How to Protect Your Pets From New Years Fireworks

By: Hadj Cabonegro
dog wrap for new year

Celebrating the New Year’s Eve is always a fun experience with family or friends, since it celebrates the beginning of new opportunities and acts as a sendoff for the bygone days of yesteryear. For pet owners however, who may either be living in a private house and lot or a 2 bedroom RFO condo in Tagaytay, the New Year’s Eve can be an anxiety-inducing period for themselves and their pets.

There are multiple hazards that are associated with New Year’s Eve that can be especially dangerous to pets who are left unattended. The noise for example, can cause distress to animals with sensitive hearing such as in the case of dogs and cats, and could potentially even lead to deafness under worst conditions. There is also the chance of one’s pets getting in the way of stray firecrackers, which might result in them getting injured and traumatized.

Thus, for responsible pet owners out there who wish to know how to protect their fur babies from New Year fireworks and other related dangers, below are three tips detailing just how to do that.

Keep Your Pets Indoors During the New Year’s Eve to Keep Them Safe

A no-brainer advice that a good dog and/or cat owner must need to know before the start of every New Year’s Eve is to keep your pet indoors during the course of the celebration, when the fireworks displays are at their peak. By keeping them in the house all throughout the night and away from the aforementioned event, you can pretty much guarantee the overall safety of your dog/cat.

One of the most preferable spots to hide one’s pet away from the noise of fireworks is of course anywhere that’s noise-proof. Such areas can be in locations with no window access like a secluded room. In the cases where no rooms fitting that description can be found in the house, you can instead minimize the potential racket that could enter indoors by closing the windows off with a curtain or any other sound-cancelling barrier.

A responsible pet owner should never leave their pets outside during the height of New Year’s Eve, thus this must be the first step that must be done if you want to completely reduce any likely risks that could cause distress to your pet.

Get an Anxiety Wrap For Your Dog to Calm Them Down From the Fireworks

Since canines are known to have perceptive auditory senses, it is almost always expected for your dog to start stressing out at home once the fireworks and firecrackers start going off. There are several methods on making your dog calm down, and one such technique is to bundle them up with a special anxiety wrap.

Purpose-built to provide comfort and a sense of security for your dog, the anxiety wrap is an inexpensive way to make sure that they’re calm during the New Year’s celebration. The gentle pressure provided by the wrap is known for alleviating stress among dogs, which can be very helpful if your dog is fond of being held or hugged. It is also possible to create a homemade version of the dog wrap for New Year with your old clothes that you no longer need or by sewing/knitting a customized piece instead.

In addition to making one’s dog wear an anxiety wrap, owners can provide additional relief for their furry best friend by giving them a snug safe space for them to hide in, like a blanket pile or a heap of dirty laundry.

Stay Beside Your Pet at All Times Through the New Year’s Eve to Reassure Them

Given how stressful all the fireworks and sounds of celebrations are to the average pet, the best way that an owner can help them calm down and make it through the New Year’s is to be by their side at all times. Not only will doing this help ease their anxiety, but it can also further strengthen the bond between pet and owner.

One simple way of keeping one’s pet company throughout the night is to be in the same room as them as often as possible, so as to reinforce the idea to them that they aren’t alone and that their owner is just nearby at all times. Providing constant pets and hugs to one’s pets (if they’ll allow it) is also another excellent way to get them to calm down, especially if combined with spoiling them with treats and praises. An owner can be creative in the method that they use to keep their pets occupied during the New Year, so long as they make sure that they never leave them alone except for specific circumstances.

In the event that one has to attend an event outside of their house, the next best thing to help one’s dog and or cat to stay safe is to give them their very own secure room as mentioned in the first tip, where they can rest and stay comfortable.

End Note

Making sure that the household pet would remain safe during the New Year’s Eve and the many fireworks and dangers associated with it is an easy task. An owner simply just has to keep their pet inside at all times, make sure that they’re bundled up in a wrap in the case of dogs, or to be there by their side all throughout the night.

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