Ice Cream Shops to Try in the Metro Manila

By: Shierwin Fajardo

Ice cream is undeniably a mouth-watering treat in heat and tropical countries with very few seasons. The Philippines, for instance, is known for its hot and humid climate, so it is no wonder why it is a popular dessert among the locals. That is why ice cream is also considered the most popular present for any occasion or holiday here in the Philippines.  

Our local ice cream is like scratch paper with endless potential waiting to be uniquely composed in the future.

Over the past years, we have already seen and experienced various ice creams coalescing with a creamery taste and wealthy savor of Filipino food.

Why would we settle for the typical chocolate ice cream when you can have a champorado-flavored type of ice cream? Or opt for a strawberry when you can have a flavor of the famous Filipino puto bumbong?  

From the sweet to the savory to the genuinely weird, you can always find an ice cream flavor to match your preferences. With that, we have listed some of the trendiest ice cream shops in Metro Manila that you can visit and try their ice cream products that will certainly satisfy your craving. 

Sebastian’s Ice Cream 

Sebastian’s Ice Cream is a known brand across the metro for its exquisite artisanal ice cream. They elevated the ice cream industry to the next level—champorado and dilis, green mango and bagoong, dark chocolate orange ice cream, and sapin-sapin are just one of the unique ice cream flavors they offer. Aside from customary Filipino cuisines and delicacies, they also serve chilly burgers, butter pecan, dive bars, ice pops, fruitsicles, and ice cream cakes that will entice you to try.  

The Lost Bread 

With its ingenuity and multiple partnerships with our most popular childhood treats and traditional Filipino meriendas, The Lost Bread is another local artisanal ice cream shop that is worthwhile visiting in the Metro. They will surely turn back the hands of time with their collaborated sweet snacks, such as Haw Haw candy, ChocNut, and they even got the 90s Kids Mix flavored ice creams. It gets more interesting with Pinoy-inspired and classic merienda flavors such as espasol, banana cue, mango graham, and champorado. 

Manila Creamery 

An ageless ice cream store in Manila is still standing proud and tall of its winning ice cream formula. Its proprietors’ goal was to ensure quality to deliver world-class gelato to Manila while maintaining Filipino authenticity. It is no surprise that their mangga’t suman, salted egg, Turon, and tinutong rice ice cream flavors have garnered favorable responses, and customers keep coming back to enjoy Manila Creamery’s rich and tasty gelato. 

Papa Diddi’s 

Behind the inspirational story of Papa Diddi’s handcrafted ice cream is a family-owned and operated business supporting local farmers and their abundant crops all over the country. They provide a wide range of coffee and chocolate ice cream flavors all the way from various regions of the Philippines. Moreover, they are renowned for spicing things up with their Davao chocolate ice cream combined with a touch of Bicol’s sili essence. There is no doubt that your curiosity to try their ice creams will lead you to their shop. 

Carousel Creamery 

Carousel Creamery is a dessert parlor located at Greenhills, San Juan, and is widely known for its 101 classic handmade ice cream flavors. Ice cream is often served in small servings, providing an ideal plain and aesthetically appealing view of your desserts. They also sell gallons of ice cream, which can contain multiple flavors of ice cream to experience. You can select from their best-selling ice creams, such as S’mores, Avocashew, and more. But why limit yourself to best-sellers when you may explore ninety other dessert flavors over their menu? 

Carmen’s Best 

Carmen’s Best is not only giving the word “best” to the metro but also spreading smiles to everyone’s faces with ice creams composed of the finest ingredients mixed with fresh milk and cream from their own dairy. Nobody can resist their most popular pint of ice cream, salted caramel, Brazilian coffee, and malted milk.  

BONO Gelato 

It is astonishing how distinctive the products of ice cream stores are in the Metro, but BONO Gelato has differentiated its approach. They are committed to serving only fresh and in-season. The ice cream is of high quality and made with just the finest ingredients, with no preservatives or canned items being utilized. 

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Black Scoop Café 

Since then, milk tea has been a popular beverage in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, the people behind Black Scoop Cafe devised a clever method for incorporating the iconic milk tea into unique flavors of ice creams. Their milk tea ice cream is usually served in a cone or cup with a selection of toppings. The prices are also very affordable for such creamy delight. 

If you are lucky enough, the Black Scoop Café often releases new flavors, which you should not miss. Some of their limited-edition flavors from the past are Yakult, Nido, White Rabbit, and many more.  

Undoubtedly, ice cream is the perfect frozen treat to enjoy among the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila. There is no limit to the possible different flavors and combinations of ice cream to try on for the first time. Similarly, strive to equate your lifestyle with a luxurious residence. The finest comfort could be sitting out on your property while having a moment with your favorite ice cream that came from the ice cream store near you.  

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