Redefining Travel Convenience with CALAX and MPT SOUTH Innovations

By: Hadj Cabonegro
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Travel between Manila to Tagaytay was perceived to be inconvenient in the past, as the aforementioned route would often be plagued with traffic issues which frustrated many motorists on their way to work or vacation. In this day and age however, new advancements have been made to improve travel between the two cities, making the commute a quicker one similar to those who may be living nearby in a house and lot in Cavite.

Having been opened to the public since 2019, The Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) which is a part of the Build Build Build program of the government specifically the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), aimed to massively improve the state of travel between the capital and several important locations in Southern Luzon. The CALAX project will be a spectacle in modern-day travel convenience once it is fully operational, one day providing a host of amenities and facilities to future drivers that would prove to be a great benefit to areas which are adjacent to the said road network. With its completion rate nearing completion as of writing, commuters between the two cities are sure to benefit in the long-run alongside any other businesses that would inevitably rely on this route. The CALAX currently connects via SLEX by the Mamplasan Interchange in Biñan Laguna.

For those who are curious about the benefits that the Cavite-Laguna Expressway will be featuring, below are three such innovations that would surely redefine travel convenience in the near future.

The Cavite-Laguna Expressway Will Reduce Travel Time Between Manila and Tagaytay to Just 20 Minutes

One of the key segments of the CALAX project will be the Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange, which promises to cut down the travel time between Manila and Tagaytay to just 20 minutes. This marks a vast improvement compared to the past state of travel of the old route, which was said to be more inefficient due to traffic and other such complications.

The intersection will encompass a 3.8 kilometer stretch, with the developers behind the roadway constructing it in such a way as to showcase the impressive infrastructure development of Region IV-A. Besides highlighting the best parts of the said region, the Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange will also be installed with a variety of high-tech improvements, which would not only enhance the travel experience of its users, but also extend its usefulness for a long time. Having just been opened in November of this year, commuters are expected to have a much better time once they utilize the route to travel to locations that are either in Tagaytay, Cavite, and Laguna.

In addition to this new addition to the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) network, plans are being made for the construction of eight more interchanges along Silang East, Laguna Boulevard, Laguna Technopark, Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Governor’s Drive, and in Kawit Cavite.

CALAX Employs the Latest in the field of Green Technologies in Order to Maximize Convenience

Another highlighting decision made during the construction of the project CALAX is the integration of advanced green technologies to make the roadway even better. These additions will not only redefine a new standard for traveling in the Philippines, but also potentially promote greater acceptance for the usage of green tech nationwide.

To lower its carbon footprint, the developers of the project CALAX had installed a dedicate solar panel array to lower the energy usage of the roadway. This renewable setup supplies over 90% of the total energy of the expressway, which not only reduces the expenditure needed for powering the highway itself, but also allows for the allocation of left-over funds to further improve and maintain the route itself.

In addition to this alternate source of power, CALAX also includes a number of PWD-friendly emergency posts that are also powered by solar energy, making them self-sufficient and constantly available for its intended users in cases of emergencies.

Given the great additions included in the development of the project, Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), it would hopefully set a precedence for the government in the future for more public works and highways that would employ a similar setup to this one.

MPT SOUTH Aims to Transition to a 100% RFID Setup For Their Tollbooths, Which Can Streamline Travel

One ambitious tech that will be integrated throughout several key points in the CALAX map by MPT SOUTH would be the installation of RFID toll booths. The project aims to not only modernize the toll collection system, but also further shorten the time it takes for drivers to pass through toll gates during their travel.

Part of the process of transitioning to this phase would be the transfer of toll tellers to the Systems Operation Department, wherein they will do their best to keep the system running efficiently for the benefit of all CALAX commuters. This form of automation will also make it easier for government to keep track of motorists who pass through CALAX, especially in cases involving criminal manhunts. For the drivers who may be hesitant of applying for an RFID sticker, it is best to know that the application process itself is free of charge, and in cases where the sticker ends up being damaged, replacing it wouldn’t even cost anything at all.

The gradual embracing of the RFID system at such an integral route such as CALAX would do wonders in improving the state of long-distance travel throughout the Philippines, a benefit that will definitely stand the test of time for generations of motorists to come.

End Note

Travel has never been more convenient with the construction of CALAX in tandem with the advancements implemented by MPT SOUTH. Not only has the construction of the Silang-Aguinaldo Interchange and the usage of green tech in the greater CALAX route made commuting a better experience for motorists, but it is also anticipated that the addition of 100% RFID toll booths throughout the expressway will provide a lot of benefits too.

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