Best Places to Visit in Bacoor for the Christmas Season

By: Arvie Midel
bacoor cavite tourist spot

People can never go wrong living in the South because aside from its fast progression, people can also enjoy the conveniences it offers which is why a lot of people are now looking for different options when it comes to real estate properties. Luckily, there are available units for Bacoor house and lot for sale which are very near to different beautiful places that a must visit this holiday season.

Brief Background

For over 350 years, the City of Bacoor has taken great pride in serving as a main entry point to the province of Cavite. Bacoor City’s population and economic growth are continuously rising. Most of the city is composed of flat, formerly agricultural lands, with some areas such as the coastal Barangays of Zapote, Talaba, Niog, and Panapaan lying below sea level.


The coastal city of Bacoor is situated in the northeastern region of Cavite Province and the city on the other hand is situated in the Southwest of Metro Manila. Bacoor is one of the most go-to places in the Philippines during the Christmas seasons since they showcase different Christmas lights and Christmas decorations during this season.

For those people who are looking for the best places during this Christmas season, here are some of the Bacoor Cavite tourist spots that everyone is encouraged visit:

St. Michael The Archangel Parish Church

Since it is the Christmas season, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong are very evident and famous. Vendors are located nearby the churches which makes it more accessible to people especially that simbang gabi will soon start. Aside from that, angelic in nature, Saint Michael fights evil with spiritual might. Along with being the protector of the Church, he is revered as a defender of justice and a healer of the sick. Saint Michael is frequently seen defeating Satan in the shape of a dragon and is usually portrayed holding a sword, a banner, or scales. This church is also a perfect destination for individuals and families who live nearby and are consistently attending mass every week.

Nomo – A Vista Lifestyle Centre

The holiday in the Philippines is usually known for its very long preparation which is very evident because as Christmas is slowly approaching, people automatically visit shopping malls in order to look for perfect gifts for their families and friends. Other than that, people also go to the mall just to buy groceries that people are planning to serve at the table during Christmas Eve. With that, one of the go-to places in Bacoor City is Nomo. There are so many things to do here, may it be in the form of leisure or errands.

People can really feel the Christmas vibes when they visit this mall because of its Christmas decorations such as Christmas lights, Christmas trees, and of course, Christmas sale at the different stores. Moreover, families who are looking for the ideal playground where their children may run around can visit Kinder City. This playground places a high value on giving kids the most engaging experience possible while also keeping the surrounding area spotless through precise cleaning protocols.

Heritage Tree – A Testament to Manny Villar’s Enduring Legacy

With great pride, Vista City unveiled its Heritage Tree, a towering representation of resiliency and fortitude that honors Manny Villar’s long legacy. On November 14, 2023, a magnificent Christmas lighting ceremony that captured the essence of the season and enveloped the city in a joyful glow marked the momentous event. A spectacular fireworks display that filled the night sky with vivid colors accompanied the grand lighting ceremony, which was quite the sight to behold.

This heritage tree is one of the best Bacoor Cavite tourist spots that must be visited when people go to Bacoor City. Here, people can see the unusual version of the Christmas tree because the tree that is covered with lights is the Heritage tree itself. Bacoor is known for its exciting events and attractions in the different places of Bacoor.

The Heritage Tree becomes a beacon of hope as it twinkles with holiday lights, pointing Villar City in the direction of advancement, harmony, and the eternal legacy of a great leader. Villar City extends an invitation to all to enjoy the warmth of the Heritage Tree this Christmas, which stands for resiliency, harmony, and the hope of a better future. Check out this interesting attraction and do not forget to take pictures with a great pose and you can surely have a wonderful memory to look at after how many years.

Additionally, the best part during the opening of the Heritage tree is that the occasion was enhanced musically by the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, which is well-known for its captivating performances. They entertained the crowd with inventive takes on well-known songs and traditional Christmas melodies.

Those who are searching for Bacoor house and lot for sale, this is a perfect reason to live here because all of the attractions in this place are very accessible and engaging. The thriving Bacoor neighborhood has transformed from an agricultural hub to one of Cavite’s most prominent urban centers.

Cuenca Ancestral House

This attraction gained notoriety when Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo used it as a temporary residence before relocating his office to Malolos, Bulacan. On July 15, 1898, President Emilio Aguinaldo moved the revolutionary government’s seat from Cavite to the homes of Juan Cuenca and Candida Chaves in Bacoor, Cavite, as they prepared to face the Spanish army in Manila.

Bacoor Family Ecopark

The Bacoor Family Ecopark has a multipurpose hall for gatherings and meetings, a playground, and a lagoon for fishing and boat rides. The park, which spans around half a hectare, also features little nipa houses for visitors. For those people who are interested in living the South, Crown Asia has a Bacoor house and lot for sale that is very close to the bustling lifestyle in Metro Manila but also offers a peaceful and quiet lifestyle in Cavite.

Families who wish to go to Bacoor Family Park can arrange picnic dates for the whole family by bringing delicious foods. Aside from that, family members might take part in a variety of exhilarating activities, but they could also opt for easy card or board games or games like frisbee and badminton.

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