Investing in Smart Locks for Your Home

By: Levi Santiago
Investing in Smart Locks for Your Home

Safety and security are a primary priority to consider when it comes to maintaining your house. On the other hand, the advancements in technology of modern society have enabled homes to have convenience in the form of automated systems. The smart lock is a bridge between your home’s security and the opportunity to automate the safety of your property. This blog will go over some details on why a smart lock is useful for your property like a condo in Las Pinas.

A smart lock can have an auto-locking system

A smart lock can have an auto-locking system

Smart locks have no need for a key to operate the lock, nor do they have a hole to insert in either. With a smart lock, you can lock your door simply by pressing a button. Thus, there’s no need for you to second-guess yourself if whether you were able to completely turn your key in the lock to lock your door shut.

Furthermore, you can benefit from a smart lock if you do not like walking or driving back to your house just to double-check whether the lock of the door is shut or not. It is a common situation for many property and unit owners to leave their house with other things preoccupying their mind that their movements are on auto-pilot, including the action of locking a door with a key.

A smart door lock can have a built in wi-fi connection

For example, once the person is a sizable distance away from the door already, they begin to second guess whether they actually locked the door or not; and this results in the extra effort of having to walk all the way back to the unit or property door to ensure that the house is secure.

The smart door lock solves this issue because you can be several blocks away from your property and still be able to lock the smart lock via a built in wi-fi feature. If your hands are busy driving your car, then perhaps you can call on your Amazon, Alexa, Google Assistant feature on your smartphone to use the built in wi-fi connection of your smart lock.

A smart lock can let you select which guests can have access to your home

A smart lock can let you select which guests can have access to your home

The best smart locks provide features that add to your convenience on top of letting you be confident that your home is safe and secure. Perhaps you have family members coming to visit your house although you are not in the position to be there at your home when they arrive at your door. Smart locks can have the feature of enabling you to give an access code to guests whom you will allow to visit your home.

You can choose as well to set the access code you give to be temporary if you want. This way, instead of having to rely on a lock and key by giving your guests a tangible key to open the door lock of the property you own, you can simply give a temporary digital key to them.

Furthermore, the temporary access code feature the smart lock is versatile in providing convenience to various situations. For example, perhaps you may own a property that serves your office in which you can provide a temporary access code to coworkers or employees. Another example would be to provide a temporary access code to your smart lock for maintenance crew you have hired to work on your house.

Lost keys are not an issue for a smart lock

A smart lock can function properly without the need for a tangible key to insert in a keyhole. Therefore, this takes away the possible problem of having your keys broken, lost, or even stolen. By ensuring that your smartphone is properly connected to your home smart lock, you can configure whatever preferences you want for your smart locks in your condo in Las Pinas.

For example, you can set your smart locks to automatically lock and unlock, provide you updates of activity happening in real time in relation to your smart lock, and secure access codes. Different brands of smart locks offer different features, so it is recommended to look for smart locks that fit your security preferences, whether it’s a smart lock with Bluetooth connection, a touch screen interface, button-pushing mechanism, and many more.

Smart locks are key to enhancing a smart home

Smart locks are key to enhancing a smart home

If you are eyeing with the idea of having a smart home, then a smart lock is a great addition to the list of things to install in your smart home. A smart lock possesses characteristics that a smart home strives to embody, which are convenience and automation.

With smart locks, you can connect the security of your door locks, via smart locks, to the various smart appliances and automated systems that can install or have installed in your home. There are several smart lock brands to choose from.

U-Bolt Pro

One of the smart locks that you can consider is the U-Bolt Pro. The U-Bolt Pro is one of the smart locks that possesses “true keyless entry.” The U-Bolt Pro smart lock is accessed either through Bluetooth or a fingerprint reader. The U-Bolt Pro lock also has a feature that lets you input an access code to unlock the smart lock, enabling you to let guests in your house even if you are not physically present there.

Wyze Lock

The lock and unlock mechanism of Wyze lock is different to the U-Bolt Pro in that the Wyze lock is not truly keyless. Instead, the Wyze lock is a smart lock that can be installed to the existing lock and key system on your door. However, despite being able to be installed in your home’s existing door locks, the Wyze lock has the feature of unlocking whenever you approach the door and automatically locking when you leave the door.



Smart locks are useful because they allow you to configure the security of your home without your physical presence and through automation. The standard lock and key requires a tangible key which can be lost and requires you to manually insert the key into the keyhole to lock the door. A smart lock, on the other hand, is continually evolving its features on how locking a door can be accessible to you wherever you are and to whom you can allow entry into your condo in Las Pinas.

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