Inigo Anton: A Filipino Racer with a Dream

By: Arvie Midel
inigo anton

Iñigo Anton, a 19-year-old Filipino speedster, is getting ready to make his Formula 4 debut with BlackArts Racing in the forthcoming F4 South East Asia Series Championship, and the racing community is getting excited about it. Iñigo Anton has become a genuine superstar after a ten-year career full with victories and noteworthy achievements. In his competitions, luxurious cars are being used by the other racers and luxury cars are equally valuable as luxury mansion house in the industry of real estate which are viewed and recognized as high valued properties. Anton’s career is a testament to unwavering commitment and extraordinary talent, as seen by his early successes at the age of eight and his most recent outcomes in premier events.

He was raised on the racing world because of to his father, veteran racer and rally driver Carlos Anton, Iñigo has been frequently around the racing scene. Iñigo’s potential as a racer was undeniable, even though Karen and Carlos were first hesitant to encourage their son to pursue the sport. His passion’s roaring engines replaced the sounds of his early years. 

To know more about the success story of a 19-year-old Inigo Anton, here’s what you need to know:

The Beginning of Iñigo Anton’s Success

At the start of his incredible journey, Anton won the title of time attack champion at the age of eight. He was a prodigy with unmatched speed, accuracy, and car control, indicating a bright future in racing. When Anton switched to karting, his range of abilities really demonstrated. In addition to winning the top place on the podium in Macau during the first round of the 2015 Asian Karting Open Championships, Anton was named the 2015 Formula Cadet Philippine Novice Karter of the Year and the 2016 Formula Cadet Philippine National Karter of the Year.

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At the age of eleven, Anton made racing history by becoming the youngest champion in both autocross and slalom. His unparalleled skills allowed him to maneuver difficult courses quickly, skillfully, and elegantly, consistently placing him on the triumph. In the very contested Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) Vios Cup, Anton continued to dominate. He was the 2019 TGR Festival Autocross Overall Champion, the 2021 Sporting Class Overall Champion, and the 2022 TGR Vios Cup Super-Sporting Class Overall Champion, capturing three different titles in consecutive years. After winning the 2022 Philippine Grand Touring Championship, Anton was additionally honored by the Automobile Association of the Philippines as the 2022 Driver of the Year in Circuit Racing.

“Driver of the Year” is Awarded to Racing Sensation Iñigo Anton

Inigo Anton, the racing kid prodigy from Baguio who has always been an honor student, has been chosen the Driver of the Year for 2022 in circuit racing by the country’s car racing authority. At an early age, the University of Baguio student is one of the student-athlete role models who surpass in their studies despite hard training in the pursuit of athletic excellence. According to reports, Anton’s skill behind the wheel and commitment to constant growth set him apart from other racers.

The Unending Support of Iñigo Anton’s Family

Karen supported Iñigo while exercising prudence, acting like a mother would, as he transitioned from a lighthearted hobby to a serious endeavor. She guided him toward physical, mental, and spiritual health so that he would always be secure and prepared for the race. Being a racing mom, Karen does more for her child than merely watch from the sidelines. She makes sure Iñigo’s nutrition is balanced, his exercise routine is maintained, and his physical health is on track. Their pre-race routine on race days consists of a silent moment of contemplation and a group prayer for protection. She may occasionally tell Iñigo to “not go too fast,” but she knows her son will always strive to do his very best to stay within the tracks.

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On the other hand, wondering with Iñigo Anton’s skillful driving? He probably picked up knowledge from his father. This kid has hung out with us at local racing events this is due to the fact that Carlos Anton, his father, is a skilled race car driver. Formula cars are being used in the races, and this type of vehicle is considered as a luxury car and to pair it up, luxury mansion house is definitely the best option to truly elevate the game. Inigo and Carlos Anton, a father-son combination that has achieved success in local car racing, are two champion drivers whose strong bond has enabled them to successfully pursue their enthusiasm for the sport.

The Continuous Movement and Success Story of Iñigo Anton

With Motul Philippines Infiniteserv, a well-known supplier of high-performance lubricants and automotive supplies, Anton is hoping to showcase his skills on the global arena after winning numerous titles at a young age in a variety of local racing and e-sports disciplines. Formula 4 Southeast Asia (SEA) Championship final round will mark Inigo Anton’s Formula Car debut. The race is scheduled to take place from December 1-3, 2023, at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. Alex Yoong, a former Formula One driver, will serve as Sporting Director for Inigo’s Black Arts Racing Team.

Inigo’s skills and unshakable dedication to his chosen hobby are acknowledged by Motul Philippines, as they completely connect with the brand’s key principles. Motul, a top supplier of automotive supplies and outstanding performance lubricants, is fully behind the upcoming generation of racing stars, giving them the tools as well as support they’ll require to succeed. Inigo currently leads the Formula V1 and Radical Cars Philippines championships in standings. He hopes to win the two titles before departing for Malaysia.

End Note

Inigo is currently the “hottest” thing on the local racing scene because to his outstanding win at the 2022 Philippine Grand Touring Championships, that garnered him the 2022 Driver of the Year award from the Automobile Association of the Philippines. Aside from that, luxury mansion house is also one of the best purchases to think about in making big purchases this year.

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