Tips on Making Your Crown Asia House and Lot More Accessible

By: Hanna Rubio
home modification

There is no denying that above aesthetics and all, comfort and accessibility of your house and lot is an important thing to consider. It improves your well-being and makes living easier. Having your home tailored to cater to your comfort is fulfilling because you get to modify your home in a way that feels home to you. It impacts your life in the best way possible.

And as you age (which is inevitable), the importance of having everything easy and making your livable space accessible will be evident. You will not be able to do what you normally do in your younger days, so designing your home to be most accessible and comfortable for everyone of age is something you might want to consider even in your buying process. Making your house and lot more accessible and livable is possible in many ways and one of them is through home modification.

What is a home modification?

Home modification is the act of modifying your home into something that satisfies your taste and preferences. The term is most widely used to deliver comfort for people with disabilities and older adults by making alterations in the home space to make their lives comfortable, functional, and easier. Moreso that can be, home modifications for people with disabilities and old age are made to ensure their safety and security inside their homes.

Do you need to make your home accessible? Is it necessary?

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) and older adults deserve an easy and comfortable life for it not only improves their day-to-day but also the quality of their lives. Home modifications can vary depending on how small or big the needed changes are. It can be done by making things within reach, installing handrails or ramps, as well as picking the right displays and furniture.

You want your house and lot to be a safe space for everyone, both for the person with a disability or for those retired adults who just want peace and comfort. Although not required, making your home accessible and safe for everyone fosters a sense of inclusion, dignity, and security. Undertaking all efforts in home modification for the said individuals makes it easier for them to engage in daily routines without undue challenges, promoting a higher degree of self-sufficiency and independence.

Tips to make your home inclusively accessible

After hearing what is home modification and its importance, you may want to start making the needed changes to make your home accessible, here are some tips on how you can design your home to fit everyone’s preferences, especially PWDs and older adults.

Widen Doorways

For people with disabilities and older adults, it is given that moving to places can be hard especially when there are a lot of constraints. One way to start your home modifications can be by widening doorways. This initiative will help people with wheelchairs move across their homes easily and for older people to navigate in their homes without thinking so much about how the problem of getting stuck in a narrow door or having a hard time passing through. Doing so will not just make the rooms in your home accessible but also minimize risks, hassles, and problems from arising.

Ramps and flooring

In connection with the first one, installing ramps and paying extra mind to the right flooring helps make everything easier for people to go and walk through. Aside from ease, it also helps minimize accidents and risks from happening.


It is important to install the right lighting fixture in your home, taking people with visual impairments or sensitivity to light into consideration. This is because some accidents at home usually happen when it is dark or when the light is not emitting enough light to brighten up the space. Night lights are also a nice addition to make it easier to move around the house even at night time.

Smart Technology

Since the movements of PWDs and seniors are somewhat limited, finding ways to make their lives easier every day is a must. Using and installing smart technology in your home makes it easier for them to do things on their own without having to worry about it being hard, especially for those with mobility limitations.

Organize and declutter

Another tip to make your home accessible for people with disabilities and old age is to organize your furniture and displays in a way that does not obstruct the hallways. Declutter and remove things that are not being used and only make your home look cramped. In today’s time, it’s more about comfort, accessibility, and functional aesthetics.

Kitchen Accessibility

Another struggle PWDs and seniors encounter is the difficulty in accessing appliances and the whole kitchen for the most common design of it in every house and lot may be out of reach for them. Make it much more accessible for them by lowering countertops, sinks, and appliances for easier use. You can also add pull-put shelves and drawers to lessen the need for excessive reaching and bending.

Lever handles and Grab bars

There is no denying that while they aren’t able to do most things alone, PWDs and older adults still want to feel independent in doing even the simplest of things which is walking or opening doors. By switching your traditional door knobs into lever handles, it becomes much easier for people with dexterity and strength problems to open the doors and navigate the home space freely and easily. The same goes for installing grab bars in your home to help seniors who struggle to maintain balance. Incorporating both in your home provides a sense of support, stability, and accessibility all while also trying to reduce the risk of falls, slips, or injuries.

The Way to a Safe and Comfortable Life

The life of PWDs and older adults is already hard as it is so by doing these kinds of initiative, you are able to lessen their struggles and avoid any accidents from happening. Making your home inclusively accessible for everyone helps to improve their way of living and increases the feeling of comfort and safety. So, if you are looking for the best ways to kickstart your home modification, then, this article is just the right read for you!

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