A Condo in Muntinlupa: Yes, Please!

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola

If you and your family have been yearning to get the best out of modern living, you ought to live in a condo. We know you have been curious about what it is like to live in a skyscraper building. 

We are telling you — what you see in the movies and in the media, they are not lying. Living in a city, busy and progressive, will really reel you up to be sophisticated and thriving, too! Living in the city, the VIP seat of the world’s scheme of things is totally a life that everyone must get a taste of for it is superb.

But where ever should the condo for sale of your dreams be?

We humbly suggest Muntinlupa City, the hidden precious gem of NCR.

Let’s Get To Know Her. Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Get a Condo in Muntinlupa.

A city just blazing under your eyes

The perfect city has been under our noses for the longest time! Located near the most prominent provinces of the country, Laguna and Cavite to be precise, but ever still in the body of Metro Manila, Muntinlupa has been coined the Emerald City of the Philippines.

Being a highly urbanized city in the National Capital Region with lots of potential just dying to unfold, it is highly evident that it lives up to its achievement of being the most competitive and improved city in the Philippines just recently.

With approximately half a million known chic, sophisticated, and highly urbanized city Filipinos, Muntinlupa is definitely not a city to sleep on.

Living in Muntinlupa would also mean being close to the central business district, such as the Madrigal Business Park, shopping malls, and major road networks that would lead to the Metro Manila Skyway, making it a short drive to other cities like Metro Manila and Makati City.

Condo living is all about city life. So, why not live in the rising to the top one? You and your family definitely would love to own a condo for sale here.

History check!

The origin of the name of this city is very much amusing and interesting. It has been reported that the first Filipino settlers of this humble land of a barrio misunderstood the question the Spaniards were asking them about the name of the land they were in. Our ancestors replied “Monte sa Lupa”, thinking the colonizers were asking what card game they were playing. 

Infrastructure growth became this town’s main goal after the 1945 World War especially when it was only known as an agricultural town after it was bought by Quijano Bustamante from the Augustinian supervision that is all conservative and religious. Under the reign of the then-town mayor Francisco de Mesa, factories, business establishments, and land farms started to spread around the city eventually making Muntinlupa a very prominent area when it came to the modernization times of the Philippines.

As early as November 7, 1975, when the Metropolitan Manila Commission was created, this impressive city, very much worthy of emulation, was proclaimed as one of the cities and municipalities that proudly categorize itself to be in the compromise of Metro Manila.

As of the moment, this city prides itself on having the most reputable establishments and the biggest prime residential communities such as the Filinvest Corporate City, Madrigal Business Center District, and of course, one of our favorite go-to malls a little bit outside of EDSA traffic, Alabang Town Center.

Busy as a bee

Indeed, from the pastures that were only full of grass and cows, Muntinlupa soon became the most dazzling of cities on the map of Metro Manila. They did their progression so splendidly, Muntinlupa even got the world’s attention as it was given the prominent name of the Business One Stop Shop at the World Cities Summit held in Singapore last 2014. Since it was groundbreaking for the Muntinlupa team to reduce the number of steps in acquiring a business permit effectively. The world clapped in awe and took notes during this wondrous event.

To further impress us, there is an 18.7-hectare PETA registered zone that was built for the growth of our country’s information technology. This is called the Northgate Cyberzone, where numerous technology-based companies rely on such as education and learning firms, software design and multimedia, call centers, banking and finance services, e-commerce, and the like.

The businesses that rely on the research that is being conducted here are HSBC Electronic Data Processing Inc., Verizon Business, Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp., and lastly, Convergys Philipines, Corp.

In its 40th year, Muntinlupa has been the host of the Kawasaki Motors Philippines Corporation where Kawasaki vehicles in the country come to exist. Of course, everyone knows about Pepsi. Guess where is their factory.

Become the Cultured Filipino

Want to know everything that is going on in the world? Both in mainstream and in secret indie clubs? Muntinlupa hosts these all. Its environment will surely shape you to become that Filipino who will never run out of things to talk about since in this place, there are a lot of things that go on.

Let us take their 5-story museum for example.

The Muntinlupa Museum will give you the most accurate and mouthful of information and history. All of you in your family are bookworms? Fret not and just take a bike to the Muntinlupa City Public Library to have a good read of classics.

Want to get that dream bod? Prepare yourselves for high-intensity but fun workouts with Muntinlupa’s 41 open basketball courts, 59 covered basketball courts, 14 billiard halls, 11 tennis courts, 11 parks and playgrounds, 10 swimming pools, 9 Dance/Slimming/Fitness centers, and 7 country clubs. Indeed, there is no excuse to be bored when you are in this city that just screams for self-growth and improvement.

Lastly, Muntinlupa’s concert. Ever heard of the Wanderland Music and Arts Festival? We are sure that your children have been wanting to this event every year since 2017. This prestigious and fun event gives a spotlight to both international and local artists and live art performances. Who knows, maybe one day, your child might perform there.

Indeed, Muntinlupa is one of the many cities in the Philippines that we must absolutely be proud of. Lucky for all of us, Crown Asia’s newest project is known as the Presidio.

Get to know more of this already ready-for-occupancy cream of the crop of condos by visiting its portfolio here: https://www.crownasia.com.ph/properties/selected/presidio-heights-at-the-lakefront

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