Different Types of Real Estate You Should Invest In

By: Marie Claire Lagrisola
Different Types of Real Estate You Should Invest In

You are definitely on the right track. The mere fact that you are interested in investing means that you are definitely on the road to succeeding even more as the wise saying goes, “The poor send, the middle class save, the rich invest.”

Investing is always a great idea and the risk is always worth it, especially if invested in something reliable and on-trend because the cash flow that will go into your pockets will not only be steady, but it will always be heavier than what you get via your interest in your bank. The gross profit you will get if you put all your money in a savings account sometimes does not even reach 1%. Whereas when you invest, the gross profit you will get sometimes goes even more than 10 percent. That is why the rich become even more wealthy.

So where should you invest in? We humbly but highly encourage you to invest in the real estate market.

You get richer just by real estate investing


Real estate transactions are one of the few things that value more over time. Let us compare it to a car. The moment you drive a newly bought vehicle out of the car store, the value of the car immediately decreases. If you want to sell it, unfortunately, the usual selling price of a second handed car is less than 50% of its original price! However, say you own a house and for example, you will be moving to a brand new house and lot for sale, you have to sell your original home. Great news for you because your house is now worth thousands of more pesos if not millions than its original price! The value of the real estate increases over time. This is why it is such a great idea to invest in this roster.

But what should you invest in the real estate industry? Let us discuss that.

Own passive income through commercial real estate


Commercial real estate (or CRE) can be any property really, may it be a house and lot for sale, warehouse, or restaurant, just as long it has the potential to gain profit through capital gain or rental income. In layman’s terms, they are properties that are used mostly for business purposes rather than living reasons. Say you are eyeing this building along the highway, this has the potential to be a great profitable commercial real estate because of its ideal location that many businesses would love and prosper in.

Commercial properties are a huge plus to have because businesses are usually more stable than tenants. Renters can easily come and go whereas if a business is renting your estate, they will stay there as long as their business status is doing great. Commercial real estate includes offices of companies, industrial units, rentals, retail, stores, and business headquarters.

Distribute wealth and progress through industrial real estate

The industrial revolution, meaning the new wave of technology, socioeconomics, and culture of the 21st century, played a crucial role in shaping our world. New advancements and progress have shaped our lives in many different ways – what we eat, how we get information, and how we communicate with other people. And the progress of all these seems to not stop. Perhaps it is just starting.

And this is why it is also advisable to invest in industrial real estate.


Industrial Real Estate investments, also known as IRE, is all buildings and land which accommodate industrial activities. This includes production, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, research, storage, and distribution of goods. And it can be any type of goods. From toilet paper, iPhones, Nike Air Jordans, and ingredients from our favorite local cafe, Dear Joe, you can be a part of all these wonderful things by renting out your property, may it be your house and lot for sale (that is, if it is big enough), or land.

Indeed, by having IRE, you will never go broke since there will always, ALWAYS, be room for growth and progress. Humanity is addicted to it.

Land wealthy with land

What wealth it is to own land. By owning a vacant land or raw land, you have so much room for just about anything. With land, possibilities are endless. You can pretty much do anything with it. Build a house and lot for sale, a school, a tall building, and raise a bunch of farm animals, indeed opportunities are endless and so will be profit.


Investing in a land estate is such a great idea especially now because even the provinces are slowly welcoming the urban life, and businesses, now in the millions, will always be looking for space to make and sell their products. Additionally, we, Filipino people, are just getting more and more. Thus, soon, these people will also be looking for homes. With millions of Filipino families already existing, the up and coming people will definitely fill the remaining vacant lots of our country. Experts also say that investing in land is less risky than investing in stocks for the former cannot disappear or lose its value all of a sudden.

Hone homes for Filipino families through residential real estate

Just as was previously said, the population of our country just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and soon these little ones will grow up to have their own families. And of course, these sweet, hardworking families will need wonderful homes to revolve their lives around. This is why investing also in residential real estate will never leave off track because every one needs a home. It is one of the basic necessities of a person. It is on par with food and water. Every one needs a roof on top of their hands and you, our upcoming investor, can provide that roof.

And, of course, gain money from residential properties.


And it does not involve only families. Your residential property could involve teams looking for a vacation home to have a peaceful and fun time in during the summer. You could also house students so that they do not have to suffer the angst of commuting every day to their school. Professionals could also live under your roof so that they will also have a life outside of their work.

Indeed, residential real estate is such a great investment because come on, even you and your family need a home, right?

There are other types of real estate not mentioned above like real estate investment trusts and real estate crowdfunding that you can try!

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