The Best Beaches to Visit in Region IV

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
The Best Beaches to Visit in Region IV

Philippines, It is time to hit the waves and explore the calm sea, dear friends! Summertime is fast approaching so you must plan early as now to make the most out of your upcoming vacation! We know you have been itching to go out of your Crown Asia house and lot for sale and take a swim in chlorine-less waters and white beach, after all summer is the peak season for going to the beach. Thankfully, the number of COVID19 cases has been coming to a drop so no sweat. which results in loosening of the safety protocols so you and your family can have such the ideal summer breather these upcoming months! And of course, what is a summer without beach trips? Read on to know which Instagram-worthy beaches you and your family should head towards this summer of 2022 to cool yourself with in its calm waters! And no fret! There is no need to ride a plane since we have beach destinations within a car ride away.

If you are looking for a white sand beach and island hopping tour here in the South, worry no more! Here are the following stunning beaches to visit within Region 4:


Nasugbu, the classic and crème of the crop of Region IV A – CALABARZON fine white sand beaches

There is a reason why you see Nasugbu, Batangas a lot in the Facebook profiles of your coworkers and your friends. Most probably even the friends of your children, too! It is a beach town because of its numerous pristine beach in the area. When it comes to nearby but the best beaches, the province of Batangas immediately comes to mind, specifically: Nasugbu because it really is a popular beach resorts and natural attractions. Nasugbu is probably known as one of the top attractions for beaches and tourist spots in the CALABARZON region.


Nasugbu is known for its stunning beach that deliver quite the best of summer experiences for beach lovers. Its convenience of travel from the city (including your Crown Asia house and lot for sale) is one of the reasons why Filipino folk tend to go here for a regular breather. It is the perfect place to go for a quick beach getaway. However, without taking Nasugbu’s proximity to Metro Manila into consideration, the beaches in Batangas are already worthy of visiting. Here are the reasons why:


Since it is near the metropolis, the area gives off a perfect balance between rural and urban, although, of course, it would lean more toward the former due to the exquisite nature found here which we bet poses you no problem. Actually, this would be a total plus if you and your family decide to have a summer vacation home here since this area is suburban which will allow you to enjoy nature’s cool breeze at its best all the while never detangling yourself from the city life. This is why retirees, ex-pats, and the like are known to nestle here in this area because it is an easy beach getaway in Cavite.

Hiking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities are known to be made possible in this beautiful area of Batangas. Indeed, a trip to Nasugbu will definitely quench the thirst of anyone’s yearning for a quick but memorable summer escapade.

Have a high-class summer escapade at the Pico Sands Hotel

And for this beach, we entrust you to the Pico Sands Hotel, a beach resort that would bring your Nasugbu escapade to a world class level.

Pico Sands Hotel is tucked into the 40-hectare paradisal refuge of Pico de Loro Cove. Apart from the basic top-tier hotels’ pluses such as a 24/7 room service and fast Wi-Fi connection (yup, you do not have to go all the way to the beach area just to post your Instagram worthy photos of your getaway), this hotel offers the convenience of a luxurious life, especially with its room that has no room for even the slight feelings of crowdedness, and of course, amenities that are the perfect accessories to complete your summer escapade.


Additionally, this modern hotel also serves the Pico Restaurant and Bar which offers a fine Mediterranean cuisine that could be delivered to your doorsteps at any time even during your midnight cravings! If you and your family have been suffering from backaches and/or shoulder aches from the almost all-day sitting downs because of your work and academics, you can relinquish your pain in the wide choices of massages and treatments of the Pico Sands Hotel pride: Rain Spa. On the other hand, if you and your family want to get physical in between your relaxing time in Nasugbu, no sweat since this hotel serves an outdoor pool, fitness center, tennis court, and a children’s activity area.

Patungan Beach, Cavite’s hidden gem

Cavite is not far, too, when it comes to worldclass beaches. Nestled in Maragondon, Cavite, and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of your Crown Asia house and lot for sale’s ideally packed location lies not far that far away: Patungan Beach—a public beach that rivals those of Batangas and Zambales. Sounds new to you? Understandable. After all, people gatekeep this gem for good reasons.


Patungan Beach Cove is an underrated area that definitely deserves to compete with other well-known beaches in South Luzon. Want to take pictures with your family that is worthy to be put on a frame to hang on your Crown Asia house and lot for sale? Patungan Beach offers just that with its scenic azure waters coupled with nearby vast hills. Your family can also experience nature’s best by renting a cottage to stay in while you ravishing a wide array of seafood dishes.

Other activities that you can do to strengthen even more your family bond include fish feeding, cliff diving, bonfire, karaoke, and even island hopping!

With the most helpful and friendly guide of the locals, an island hopping tour takes you to jaw-dropping rock formations and the white beaches such as Mugiw Island, Carabao Island, and Crocodile Island, guess what, all in one day.

Of course, we should not forget about the white sand topnotcher: Talipanan Beach

Recently, we have seen people saying that happiness is not actually about ecstasy nor joy, but, peace and contentment – things you will get from the last but definitely not the list beach on our list.


Located outside the Southern Tagalog Mainland in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Talipanan Beach is all about quiet and serenity. Its fine white sand beauty coupled with amazing views of the sea and rolling mountains, the bustling marine life, crystal blue waters AND crowd less coast will definitely make your summer getaway of 2022 the most relaxing one yet. You and your family would definitely not find any dirty surprises here since the coastline is always clean because of the less number of crowds! This is the best place if you want to unwind and untie the horrid knots of your head that resulted from months of hard work at work. You deserve the peace and tranquility of Talipanan’s white sand shores and turquoise waters for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling!

The perfect summer getaway does not always have to be outside the country nor a ship ride away, sometimes all it takes is a road trip to these best places to relax with the best and most lovable people of your life: your family.

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