-19 cases to the increase of demand and opportunities for more people to invest in the residential sector. Interests in the house-and-lot and lot-only properties increased at the start of this year. This is true, due to the easing of restrictions to Alert Level 1 status in the country


The Suburbia Lifestyle: Open Spaces in Metro Manila

This immediate shift of real estate consumers’ to more suburban areas caused them to look for properties in prime and valued locations, such as Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Bulacan. These locations have demand and interests for house-and-lot and lot only inventories, due to them being near Metro Manila, located within the outskirts of nearby urban cities for more secluded and open-spaced amenities, which are perfect for up-and-coming families. The horizontal market still holds great value for long-term benefit and investment and strong demands are definitely projected in the next months.

Property prices are projected to see slow and steady growth in the following quarters this year. This can be more felt and seen in condominium developments in urban areas. Offices in major central business districts, such as BGC, Fort Bonifacio, Ortigas, and Makati, have been observed to have more deals and openings for office expansions, which equates to more job opportunities, outsourcing, and office occupancy since it is prime time already to resume to a near-full working capacity. The same could be said for mall-goers and other public entertainment areas and lifestyle centers. Condo projects will see a rise in property value and interest because of said opportunities and this time of year is perfect for people to invest in.

A Global Lifestyle Within the Urban Setting

Most pre-selling condo developments, located around the fringes of major CBDs are steadfast in their construction progress for preparation of their turnover to RFO status in the next few years. Thus, equating to more supply of units for people to invest in early to take advantage of the low and flexible terms for long-term returns, as most pre-selling properties at this point have a few inventories left.

Homebuyers and real estate agents would probably highlight the absolute benefit of attractive promotions of the condo developments around the major cities of Metro Manila and seek out prime locations that take advantage of the surrounding infrastructures projects for more convenience in travel and fast property value growth. Areas such as Taguig, Las Pinas, and Bacoor, Cavite still has several rental opportunities for young professionals and returning OFWs to invest in condos for sale and are perfect for first-time real estate investors, as the infrastructure projects of the Build Build Build program are seen here and first-rate developments for convenience and a relaxing lifestyle.

Additionally, retail demand is in store for a strong rebound, as new leasable spaces started to appear, which is another positive development into the New Normal that everyone craved for. Because of the increased household spending, the effect affected more consumer spending, as malls started re-opening more of their facilities for more active mall-goers.


Crown Asia Properties – A Beauty in the Philippines’ Real Estate

With Colliers International detailing that this year and the following months to come, it is prime to invest in either a house-and-lot or a condo unit located in some of the prime areas of Metro Manila. You would need a well-respected developer, capable of delivering the quality that first-time homebuyers are especially looking for in their next prime real-estate investment.

This is where Crown Asia Properties by Vista Land comes in. The brand is associated with one of the well-known land and housing developers in the Philippines and for over 25 years, Crown Asia has housed several beautifully themed and crafted homes and urban condominium developments across the Philippines.

As of today, their premium projects still extend the brand’s values of beauty, convenience, and a solid property investment – ones that exude timeless excellence and long-term returns. The Crown Asia brand is considered by many agents and clients one of the excellent ways to properly live the life of absolute relaxation and take advantage of the opportunities in prime locations such as Taguig, Las Piñas, Bacoor, Cavite, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Daang Hari, and Alabang.

From themed house and lot developments that showcase incredible designs from around the world to stylish condominium properties that exude premium and modern designs that excites the urban dweller, Crown Asia Properties can provide the beauty of the world to the future home buyers and property investors.

For more information, visit our official website, like and follow @CrownAsiaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or call the Marketing Office at 88-CROWN / 0956 380 0015.

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