The Best Math Tutorial Centers in Cavite and Laguna for Your Kids

By: Angela Beatrice Bautista
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It is no secret that math is considered as one of the most challenging subjects to learn in school, with many kids out there worldwide struggling to understand its various complicated concepts. For parents who are worried for their children’s academic performance in mathematics, finding a reliable tutorial center for them can be a relatively easier task than finding the ideal house and lot for sale.

Being able to assess the quality of a learning center is an essential skill to learn by all parents who may be considering enrolling their children in such a facility. Without proper vetting beforehand, the consequences can be problematic, as not only would one’s kids fail to learn anything from their tutors, but there would also be the loss of worthwhile time to all and funds as well. In worst case scenarios, a shady learning center might also cause harm to one’s child in the form of abuse, thus it is essential to be absolutely sure about the reputation and skill of a potential tutorial center before even considering the possibility of using their services.

To those who are looking for some of the best math tutorial centers in Cavite and Laguna, below are three locations to check out.

Looking For The Best Math Tutors in Laguna? Consider The Academy by Keni Tamu

Having been in the business of teaching students in both the fields of math and English since 2008, The Academy by Keni Tamu can be confidently considered as one of the best tutoring establishments in Laguna with a good track record. With The Academy having accrued multiple positive reviews and recommendations from previous students and their parents, this learning center is guaranteed to provide the best in education through their educators in a safe and nurturing environment.

About The Academy

The Academy has four main expertly-tailored courses in mathematics, starting from Elementary School Mathematics, Middle School Math, High School Mathematics, and even all the way to College Mathematics. Each tutoring session involves a tailored lesson for each participant, in addition to a lifetime access to the resources and information for each course for the purpose of reviewing. Other than their online-based teaching sessions, The Academy also offers face-to-face meetings between teacher and student to further improve the latter’s learning experience.

For further inquiries about their courses and tutors, visit The Academy’s website and Facebook page for more details.

For Parents With Kids in The Pre-K to Senior High School Level, Try Out Straight A’s Tutorial Center

Located in Imus, Cavite, Straight A’s Tutorial Center (SATC) is another long-running service that’s been active for over 14 years ever since its inception on July 1, 2009. Specialized in tutoring kids from preschool, elementary, and high school level, SATC is no doubt one of the ideal places to send one’s children to improve their math-solving skills whether during the school year or summer vacation.

Inside SATC

In terms of the flexibility of the SATC teachers, they are capable of either teaching online via live video or face-to-face depending on the current circumstances of their students. The educators in SATC also provide frequent updates about the progress of their class, allowing parents to have a clear idea about their child’s progress when it comes to tackling math. In addition to their tutoring services, SATC also offers assistance for assignments, review sessions for examinations, and even help in regards to finishing projects.


To enroll one’s kids in Straight A’s learning program, simply ask through their Facebook page or visit their physical location at 438 Anabu II-D, Aguinaldo Highway, Imus, Cavite.

To Those Looking For a Reliable Option, There is Always the Kumon Learning Centers as a Go to Choice

Besides signing up the kids in an independent learning center, another option that one can opt for instead are the many Kumon study centers found nationwide. Kumon Learning Centers cater to children, from grade school to high school students. They are especially prevalent within both Cavite and Laguna, so it shouldn’t be difficult for a parent to find a Kumon center close by, where their children could learn from the best math and English teachers that the group has to offer.

About Kumon

Kumon centers are famous for employing the use of the ‘Kumon method’, an approach which focuses on encouraging students to learn independently at a reasonable level. Instructors make this method feasible through the use of carefully-tailored worksheets for each child, which is designed to help them become comfortable with whatever math topic they’re learning about. Kumon teachers also provide enough guidance to aid their student whenever they get lost, so as to encourage them in the right path in math.

For those who may be interested in enrolling their children into a Kumon center near them, the rates can be found on their website under the ‘For Parents’ tab.

End Note

There are countless of math tutorial centers out there in just Cavite and Laguna alone, the quality of each may range from the worst to even the best depending on the circumstances. There are however, several tutoring centers out there that stand out from the crowd such as the ones mentioned here, and it only takes some time dedicated to research to filter out the cream of the crop for the education of one’s child.

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