On Starting Yoga as a New Hobby in Your Home

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On Starting Yoga as a New Hobby in your Home

The COVID-19 pandemic accompanied by lockdowns has made every individual do things they do not usually do at the comforts of their own home. During this time, online shopping has become rampant and due to the closure of various places that expect multiple people in one space simultaneously–such as the gyms and workout facilities–individuals also learned to master the capability to do that at home.


Aside from that, the pandemic may have brought you excessive stress and unnecessary worries; perhaps adjusting to a work-from-home set-up is difficult or you do not like to be limited to the four corners of your wall every single day. Whichever is the case, finding an outlet to reduce those negative energy could be your lifeline. And one activity that you can do which helps put the mind and body at ease is doing yoga. So although workout facilities are slowly opening now in line with lightening of COVID restrictions, you may want to start or continue doing your exercise at home as you may realize how cost efficient it is and how easy it is to start on your own.

If so, then this article will give you a set of guidelines on how to properly start your hatha yoga journey in the comforts of your abode.

Find a nice space for yoga practice and yoga class


Yoga practitioners always advises to prepare a space in your home for doing yoga. Having enough space is necessary when doing yoga. Find that space at your home where you feel like you can relax and not be disturbed during your workout session. But if you reside in a condo for sale in the Philippines, do not be worried of not having enough space as you do not really need a huge space but only enough to fully stretch your body. If not, you can move around your things and put it back in place once you are done—simple and convenient.

Set realistic goals


Working out is not always easy to start and continue doing. As such, you must find the reason/s on why you are doing this and set realistic goals. Having too far-fetched goals can be discouraging especially when you do not see your progress towards it. This is why it is important to set goals that are practical, even if it seems too easy to achieve. Progress is progress no matter how small. Even if you have established a seemingly basic goal, that action could be your starting point towards bigger progress and although it is not as much, it can feel rewarding.

Prepare your equipment for practicing yoga


For starters, equipment is not really required when doing yoga as you basically need nothing but your own body. But if you prefer to establish a cozy environment and would want to try various yoga props for a proper yoga routine, then you can invest in good quality equipment such as yoga mat, yoga strap, yoga blocks, and bolsters, among many others. Having a fully-geared workout space does not mean you cannot exercise without those equipment but that could also help elevate your motivation and boost your will to start your yoga.

Establish a schedule on when to practice yoga


Achieving maximum relaxation in your daily lives could be achieved when you do yoga consistently. Aside from that, yoga also has other benefits such as improving strength, balance, and flexibility, relieving back pain, and it also benefits the heart. So if you are looking for an easy workout that could benefit both your body and mind, do yoga. Establish a schedule so it would not conflict with your other personal affairs. Moreover, setting a specific time of the day could help you give that little push especially during days when you do not feel like doing it.

Its also a good move to have a yoga journal so that you can track your progress and the results of your regular yoga practice.

Attend virtual yoga classes to learn more yoga poses


If there is one other thing that the COVID-19 restrictions did, it is virtualizing any business that were shut down due to the inflating cases. For instance, since gyms and other workout facilities were forced to stop operations as close human interaction is unavoidable, most instructors opted to teach classes online, which is pretty convenient, right? This means that you do not have to get out of your house and lot in Cavite, Laguna, or your condo in Las Piñas—basically wherever you are in the Philippines—for your session. You just need to open your devices and video call your instructor. As such, attending a class could help you learn the basics of how to do yoga. This could also motivate you into doing it consistently as you have another person or other people (if you have yoga classmates) doing it with you, which some prefer as doing it alone could be demotivating at times. Seeing someone doing the same straining task with you could inspire you to do better and go through it together, somehow.

Find a beginner-friendly yoga routine


If you choose not to attend a class, no worries because you can always find yoga routines on the internet. In this digital age, almost everything is easily provided on the World Wide Web that is accessible even in just a few clicks. You can look for a beginner-friendly workout routine on various online platforms such as YouTube. And after the session, if you feel like it is not the right routine for you, you can always look for another one. Take note, however, that when you look for routines online, ensure that it is the right one for you and do not push yourself too much into doing a sequence that makes it harder for you. You can always do the easiest ones first and then expand your practice as your skills improve. When doing this, listen to your body and do only what you are currently capable of doing.

Doing yoga, especially at home, could both be relieving and sometimes, lonesome. But creating that environment at your home or condo for sale in the Philippines, joining classes, or encouraging your close friends and family in joining you could take all the loneliness away. After all, it all depends on how you create the environment you are in for your own enjoyment and luxury.

Other tips that may help you in the future are; trying out other yoga types like Ashtanga yoga and Bikram yoga, learning breathing exercises for yoga, trying out modern yoga and other related yoga exercises.

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