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Are you an OCD type of person? If you are, then we can probably relate to each other! Every detail must be checked, everything must be organized, and of course, everything must be in order! However, we can’t deny the fact that even if we clean so much, there are still times when everything gets messy, or even if we try hard enough, it still is unclean or dirty. And because of that, I thought of the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” I learned so many things and discovered some shocking ones. There are some common tips but are really helpful! I tried all of these tips already, and I can’t wait to share them with you! So here I am now, writing these awesome cleaning tips that will help you work smarter and not harder! Let’s discuss it, shall we?

Here Are Some House Cleaning Hacks That Are Not Part of Your Usual Home Cleaning Supplies.

Have You Tried Microwaving Your Towels and Rags?

Ensuring the instruments that you’re using are tidy is a crucial part of how to clean your household. Cleaning a house with unclean towels and rags is ineffective, so ensuring they are sanitary is an excellent place to begin.

Simply microwave the damp cloth, damp microfiber cloth, or towel for thirty seconds to eradicate any bacteria or germs. Because it will be heated, give it a minute or two until you remove it. If you do not possess a microwave, you may wash your cleaning cloths and towels in the washing machine, however, this will take a bit longer. Wash your rags and towels with warm water after every use to avoid the accumulation of harmful microorganisms on the surface. Depending on how frequently you utilize them, you must change your cleaning sponges on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of harmful microorganisms.

Carpets Are Beautiful But…

The carpet is without a doubt the largest dust collector in most houses. It has a high fiber content and gathers dust and pet hair like a gigantic sponge. Even the cushioning beneath traps dust, which becomes airborne with each stride. Although pulling out your wall-to-wall carpet may seem extreme, it is the greatest thing you can really do if you have severe allergies. The easiest way to eliminate dust from the air is to substitute carpets with hard floorings such as laminate, wood, or tile, then wet mop it with a cleaning solution periodically rather than sweeping since doing so is more likely to produce dust than it is to remove dust, and unable to clean hard to reach spots.

Vinegar and Newspaper in Cleaning Glass and Mirrors, Fact or Bluff?

Cleaning your windows and mirrors with rags creates streaks, smears, and dirt, right? I’m sure I’m not the only one annoyed by that. However, I found a solution for a glass cleaner! Since the newspaper is a thick substance with soft strands, it is non-abrasive and hence ideal for wiping the glass and removing stubborn stains. It’s also commonly accessible in most homes. If you intend to save money or convert to less hazardous cleaning products, vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent and an inexpensive alternative to expensive window cleaners. It is also healthier for the environment because the used soiled newspaper can be recycled.

Don’t Let ‘Em Dishes Pile Up!

If you allow your dishes to stack up in your sink to postpone cleaning them, try this easy approach to avoid putting the labor required into perception with cleaning stainless steel: place a timer before you start cleaning the dishes for a couple of days, as you think of it, and keep a record of how long it takes to clean it up. If you understand the chore would just take a few minutes, it will be easier to persuade yourself to do the dishes right now with the damp sponge, and mild dish soap, and remove tough stains.

If you own a dishwasher then here’s a general rule: Although there is no one method to load a dishwasher perfectly, loading from back to front is considerably simpler.

This technique also applies to the garbage disposal. Having a system on when you have you take out the garbage is a good way to keep the house clean and safe.

Vinegar and Lemon? Why Not Try Grapefruit and Salt?

Lemon and vinegar are common cleaning agents in the household, but grapefruit is equally just as effective and powerful and may leave your house smelling fresh and pleasant. Nonetheless, although using lemon and grapefruit in the house is a convenient method for stain removal, they do not serve as replacements for antibacterial cleansers and so, cannot be used to eliminate germs from your surfaces.

However, persistent bathtub rings and filth spots on your sink are unsightly in any house and can be difficult to remove. A simple scrub with grapefruit and salt, on the other hand, may eliminate these difficult stains while also leaving your home’s bathroom or dining room smelling fantastic.

Sprinkle Baking Soda.

Are sinks having a hard time draining? Sprinkle a bit of baking soda into it and pour a bit of vinegar to clear the clogged pipes.

White Bread for Cleaning. What?!

This housekeeping trick may ultimately provide a solution to the age-old conundrum of how to deal with bread loaf butts. Rather than throwing away stale or end-of-life bread slices, use them to remove unsightly fingerprint spots from your surfaces or wallpaper. Bread’s spongy aspect makes it ideal for removing scuff marks from surfaces, and the gluten absorbs dirt and stains well. Simply swipe at the surface of your walls with a slice of bread to remove the undesired marks. If you rub too hard, the bread will shatter into bits, creating even more trouble for you.

Bread’s advantages do not end there. It may also be used to pick up shards of glass. Gently press the slice onto glass shards, allowing them to adhere to the bread, and then discard.

Are Tennis Balls Just for Sport? Nah!

Do you believe that tennis balls may be used to clean your bedding and erase scratches from your floor? If not, then– why not?

When machine-drying blankets, a tennis ball can be employed to keep the stuffing from accumulating in one area. Begin the process by throwing a couple of tennis balls through the machine alongside your blanket. Easy right? However, the tennis ball’s power does not end there. If you discover any unsightly scratches or scruffs on your wooden floor, gently wipe the area with a tennis ball. If the scuff is extremely huge, sprinkle some baking soda on it, massage it with the tennis ball, and afterward, wipe away any excess residue with a moist towel.

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