How to Safely Put up Christmas Decor

By: Hadj Cabonegro
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Christmas is a time of happiness and joy of which many remember fondly and look forward to every year. One of the highlights of this holiday is of course its thematic decorations, which can be found from places ranging from a quaint subdivision in Dasmariñas, Cavite, to the bustling streets of Manila.

It is important to remember however, that putting up decors like a Christmas tree and such do require some thought and consideration to avoid potential issues. It can be tempting to keep decorating to your heart’s content, but there are some safety guidelines that must be followed to make sure that nothing goes wrong during the holidays. As seen in the news beforehand, there have been many instances in the past of avoidable accidents and disasters occurring simply because of a person being careless or oblivious when it comes to the proper safety tips needed when setting up Christmas decorations.

To those who want to know how to safely put up Christmas decor in your home, below are three general safety tips to consider.

Be Mindful of The Proper Way of Setting Up Christmas Lights For the Holidays

Christmas lights are known to be one of the most accident-prone Christmas decors that are commonly used in almost all households worldwide. If improperly installed, a line of Christmas lights may cause cases of people getting tangled in them, electrocutions, and in worst cases, massive house fires.

One easy way of making sure that no accidents could happen when setting up a line of Christmas lights is to make sure it’s undamaged, since even the slightest sign of wear and tear on Christmas lights can easily lead to problems appearing out of no where. It is also best to keep in mind the difference between indoor Christmas lights and those which are meant for outdoor use, since using the former for the purpose of decorating your house’s exterior has a higher risk of issues manifesting due to their susceptibility to outdoor conditions. Arranging your Christmas lights properly in a way that they do not get in the way in your home is also an excellent way of preventing any accidents from happening, as one wrong step and getting tangled in them can lead to injuries and property damage.

Through careful planning of the layout of where you’ll put your Christmas lights within your home and checking their status, you could easily make sure that not only will your household partake in the Christmas spirit, but also maintain its safety as well.

Know the State of Your Home to Best Apply Any Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Even before decorating the house, it is important to first be familiar with the space you’re working with to both maximize the amount and arrangement of decors you’ll use as well as to make sure that everything is safe. By making sure that you have a plan in mind as to where each Christmas decoration would go in the house, not only would the experience of decorating be a smooth process, but also a safer one as well.

Identifying potential spots where placing decorations might cause issues is the first step in practicing decorating safety tips, since doing so makes it clear to yourself where you should be careful during the decorating process. This can be in the form of looking for certain areas in your home where you and your family might easily dislodge a decoration, or places where troublesome factors such as water leaks or strong winds may cause problems to any decoration nearby if placed there. When using extension cords for electrical decorations like holiday lights, it is also helpful to consider their placement so as to lower any risks of future accidents too.

Through applying this habit before the starting with adding decorations to your home, not only would it make the process less of a hassle in the future, but it would also guarantee almost no harmful events from happening in the first place during the holidays.

Be Sure to That Your Holiday Decorations are Pet/Child-Proof to Prevent Potential Accidents

When setting up a Christmas tree and decorations, a major factor to consider is the presence of children and pets, both of which could cause damages or get injured if they mess around with improperly arranged Christmas decors. Part of practicing decorating safety for the holidays is to ensure that your decors are specifically positioned away from dangerous spots, especially for the sake of the kids and pets.

The easiest way to achieve a pet/child-proof setup for your holiday decorations is to keep them out of reach, since doing so would make it difficult for them to be accidentally dislodge and potentially causing a mess. Making sure to keep your decors properly secured to their spots can also make them safer for everyone in the household, allowing you and your family to not worry about any complications happening during the holiday season. Focusing on stabilizing your Christmas tree is also essential, since it not only represents one of the defining symbols of Christmas, but is also one of the most easily damaged decoration within the house.

By successfully applying these safety tips to your decorating plan, not only would it make the work of executing it much easier, but it would also save you from any potential headaches of having to clean up in the case of any toppled decor.

End Note

Putting up Christmas decor in a safe manner can be a straightforward process that is simple to follow. You only need to make sure that your Christmas lights are at their best state, that you’re completely familiar with the layout of your home, and that you’ll be able to arrange your decors in a way that they are away from pets and children.

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