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Crown Asia The Premium Brand of Vista Land Premium Real Estate Developer In The Philippines

Things You Need to Know About Imus Cavite

July 6, 2021

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Cavite is known for its excellence. It is renowned for being a progressive province where municipalities and cities of Cavite have their own unique ways to showcase what they could truly offer to the people. Imus is one of the most well-known cities in Cavite for encompassing history and economic development. Moreover, Imus is also recognized as the Flag Capital from the time when the first Philippine Flag was unfolded and raised in the course of the Battle of Alapan. There are so many interesting narratives and histories that Imus Cavite possesses.


It is indeed true that the City of Imus has a bright and magnificent past. Food, people, tourist destinations, and festivals are just a few out of the countless reasons why people choose to always visit and come back to the City of Imus Cavite. Hence, the properties such as Lot for Sale and House and Lot for sale being offered in Imus is also considered one of the best options since it provides the conveniences to the people who have busy schedules and numerous errands in Manila or to other nearby municipalities.


The City of Imus may appear slightly diminutive yet it holds a lot of beauty and greatness. Here are the few things you need to know and might give you interest about Imus Cavite:




Filipino Food House and Lot for Sale Crown Asia


All the food in Imus City is delicious and impressive. Despite all the new restaurants, the authentic local dishes of the city are still present up in today’s time. When people talk about Imus City, one thing that most commonly pops up in their mind is no other than the famous Imus longganisa. Imus longganisa is made with quality pork, the right amount of garlic, and it does not contain any preservatives. Moreover, local products such as fruit spreads, vinegar, kakanin, and other Imus delicacies are the factors that greatly contributed to why people truly love Imus Cavite. With the rich flavor, right amount of ingredients, high quality products, and affordable manufactured goods, who will not be thrilled to try these mouthwatering foods?


Tourist Destination in the City of Imus

Tourist Destinations in Imus Cavite are famously known because they have great stories from the past. It include Imus Historical Market that is located at Imus City Plaza, Imus Cathedral that is an old church built in the 1850s, which is one of the famous churches in Cavite, Site of the Battle of Alapan that is located at Alapan II-A & B, and the  famous House of Tirona.


It is undeniably true that Imus holds a beautiful history and even though a new series of events are occurring in today’s time, people cannot deny the fact that it will always unfold the greatness of Imus Cavite.


Geographical Location of the City of Imus

The geographical location of Imus City is one of the lowland towns in the Province of Cavite. However, it is one of the most accessible locations since five towns are nearby the area. Kawit City is on the north, northeast is Bacoor City, west is General Trias City, south is the Dasmarinas City, and on the east is Muntinlupa City. With that being said, convenience is greatly being offered to the people who will  choose to reside at Imus City. In fact, it is approximately 18 kilometers to reach Manila wherein most of the people happen to work and have personal duties there.


Residential Homes


Vivace Community House and Lot for Sale Crown Asia


Searching for a new home may give a person a lot of stress and questions more specifically if the location is the major concern. Imus City is considered one of the urbanized areas nationwide and the city provides the quality of lifestyle. There are numerous offers when it comes to Lot for Sale, House and Lot for Sale, and Condo for Sale Philippines. Thus, what are the significant factors that a person should consider when buying a new property?


Everyone wants a good experience in their new home. With that, it is important that the person/family who are planning to reside can have a serene and wonderful experience. Crown Asia is a prominent company and a well-known homebuilder in the Philippines that offers not only the house but also gives a sophisticated and high-end experience to the people. Considering Imus City as a place to live is already deemed as a good decision, but what makes it even more special is that Crown Asia offers House and Lot for Sale in Imus Cavite and to the other municipalities in the South.


Vivace entrance House and Lot for Sale Crown Asia


Vivace is the Premium House and Lot in Imus Cavite that follows the great Italian concept. It is secured by an entrance gate and a perimeter fence. In this premium House and Lot in Imus Cavite, convenience is being offered to the people. Vivace is located near schools, hospitals, and markets that are all essential more specifically to all members of the family. Luckily, Vivace has a ready for occupancy wherein people can live life in a perfect balance.


Imus City is a perfect location to easily reach the conveniences that Manila offers without being so far from their loved ones. With the continuously expanding population in Manila, city dwellers start to look for a place where they can relax and widen their personal activities. Place your concerns aside because Crown Asia has various offers that can welcome you home in the South.


With all the workloads, deadlines, and personal errands, people tend to find a perfect place where they can embrace peace and quiet. It is true that having a good long rest is a must even once in a while in order to avoid burnouts.


During this quarantine season, people spend most of their time inside their respective communities. There are truly a lot of changes that happened over time. Home is now the working station, personal orientations to virtual meetings, and events turned to be online presentations. With that being said, investing in a home where comfort and peace are being offered is really an important decision to consider.


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