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Navigating your Way Through the Stressful World of Social Media

November 2, 2021

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Social media is a tool that indeed made almost everything convenient. It is a place wherein a single click has so much power. Almost everything transitioned onto the internet. Because it builds bridges and eases the struggles and complications of different things. Social media gives everyone an easy access to different sites that allows them to converse with their family or friends even if they are on the other side of the globe. From ordering food on different restaurants or fast-food shops, buying clothes or shoes from different online stores up to paying bills and online banking. They don’t need to go out, they just need a phone, an internet connection and their errands or agendas will be done with just a click away. But is it really a good thing? It gets something done but what do they receive in return? Is it okay because it brings benefit but what if they are compromised?


Everything that is good automatically has its bad side. It is a 2-piece puzzle that needs each other to be complete. Social media can be compared to the yin and yang. Something that is considered both as good and bad. The positive in negative and vice versa. But everyone can always do something about it. It is time to turn social media a safe place where everyone can just have fun, discover new knowledge and build connections.


Here are the some of the different ways to get through what is social media is bringing to you, such as stress and bad vibes:


Cleanse your timeline.


a bunch of people using their phones


Social media can be toxic. As much as it brings convenience it is also the bringer of the stress and toxicity that can affect someone’s mood and feelings. When that happens, that individual should let go of the things that contributes to his stress. When your newly bought RFO house and lot is messy and there are a lot of things all over the place, the first thing you will think of doing is cleaning. Removing garbage and trash that take some space. Same with social media. Instead of ranting about a particular page who posts inappropriate things that affects you, please do unfollow. Block or mute accounts that share contents that are no longer healthy for your mental and emotional being. No one should feel bad about removing toxic people into their life. What makes someone at ease and comfortable will always be the best solution for them even if it means cutting ties with someone.


After removing the cause of your stress, it is now the time to follow accounts that brings positivity and create connection with people that helps them to be better. Cleansing the timeline and cutting off connections with people who do not actually bring anything good can give an enough room and opportunity to strengthen relationships with someone you’re are close with. You don’t need negative things in your life anymore. Life itself is extra stressful already so everyone is allowed to do things that can lessen the amount of toxicity and stress.


Set Limitations

As a user, everyone should realize and understand that anything that is too much has its bad side. Set limitations to avoid negative effects. There are numerous ways to do that and one of them is to set a timer. Monitor your screen time. Keep track of how many hours you spend just laying on your bed or lazily sitting on a couch, just scrolling through different sites. Limiting someone’s social media exposure can also increase their productivity. Spend less time staring at the phone, go out of your RFO house and lot, and you will find yourself getting things actually done. Turn off notifications of apps that are not that relevant to avoid being distracted. By doing that, you will not be tempted to look at your phone every time it beeps.


Break the cycle

Be responsible and accountable for the contents you post online. Be aware, mindful, and sensitive about what ever you share on different social media platforms. You personally don’t like seeing negative contents on your timeline so why would you share something you don’t like seeing, right? As they say, think before you click. If there’s nothing positive in the timeline anymore, be the change. There are a lot of negativity already, now is the time to be the positivity the social media needs. Share more wholesome and fun contents that everyone can relate to.


Social Media Detox


A phone showing some social media apps


Social media has affected most of everyone to the point that the criticisms, comments, and harsh opinions affects them. It’s a platform that was supposed to be light and fun, but it’s the other way around. Its toxic and heavy. That’s why everyone should set a clear boundary, a fine line that separates the online and the real world. Yes, being connected online is a good thing but that does not mean they should be disconnected in the real world. When everything you see online brings stress, anxiety and tiredness, take a break. And someone might ask about what are the things they can do while being away from the internet and the answer is a lot.


The collection of books is piling up already, put the phone down, get a drink of your choice, light up a kindle and start reading. Reconnect with friends, share some stories and laughs. Or even taking a walk. It will help on clearing someone’s mind and just observe what is currently happening around us, outside the social media. Instead of posting updates about an individual’s everyday life, get a notebook and a pen. Start journaling. Write your unfiltered thoughts and just be yourself without worrying what might other people will say. Do the things that actually makes you happy. There is still life outside the online world.


Social media has become a part of mostly everyone’s life, especially when everything suddenly shifted into online. But they should learn how to create a balance. Distinguish what is from what is not. Yes, it is a part of mostly everyone’s life, a part. Make sure not to make it your world. Because there are so much things in life just to be about social media.


So go out and enjoy the day outside of your RFO house and lot!


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