Kid-Safe Features in Your Home

By: Hanna Rubio

It has always been a dream, to have your own little family living a comfortable and peaceful life in your dream RFO house and lot in Bacoor Cavite. And when you’re with your family, a home is suddenly not just walls, windows, or doors anymore. Their presence completes it. The echoing laughter makes the place even warm.

As they say, the more the merrier. You’ll soon have your little ones running inside your home or in the spacious backyard of your RFO house and lot in Bacoor Cavite. And well, kids are kids. They are bound to run, play, and explore. At a young age, everything seems to be a mystery to them which leaves them curious. They’re both innocent and mischievous, and it’s normal. But sometimes, their curiosity causes trouble. It is inevitable given their age.

What you need to do as a parent is to make sure that your house is kid-friendly. One way to prioritize your child’s safety is by creating a safe environment for them. Prevention will always be better than cure so before anything unfortunate happens, it’s a smart move to set safety rules at home for kids immediately. If possible, before you even have one, consider them already in your house plan and incorporate kid-safe features.

Kid-Safe Features to Incorporate in Your Home to Secure Your Child’s Safety

Locked Cabinets

Kids tend to go over things that are hidden in their sight for it triggers their curiosity. Since there will surely be a cabinet in your home, may it be for the kitchen or other kinds of stuff like important documents or things that should be kept hidden for kids, locking your cabinet is an absolute need. Doing so will keep your valuables in their place while preventing your kids from possible harm.

Child Safety Gate

Having a child safety gate is an important step in childproofing your home. This needs to be done as soon as they learned how to crawl or run because that’s the time when they want to visit every corner of the house. Safety gates will help you keep your children out of danger of falling down the stairs or going to some places in your home that they are not allowed to go. Full supervision is still advised since some children tend to climb on it.

Fire Extinguisher

Having a fire extinguisher in your home strengthens your household fire safety plan hence lessening the chances of getting caught up in a big fire. One important thing that you should do if you’re planning to include it in your home is that you learn how to use it. Because having one will be completely useless if you don’t know how to use one.

Smoke Alarm

In connection with fire safety, installing a smoke alarm makes you one step ahead of any fire emergency. Because before it spreads inside or gets bigger, you’ll be notified immediately when smoke is detected which will enable you to put it out quickly. Some might be confused but the difference between smoke alarms and smoke detectors is that a smoke alarm can detect smoke and send an immediate alarm. On the other hand, smoke detectors can only detect smoke and are connected to a fire alarm system which is the one that sends the signal. If you prefer an immediate warning, smoke alarms are the perfect choice for you.

Child-Safe Plugs and Cords

A child grows curious day by day which pushes them to touch anything that intrigued them and that includes electrical sockets that are usually reachable by their little hands. So, to prevent them from inserting their fingers into it and getting electrically shocked, cover your outlets with plug covers. It is also best to install outlets with a height that they won’t be able to reach. As for cords, to avoid children at home from biting on them or from playing with them, organize them in a place where they won’t be able to reach them.

Baby Monitors and CCTV Cameras

It is given that you won’t be able to monitor your kids 24/7. That’s why having surveillance will help solve the problem. Invest in baby monitors and install CCTV cameras in your house so you’ll be able to see what they’re up to when you’re not around. Baby monitors are perfect for covering specific areas like their crib or sleeping areas while CCTV cameras are for covering a much larger space like the whole living room or the children’s room.

Doorknob covers

When you want to keep your children in one room only, to prevent them from going out, you should now put doorknob covers in your doors. This prevents them from going out unsupervised and from entering rooms with possible hazards inside that can cause accidents.

What Are Safety Rules for Kids?

Here are some simple precautions and safety rules that you can teach kids to avoid accidents and to make your home a safe space for your kids.

Electricity is a Monster

Teach your kids that electricity is not something they can play with because it’s a monster, a dangerous thing for them. Educate them on how electricity works and why they shouldn’t touch anything with electricity like sockets and wires.

Chew Your Food Items Properly

Another common accident kids experience is choking on their food. One way to avoid it is to tell them to chew their food properly. Don’t serve them big portions of food for it might intimidate them and push them to quickly finish everything which can lead to choking. During meal time, make sure that they’re focused on eating only.

Sharp Objects Are Not a Toy

Teach them not to play with any sharp objects for it is not a toy. They should be informed of the things that they can and cannot touch. This sets a clear boundary between playing with toys and possibly harming themselves with inappropriate and hazardous objects.

Emergency Plan

Another crucial thing that kids need to know, especially when they will be left alone is the emergency contacts that they should reach out to when something unfortunate happens. Create a plan and properly inform your kids about it so they will know what to do in an emergency situation to minimize safety risks. Also, let them know where your first aid kits are in the house.

Monitored Screen Time

There is nothing wrong with allowing them to use gadgets as long as you know what content they are engaged with. Because children tend to do something they see online which can compromise their safety. To avoid this, parents or guardians should always be aware of what their kid is watching, searching, or clicking online because it is truly a dangerous place, especially for them.

Locate at All Times

Whenever you’re going outside with your kids and you don’t want to tether them the whole time, consider placing a child locator on their ankles or wrists. This way whenever you lose sight of your child, you can easily locate them. This is also applicable when you leave your house and let a babysitter watch over them.

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