Top Ten Fun Family Activities To Do in Tagaytay

By: Rose Mary Madrigal

Looking for a holiday destination? How about a condominium in Tagaytay for a relaxing and fun staycation? Here is a list of things you can do in your staycation in Tagaytay.

Tagaytay City

Tagaytay City is part of the province of Cavite. Despite being near the metro, it’s one of the favorite weekend destinations for families, friends, couples, or even solo trips. It is one of the places you can go to for the cool weather or enjoy a good day out. From flower gardens, theme parks, restaurantstourist spots, and Taal volcano, Tagaytay City has a lot to offer than just chilly weather.

Things to Do in Tagaytay

Whether it’s family-friendly activities in recreational areas or a spontaneous trip, these are places in Tagaytay City that you should go to on your next visit.

How to get there

But first, getting to Tagaytay City is not that difficult.

If you’re taking public transportation, just remember Tagaytay City has three main areas:

  • Olivarez: the route that busses usually start-end.
  • Tagaytay Nasugbu Highway: mostly near Sky Ranch Tagaytay and offers a better view of Tagaytay City.
  • Tagaytay Calamba Road: nearest to People’s Park or Picnic Grove and other restaurants.

Other than that, Google Maps will help you find the route suitable for your mode of transportation.


Visit People’s Park in the Sky

Park in the sky or also known as People’s Park, offers one of the highest points in the city, it’s perfect for overlooking Tagaytay City. Imelda ordered the construction of Park in the Sky to accommodate US President Ronald Reagan but was later discontinued since the trip did not happen. Eventually, Park in the Sky is now a converted urban park popular among tourists like families or a place to stroll around. People can walk around what’s left of its scaffolds like cottages, go horseback riding, and enjoy a nice breathtaking view. People’s Park has an entrance fee of Php30.

Fantasy World

If you spot from afar a castle-looking or Disney resemblance, that’s pretty much a fantasy world. Another discontinued project, fantasy world was meant to be a Disney park inspired in the country.

Now, it’s just another cool place to enjoy the wonderful view of the castle with its colorful landscapes.

Theme Park

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

Another spot in Tagaytay City for fun activities, sky ranch is a great place for kids or any age group. For an entrance fee of 150 pesos, sky ranch offers plenty of rides, but one of its main attractions is the Sky eye Ferris wheel. Enjoy the view of Tagaytay City at 207 feet tall. It’s also considered the ‘tallest Ferris wheel in the Philipines’

Food Trip

Enjoy a hearty meal while in Tagaytay. While the city is known for bulalo hopping, there are cafes and other restaurants that are new that also offer Instagrammable views!

Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans is extended to different parts of Tagaytay and each restaurant has its theme. Their main branch offers a rustic vibe, all branches offer good food and the perfect ambiance which you should consider on your next Instagram post. Bag of Beans is located along Aguinaldo Highway which is not difficult to go to. Try out their great-tasting coffee and cakes while enjoying the view of Taal Lake.

Antonio’s Garden

At Antonio’s Garden, expect the best cuisines from organic dishes to Filipino-Spanish dishes, Antonio’s Garden boasts expectational taste in their dishes. The restaurant has already won Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards last 2015. And just like any other restaurant here in Tagaytay, you can enjoy the great view overlooking their windows or veranda.

Sonya’s Garden

Easily spend your time (and maybe your money) at Sonya’s Garden. You couldn’t even tell you are at a restaurant given their beautiful ambiance. Experience both tranquility and a hearty meal. If you’re looking for a wedding venue, you can add Sonya’s Garden to your list as well!

At Sonya’s Garden, enjoy colorful, healthy meals. Walk around and you can find a secret spot of a natural-spring-fed river nearby which is also chlorine-free. They also do a bed and breakfast perfect for those looking for a cozy and gorgeous landscape to check in.

Pamana restaurant

A big miss in your Tagaytay tourist spots if you haven’t been to Pamana restaurant. It’s a local fine-dining restaurant famous for its gastronomic experience. So if you’re taking your partner or loved one on a date, add Pamana restaurant to your list and enjoy a night of the captivating view of Taal Lake over a fine-course meal.

