Pine Suites Tagaytay, A Pet Friendly Home for your Fur Babies

By: Mariel Andrea Mijares
Pine Suites Tagaytay A Pet Friendly Home for your Fur Babies

Pets are increasingly becoming seen as members of the family on a global scale may it be in traditional horizontal homes or even in a simple condo in Tagaytay. In fact, millions of people worldwide adore their dogs, taking pleasure in their company while taking them for walks, playing with them, and even conversing with them. Additionally, there is evidence to support the notion that pet bonding benefits human health and even fosters a sense of community.

Animals are increasingly being incorporated into family activities and have gained importance for the entire family. This can be especially crucial in households with a single parent because pets can be valuable companions for kids. Compared to children without dogs, those who do may have higher levels of empathy and self-esteem. The tasks involved in caring for pets can be less stressful for those who view them as family members than they are for those who view them as possessions. Pet owners experience less stress because they become more attached to their pets as a result of investing more time in their care.

There have been conflicting findings in studies, as is common in science. Some studies demonstrate advantages to pet ownership, but other studies claim there is no difference in health between individuals who do and do not own pets. Even additional research points to potential drawbacks of pet ownership (and we don’t just mean cleaning up after your cat’s feces in the yard).

That’s accurate. Even while we are confident of the benefits our furry friends bring to our lives, science has not yet conclusively demonstrated the health benefits of dogs.

Healthy Emotional Connection between Pets and Pet Owners


Emotional attachment to dogs has many positive effects on human health. And when an animal lives with us, we tend to care the most about it. For instance, a study that examined dog attachment discovered that owners typically cared more about their home dogs than those who resided outside. Comparatively to people who have a lesser link with their dogs, people with higher levels of attachment to dogs are more likely to walk the dog and spend more time doing so.

Having a pet in your life has been linked to lower stress levels, more physical activity, and a lower risk of coronary artery disease (especially through dog walking). Couples participating in stressful tasks have proved to have lower blood pressure when there is a pet around. In fact, during caring interactions, levels of beta-endorphin, oxytocin, and dopamine increased in both humans and their dogs, among other indicators, showing that time spent together is physiologically advantageous for both species. Additionally, having a pet has been linked to a higher survival rate for cardiovascular disease in older persons (aged 65 to 84) receiving treatment for hypertension.

Pet as a family and community member


Since many people regard their pets to be family members, losing a dog or cat can be extremely upsetting. Many people find it difficult to replace a lost or deceased pet since their bond with the animal was unique to them. The bond between people and animals is frequently so close that mourning in animals is frequently shown in ways that are strikingly similar to the emotions and actions exhibited by people who have lost a close family member.

The relationship between people and animals benefits human health, but it can also foster a sense of community. Activities involving a pet’s companion animal are frequently found by pet owners to foster relationships with other people. Social networks that are created based on a concern for animal welfare may improve human-human connection and encourage pet-related activities (e.g. dog-walking clubs). People who walk their dogs venture out of their homes, which can be isolated, and into public locations where they can engage with passersby and other walkers.

Responsible pet ownership begins with proper pet care. When adopting a pet, it’s critical to realize that you’re making a lifetime commitment to a furry family member who depends on you for both health and well-being.

Happily, the increased responsibilities that come with having a furry child into your home in a condo in Tagaytay are more than offset by the unconditional love and joy that pets bring into our lives.

The few tips and requirements listed below are what all responsible pet owners must offer in order to ensure your pet’s health and happiness.

1.) Pets require frequent bathroom breaks.


Numerous pet breeds can be trained to be housebroken, giving them freedom to explore the house without fear of spills. Cats need to have access to at least one litter box so that they don’t do their deed in your indoor plants. During the day, puppies often require a bathroom break every one to two hours. A puppy can often hold it for the number of hours multiplied by her age in months plus one. A three-month-old puppy, for instance, needs to go potty at least once every four hours. You’ll get to know your personal dog’s requirements, but no dog should be asked to “hold it” for longer than six hours. Like elderly people, senior dogs also need to go potty more regularly.

2.) Its more than just the pet food, Its also important to provide a secure, comfortable home for pets as part of proper pet care.


Cats are constantly at risk from violent dogs, and cars, so keeping them inside is in their best interest. Many cats appreciate having a covered area of their home that resembles a cocoon where they may hide and feel safe.

Make sure your dog is microchipped, wearing identification tags, and that your contact information is up to date if you let him go free in your fenced-in yard. Water should always be available, as well as shelter. Dogs often appreciate having their own dog bed indoors, and senior dogs in particular may benefit from having an orthopedic bed. Pets shouldn’t be expected to live entirely outside due to the necessity for protection from extremely hot and cold temperatures as well as other harsh weather conditions. Another issue is that predators which are frequently seen during the day but prefer to prowl at night, can view your dogs as ideal prey.

3.) Make sure your pet exercises frequently in your house, pet-friendly parks, or in wide open spaces

Exercise is an important part of providing proper pet care. Both the physical and mental wellbeing of your pet depend on exercise. All animals enjoy playing, as seen by the turtle playing with a ball, the dog playing fetch by himself, or the bird playing with a red cup, if you spend any time on social media. What some people view as a pet’s misbehavior is actually just the animal enjoying itself when it is bored by going through the trash, destroying the couch, or, well, you get the picture.

Pet socializing might take the form of regular interactions with you, having visitors over, or going on outings. Help them explore new things safely while broadening their horizons and honing their people skills!


A large lawn is available to our furry friends as well as us in our building in our condo in Tagaytay, Pine Suites. They could play with their human while you work out and enjoy the grass and pine trees. We adore your pets, but you are also responsible for them, so let’s keep our neighborhood tidy by cleaning up after our own furry friends.

Whether you choose dogs or cats, your pet is a member of your family and deserves to be as content and at ease as possible. Her loves his new bed and is a much happy dog now, so the purchase was well worth it. And just like us, our pets require a comfy place to sleep, especially considering that they typically sleep for 50% of the day and lounge around for the other 30%.

You and your pet deserve a tranquil setting where they will both feel at home. A neighborhood that would welcome our four-legged children, a place where they, too, would be cherished. At Pine Suites Tagaytay, we provide a community in your very own suite not just for people but also for their pets.

Tagaytay City is the best place not only for a real weekend family retreat but also as a home for you and your pets! Pine Suites is the perfect choice with its prime location, beautiful amenities like a swimming pool, clubhouse and more!

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