Safety Precautions When Placing Christmas Lights on Trees

By: Hanna Rubio
christmas lights on outdoor tree

As the breeze brings a Christmassy cold feeling, Christmas aka one of the favorite holiday seasons is just around the corner. Everyone is starting to get occupied with all the preparations needed for the celebration, paying attention to even the smallest details just to make everything perfect.

And what even is Christmas without gifts and decorations, right? Different styled ornaments are being bought and the wishlist is getting longer and longer, but that’s what makes Christmas enjoyable—you get to beautify your home located in the subdivision in San Pedro Laguna while giving gifts to your friends and loved ones.

Another thing that makes Christmas exceptional is that you get to spend extra time with your family building the Christmas tree, deciding what dishes to cook, and planning games to make the night extra fun.

Since Christmas is celebrated once a year only, it is understandable that you feel excited to bring your pegs to life. However, as bright as Christmas can be, unexpected problems can be experienced which might ruin the holiday celebration. One common problem faced by many and is usually overlooked is the installation of Christmas lights on their Christmas trees.

So, if you are someone who recently moved into your newly bought property inside the subdivision in San Pedro Laguna or it’s your first time building your very first Christmas tree, then fret not for this article has you covered. This will mainly focus on the safety precautions when placing Christmas lights on trees.

Make It Brighter: Safety Tips for Installing Christmas Lights on Trees

Installing Christmas lights can bring a whole lot of difference to your decoration game. And although Christmas is all about celebration, accidents may knock on your door and come uninvited. Sleigh the holiday season with these Christmas light safety tips to make your home a lot brighter without compromising everyone’s safety.

The proper Rating of the lights must be verified

In the Philippines, the selling of copies and counterfeit items for much lower prices is very rampant. To ensure that the lights we purchase are safe for use, it is important to verify if they have PS marks and ICC stickers on their packaging. These stickers indicate that the product has been approved by the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) and meets their safety standards. You can also use an app called ICC Sticker Verification App which helps verify the authenticity of the sticker. It’s always better to buy relatively expensive items that are safe rather than those that are cheap but dangerous.

Inspect Lights Carefully

Before putting your Christmas lights on your tree, make sure that you have done a thorough check-up. This is to eliminate problems of using faulty lights from happening. Whether you are using new lights or would re-use the lights from last year, you need to check if the cords and plugs are loose, if there are cracked bulbs that must be replaced, and if there are naked wires or loose connections to avoid starting a fire or shock.

LED Lights are the way to Safety

The risk of encountering a problem during Christmas is high, especially if it includes electricity. If you have an extra budget, go for LED lights. Although they may cost more, they offer a much safer option for you because they produce less heat, minimizing the risk of overheating which can then cause fire.

Use the appropriate ladder

To stray away from the danger of falling, use the right type of ladder to put up your lights around your Christmas tree. Make sure they are as high as your tree to help you reach father areas more easily. This is to prevent you from any possible injuries.

Stop using staples, nails, and tacks to hang the lights

Another tip to avoid facing problems during Christmas is to make sure that you install the lights on your Christmas tree properly and safely. Don’t install it too tight or too loose either for both can cause you problems. In addition, don’t install lights using staples, tacks, or nails as they can damage the string lights and trigger fire hazards. You can just hang it on the branch of the tree or one great alternative is by using light hangers.

A tripping hazard must be avoided

Christmas is the time to gather with family and share stories while enjoying a sumptuous meal. Of course, kids running around the house can’t be avoided. To minimize and avoid tripping hazards, place them where they don’t obstruct walkways.

Turn the lights off when unattended

Looking at a lighted Christmas tree is aesthetically pleasing. However, if you will be doing an errand, going outside the premises of your home or in the subdivision in San Pedro Laguna, or even sleeping, it is much safer to turn off the lights and unplug them to the socket or extension cord. This is to avoid serious electrical and fire problems.

Don’t overload the extension cord

Before inviting more people into your house, locate the different sockets that can be used and the extension cord available for use to avoid overloading them. For the reason that when outlets and extension cords are overloaded, it poses a high risk of overheating which can then trigger a fire from starting. Make sure to check whether the cords are getting warm and if it does, immediately remove it and let it cool down.

Christmas lights are a no-no for metal trees

Lights and metal is a bad idea and never a good combination. This is because when metals interact with electricity, it is the perfect recipe for electric shock and fire. You don’t want anything combusting before the new year so make sure that you keep this tip in mind when choosing your lights and Christmas tree.

Christmas: The Season to Be Jolly and Safe

Everyone wants a jolly and merry little Christmas and there’s nothing wrong with going overboard especially when you can. However, everyone should keep in mind that safety should be a top priority, too. Make sure decorations are secure, lights are properly wired, and food is cooked and stored safely. With a little bit of planning, everyone can have a merry and accident-free Christmas.

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