Why Brand New Homes Are Better Than Foreclosed Homes

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

The brand new year is now out and about, full of promises and opportunities. And the best part of it? So do you! With the Philippine real estate market booming with success as tens of thousands of Filipino families move into better heights and houses, you and your family definitely deserve to follow suit! May it be in a province like Laguna or Cavite, or in a city like Quezon City or in Metro Manila or Makati, everyone deserves a new home, may it be houses, apartments, or condos, if not their dream house and lot for sale, especially on how everyone worked hard last year. Thus, after a search, the only fitting next question is, which one?

There are different types of house and lot for sale, and in the Philippines, there are two well-known types of properties: brand-new houses and foreclosed ones. We are here to tell you that purchasing the former is much better than the latter.

The Fishy Thing About Foreclosed Properties

By layman’s definition, a foreclosed property is something that was seized by the lender or original owner of the real estate. The term “seized” was used because the past residents most often were not able to pay the bills (such as the rent) in order to keep this house and lot for sale. Either the payment was not paid due to financial problems or they opt to choose not to because they were not satisfied with such an area or property.

Though buying such a house and lot for sale or a condominium that underwent foreclosure can be more affordable than a brand new home, you have to think twice about choosing the more affordable price over quality. After all, the past residents did not prefer to prioritize claiming the property for a reason. It could be because of a lack of security, an out-of-place location with prime malls, nor good schools for your children, or unnecessary features that caused them inconvenience, no parking, or even perhaps some haunted chillings or sights of ghosts. You might find yourselves wanting to move out or becoming lazy in maintaining such a home.

Thus, if you can, you should prefer a brand-new home over a used one. This is why you buy the latest of phone designs other than second hands. This is why when we can afford new clothes, we go to our favorite fashion boutiques to buy the latest clothing, and not to the thrift store. When you bought that hand-me-down motor vehicle just to try it out, you ended up spending more money on maintaining the features than when you bought it. Why buy used if you can get something new? You and your family deserve a brand new house and lot for sale to call your own. Do not settle for anything else less! You may be able to save money for a short amount of time. But think about the question: at what cost?

Why You Should Prefer New Houses Over Foreclosed Homes

Though recycling is a nice concept (and it is actually a must as well, especially on how our dear Mother Earth is currently situated), you should not apply this to everything you do especially when it comes to basic human needs such as food (your children deserve more than yesterday’s meal), water (think about the bacteria that could have grown there), and, of course, shelter.

Here Are a Handful of Elaborated Reasons Why Brand-New Homes Are Better Than Foreclosed Ones:

1. Freshly Made and Prime Maintenance

Like how we prefer baked goods that came out fresh out of the oven, you could really appreciate the beauty of real estate at the time of its birth! Imagine, buying a property free from dirt and stench (except maybe the satisfying smell of newness), with a floor that is still glistening, and with doors closing with a satisfying click. Indeed, getting new things is addicting. This is probably why your child keeps on buying notebooks or journals even though they have not fully filled their previous ones!

2. Facilities Built With Improved Technology and Up-To-Date Materials

In this 21st century, growth is all about finding the best new thing. From how food is made, to the systems we have in our iPhones and laptops (we could not ignore those updating notifications), and to the roads, we take to go from one place to another (a lot of skyways and extra expressways are already out and about!), there is one thing common in all of these new additions and inventions: they improve the quality of our lives. We are able to make our food faster and more deliciously, we are able to communicate with other people more efficiently (imagine if our connection only stayed at 3G), and we are able to avoid traffic during our weekly getaways from Metro Manila and into the provinces and their beaches!

This may be the reason why we love new ones: they are much improved than the previously made ones. And this also applies to real estate! Many real estate manufacturers incorporate a lot of newfound knowledge in curating homes and communities. This could help our dream homes become more flood-free, and casualty-free during calamities because they are built with new technology, and has a lot of research and experience to learn and be better from!

3. No Need to Worry About Previous Owners Knocking on Your Door

Remember the award-winning Korean movie, Parasite and how it all went downhill when the previous employees/tenant went back to the house because she forgot something? No one wants to have that kind of on-edge moment, especially during the previous and festive time of enjoying a new home. Indeed, something unknown to you and your family might be lurking in the shadows of an already-used home. Who knows who could have lived there and the things they did there?

How to avoid this? Easy. Opt for a brand new home that was built from scratch.

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