Something New to Do This Christmas 2023

By: Marge Santos
christmas day 2023

Christmas Day is just around the corner. With just 31 days ’til Christmas day 2023, everyone is excited to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is considered to be one of the joyous occasions celebrated by most Christian countries around the world. Beyond the merry-making, the focus on Christmas day is the birth of Jesus Christ.


In the Philippines, Noche Buena is celebrated after attending the last Simbang Gabi mass specifically on the eve of the 24th of December. The family gather to share a feast on Christmas Eve. After which, family members exchange gifts. On December 25, Christmas day itself, many families come together to celebrate. Relatives gather in one of the houses to spend the day with each other.

Filipino Christmas Meal

Filipinos love to eat and there is no celebration without sharing a sumptuous feast. Each family partakes in the celebration by bringing the dishes they prepared to share with the other families. The tradition of Christmas potluck is common among Filipino families.

Filipino Christmas Activities

After sharing a meal, some families prepare a program showcasing talents of each member of the family. Some adult members of the family go to the extent of rewarding young ones who would participate in the program. There are some families who prepare games not just for the young ones but for the “young once” as well. Families also exchange gifts among themselves. Hence, this festive celebration is the most anticipated gathering. For a growing family, it is only practical to look for a house and lot for sale to accommodate a bigger crowd.


In as much as family traditions had been set and had been observed every year, there might be those yearning to do something different on Christmas Day. This year, December 25 falls on a Monday, making it a long weekend. For families with grown-up kids or those who see this as an opportunity for that much-needed R&R, they might opt to try a different kind of celebration this year.

  • TRAVEL. Some families may spend the holiday going to a place the family had never been to. The past years spent inside the house due to the pandemic might encourage families to spend Christmas day somewhere else.
  • STAYCATION. For those who want to relax and recharge before going back to the normal grind, some may want to spend Christmas day in an Airbnb that feels like home away from home. Check out luxury homes in Makati and Taguig for a relaxing getaway and that much-needed holiday staycation.
  • FIREWORKS DISPLAY IN SM MALL OF ASIA. Spend the evening marveling at the spectacular fireworks display right in front of Manila Bay. This activity will surely be a delight to kids and adults alike. As early as September 2023, fireworks display had been ongoing but the schedule for December are December 1, 8, 15, 22, 25, 29 at 7pm.
  • AYALA TRIANGLE LIGHTS AND SOUNDS SHOW. The Festival of Lights: Lights and Sound Show in Ayala Triangle in Makati City will definitely get anybody in the spirit of Christmas. This popular Christmas destination is another way to enjoy a brighter and merrier holiday season. It opened on November 14, 2023 and will continue to dazzle crowds daily from 6pm to 10pm until January 14, 2024.
  • AMUSEMENT PARK. For those who have a knack for thrill and excitement, spending a day in an amusement park may be an amazing way to spend Christmas day.

End Note

The Philippines may be the only country who has the longest Christmas season but the highlight is still on Christmas day itself which happens to be on December 25. It is considered as the official date of Christmas and the date of Jesus’ birth. Regardless of how Christmas day is spent, either the traditional way or through something new, Christmas day will remain as one of the most anticipated celebration of the year. Whether festive and fun-filled or quiet and laid-back, the important thing is to celebrate the reason for the season which is the birth of Jesus Christ.

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