Tips On Organizing Your Kitchen

By: Warren Ace Leonida
Tips on Organizing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is like a place of comfort. This is where the magic of making your favorite food happens. Imagine yourself entering the kitchen of a premium home and it is an organized kitchen that fits your liking.

The food storage containers are full, but you still have enough storage space. You have a complete set of cooking utensils that fit every occasion.

Make the dining room a safe haven and a place of comfort as this is where you and your family will create and eat meals together while sharing your day with them around the kitchen table.

Elevate the space and have an organized kitchen by reorganizing the whole space to make it a functional space.

Tips to organize your kitchen

Tips to organize your kitchen

When your kitchen cabinets and food storage space our full and you see the counter space being overloaded with items, you’d want to think of different ways to reorganize the entire kitchen to make it have a wall space and room for your staples. If you’re revamping the whole kitchen, then here are some tips for you

Utilize your kitchen cabinet

Utilize your kitchen cabinet

Open up those cabinet doors and utilize each space wisely. Make more space by putting all the different category of belongings fit together in one designated area.

Even make one of those kitchen cabinets into a spice cabinet so that it wouldn’t mix with other ingredients and it wouldn’t get in the hands of a person who doesn’t like things spicy.

Get all the cutting boards, mixing bowls, pots, and pans and put them in the cupboard doors for easier access while cooking up something nice for the family.

Invest in food storage containers

Invest in food storage containers

When you open your cabinet door and see all of your supplies and ingredients out of its containers that is when you know that it makes sense and is the right time to invest on kitchen storage containers.

Keep your kitchen organized by getting yourself containers that will fit your drawers and pantry. The small items can be grouped together. Then, keep canned goods together, while also keeping other ingredients together for easy access. Don’t forget to label them so you wouldn’t end up picking the wrong condiment or seasoning.

Do regular cleaning

Do regular cleaning

Keep everything tidy. Make sure to keep your walk in pantry staples free from dust. Clean out the junk drawer, stock up on trash bags, and regularly clean out the trash can to avoid foul odors in your kitchen.

Invest on good and natural cleaning supplies such as dish soap, dish towels, sponge holder, and other things that you may need for tidying up the area.

Free counter space by throwing away out what you don't need

If you’re a person who loves to bake, you know the labor of baking gets messy. Make sure to have baking sheets to not get the counter sticky and full of flour. A baking sheets cuts cleaning time in half by a lot. Make sure that your baking ingredients are tucked away in a sealed container. If you don’t have these sheets, parchment paper will also help. A few things to remember when baking is to have everything at bay so that the process of baking itself and the aftermath of baking is easier for kitchen organization.

Free counter space by throwing away out what you don’t need!

photo of kitchen pans on rack

The most important things are the ones that we use the most. Take note of everything in your kitchen. How often do you use it? Are the appliances still working despite months of not using them? How about those stocked up ingredients or food in the fridge? Then you’d see the pile on your counter space waving to be decluttered.

Store only the pantry items that you actually use for day to day cooking. A nice tip is to put the ingredients or appliances in the front. Whatever you keep putting in the back is what you don’t really use.

This is the time to decide whether to donate them or throw it away. Food items that are expired should be thrown away, while others with expiration dates that will take longer can be given to others to not let it go to waste.

This life changing hack will definitely be able to clear that counter space. Making enough room for the dishes, pans, shelves, and other essentials. Make sure to have plastic bags ready when you’re going to declutter.

Save storage space and choose your cooking utensils wisely

Save storage space and choose your cooking utensils wisely

Your shelves don’t have to be stocked up with heavy utensils. Think sustainable and get yourself wooden spoons, plates, and wooden forks. Not only will it be less heavy, it also saves the environment since its production is more attainable.

Save up space with utensils and kitchenware that are just used as a design for your designated home. Your drawers and cabinets don’t need to overflow with decor. Think of clever ways to save up space by making these smart choices for your cabinets and storage.

Don’t keep your sink full of unnecessary cookware. Be sure your house only has what it needs in converting it to your own safe haven.


Keep in mind that your house is your sanctuary. Keep it that way by making an example of keeping the areas clean and sacred for you when you create moments with your family over the meals of the day. It should be a place that is organized so that you can breathe and feel refreshed by its appearance.

Have a hanging rack for your apron as a reminder that it is your safe space. Practice these tips and an extra tip is to open up one shelf that has a few of your family’s essentials that they can just grab and go whenever they need to.

Organizing can be a fun job that you could make as a project with your family. Spend time over revamping everything to make the dishes, shelves, and kitchen as a whole look great and better. Be able to do all these in your Crown Asia home.

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Updated on March 24, 2023

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