Nurture Wellness Village

Of course, Tagaytay City has more to offer than just good food, chilly weather, and majestic views. The city is also known for its wellness village. Nurture Wellness Village will help you destress after a long day of work and stress. They offer packages for health, massages, spa, and bed and breakfast accommodation. After your session, Nurture Wellness Village also has a restaurant that offers a sumptuous meal to complete your relaxation oasis.

Do fun activities

Tagaytay Picnic Grove

If it’s exciting activities you’re looking for, there is a lot waiting for you at the Picnic Grove. Besides a place good for picnics, family outings, or hut rentals, the picnic grove offers activities that anyone would enjoy.

Here are some of the things you can do while at Picnic Grove:

  • Horseback riding
  • Eco Trail
  • Zipline

Located at Tagaytay Picnic Grove Complex, Barangay, Cavite 4 Paradizoo, this Tagaytay attraction also offers a gorgeous view of the city. So enjoy a good time strolling, kite flying, or just rolling down the hill, picnic grove is a great escapade for those of big groups or who have kids.

Visit the Taal Volcano

Taal Lake

You can see taal lake mostly alongside Tagaytay. Have a glimpse of the neighboring cities’ city lights, or enjoy the cool mountain air during a day tour. There’s a reason why this is still included in tourist spots when going to Tagaytay City.

Taal Volcano

While Taal Lake is pretty much easier to spot, getting a glimpse of the Taal Volcano can be tricky mostly if its a foggy weather. Taal volcano is just one of the common things to do in Tagaytay. Besides relishing the view of the “world’s smallest active volcano’, you might also plan to eat at nearby establishments from Tagaytay cafes, restaurants, or Tagaytay hotels, look around what this city has to offer. After all, it is an ‘island within a lake, inside a volcano.’

Museums or Monuments

Puzzle Mansion

A museum trip is also one of Tagaytay’s tourist spots. Puzzle Mansion boasts one of the largest collections of finished puzzles. The puzzle mansion’s owner or collector is Georgina Gil-Lacuna. She won a Guinness World Record last 2012. Puzzle Mansion also offers staycation and in-house dining. So whether you want to take your kids or would like to enjoy the hobby of puzzle making, you can shop for available puzzles at their store.

Tierra de Maria

If you’ve been to puzzle mansion, Tierra de Maria should be included in your Tagaytay tourist spots. Tierra de Maria is known for the 50-foot statue of Mother Mary. Her arms are outstretched which is a welcoming sense to those who go to Tierra de Maria. It’s one of the tourist spots that will fill your spiritual health. So take the time to pray at the sanctuary garden or to reflect on things.

For others, they call it the home of the Virgin Mary. HOME means Haven of Meditation and Enrichment. Devotee or not, Tierra de Maria is the perfect way to start or end your trip around Tagaytay.

Fresh Produce

While on your way to Tagaytay, you can stop over and buy fresh fruits from Tagaytay Flower Market. Besides fresh fruits, they also have fresh flowers and other native delicacies. Truly a must to include in your Tagaytay tourist spots.

Go shopping

If you’re not that interested in being active while visiting Tagaytay City, then Twin lakes shopping village is a place one of the Tagaytay tourist spots where you could go for some shopping! You can get your new outfits for the day and at the same time, be surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops. Besides being a leisure place, twin lakes shopping village also offers a spectacular view overlooking Taal Lake.


After a long day of seeing the beautiful panoramic view of Tagaytay, restaurant hopping, and touring the area, it’s now time to end the day and look for a place to stay. You can opt to stay in establishments alongside Aguinaldo Highway like the popular Eco Hotel. Or you can book an Airbnb in advance.

Tagaytay City has a lot of condominiums for sale. If it’s a condominium in Tagaytay for sale you’re looking for, Pinevale is located at Silang junction south, offering the best amenities and the best views.

Besides being close to the rows of restaurants in Tagaytay, aligned with the ambiance of a cabin-log cozy location, pine suites offer guests the comfort of feeling at home while away from the city.

Check out Pinevale through their website for your next ideal staycation.

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