Hobbies to Try at Home This 2024

By: Rose Mary Madrigal
hobbies to do at home

With 2023 slowly coming to an end, getting bored at home is inevitable, and while there are hobbies that most people have already tried and have done, there are countless new hobbies to try this 2024. Trying new home based hobbies does not necessarily mean having to spend money, there are various other hobbies to try that are simple, enjoyable, and will not require that much spending.

Whether it’s to kill the draining vibes of those working from home, or those who are staying at home and have nothing to do, home based hobbies are worth trying for those not wanting to leave home or their Tagaytay condo for sale. Trying new hobbies to do at home can easily upgrade your current skills and help you learn new ones.

Benefits of Hobbies

Encourages interaction

Hobbies are a great way to start off conversations for people who find it difficult to socialize or break the ice in social gatherings. People who share the same hobbies or interest can have plenty of things to talk about and in the long run, encourage others to try it in a different way.

A great way to recharge

For workaholics and especially those working from home, hobbies are a great idea to recharge or refresh amidst the stressful workloads. It also offers room for personal growth and a much needed break while also being beneficial in terms of self improvement.

Kill boredom

When things get boring or feel dreadful at home, hobbies can help individuals stay sane while still staying at the comfort of their home. It also helps you get your mind off things and ultimately aids in giving a wholesome experience.

Creative hobbies to do at home

Enhance-your-skill hobbies


Journals can be used as a way for self-expression. Let your imagination run wild and use it to draw, doodle, or even make collages. Those who are looking to start up a new hobby or simply something that is possible to do at home, can consider creative journaling as a great way of relieving stress and even allows room for self-expression.


A rough week? Or just need some creative spark for imagination? Try grabbing a new book that isn’t your usual go-to genre or finish reading the book that has been sitting on your book shelf due to busy work days. Reading books takes you to places far beyond reality and even strengthens critical thinking skills. It’s also a low-cost hobby that helps reduce stress and

Digital Art Exploration

If old school-writing seems outdated, then simply try the world of digital art using apps or software. Whether it’s drawing or graphic design, anyone can use their artistic potential right on the screen of their device. If one is looking to strengthen their artistic abilities, this is a great way to express oneself digitally without having to use the traditional paper and pen combo.

Home Gardening

Cultivating a mini indoor garden is something you can also do at home. There are varieties of plant herbs, succulents, or small plants that you can place on your windowsill – bring a bit of nature into the house. Those that have a limited amount of space, gardening is the ideal hobby to pick up and try their hand at raising plants.

Virtual Book Club

You can also set up a book blog or find one that already exists, and get people to read the same things as you. This could involve discussions by video calls or on the Internet with friends, lovers of books, and so forth about this writing. For an avid reader looking for things to do from home, such a book club can help you reconnect with like-minded readers.

Learn a new language

A perfect way to kill boredom is learning a new language. There are youtube tutorials and learning applications like DuoLinggo that teaches individuals any language that they prefer. Podcasts are also available, just jot down notes while listening. Diving into pop culture such as songs and dramas is also a sure-fire way of learning various languages. Not only are you learning the basics of a language, you are also staving away boredom by means of viewing and listening.


Add some fresh air and new look to your home by taking care of some plants. Maybe the plants around home need some TLC, give it a trim, new vase, or repotting. Not only is it mentally beneficial and aesthetically pleasing, it can also contribute to cleaner air.


Start small with learning how to bake cookies through cooking shows, youtube tutorials, or even cook books. Baking is a new skill that may be difficult at first, but can be very rewarding, and delicious! Being patient is the key to whipping up a delicious and mouth-watering pastry.

Coffee making

Skip the instant coffee, all you need is fresh coffee ground beans, youtube tutorials, and some french press or a coffee brew machine. Learn the art of making coffee with milk that’s available at home and upgrade your cup of joe.

Artistic Adventures

DIY Crafts

Projects are a great way to try tackle boredom at home. To get started, get a book about anything DIY and start working on anything around the house that needs minor repair, folding laundry, or make some self-made presents to gift friends or family. It is a great way to occupy oneself with a new hobby and let your imagination run wild at home.

Nail Art

Another not-so-expensive hobby is nail art. This hobby can be used with cheap or expensive polish, and the design is completely up to your preference. It’s a fun way to try out your creative imagination on how the nail art will look like. Once it becomes a skill, it can also be a great way to earn commission.


Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. If you have any spare paper lying around your home, give this activity a try. It’s a great hobby to turn paper into flowers, animals, nature, or anything that can be found on Youtube or online tutorials. Origami is a fun, non- expensive hobby and can improve hand-eye coordination

Painting Without a Canvas

If you are not into DIY activities, and delve more into painting but you don’t have a canvas, then you can escape the traditional canvas and paint in a new medium. Rocks, old furniture, or pebbles can become your canvas to create. This different way of painting is a fine method for investigating the use of various materials and colors, allowing you to decorate your own home without even leaving it.

Culinary Creativity

Get into culinary arts by performing some cooking or baking. Experiment with new recipes, venture into unfamiliar cuisines and eat your fill of homemade treats. Culinary creativity is not just a pastime to enjoy, but also the best way to relax at home with something good to eat.


Lessen screen time by purchasing a crochet or knitting book that can teach different techniques from beginners, intermediate, to difficult. Basic stitches like tiny dolls can be a good start, from there, learn how to knit a beanie, and so on which can also work as a cute gift.


Calligraphy pens and paper are not that expensive as to what others think! There are plenty of pens available that are perfect for beginners. Although difficult, patience is the key like other hobbies. Learn different strokes

Make your own soap, candle, etc

Making candles are not as expensive as people think, to make them, candle making kits can be purchased online. One can never have to much soaps

Fitness and Wellness

Yoga at home

Aspire to well-being by doing yoga in the shelter of your living room. Take online tutorials or devise your routine to enhance flexibility and relaxation. Yoga is the simplest, most convenient way of looking after yourself in your own home. All you have to do is weave it into everyday life.

You Can Try Indoor Workouts

Keep in shape with lots of indoor exercises. From calisthenics to dancing, find a workout that meets your style. Not only are indoor workouts the ideal way to keep fit, but they’re also a hobby that you can enjoy at home.

Mindful Meditation

Practice meditation to quiet your mind and foster overall health. Create a relaxation routine for yourself. If you are looking for a hobby to do inside the peaceful confines of your home, then mindful meditation is surely a good way.


Whether having a partner or just doing it alone, dancing is fun! Let loose while choosing your music preference. It’s important to wear clothes that are also comfortable. There are tutorials on Youtube for steps for specific dance that one prefers to learn or joining a online dance class is also ideal.

Something that for work

Online Learning

If you want to learn, the Internet can teach you anything today from code writing and photography skills to learning a new language. Enrich your life without leaving home—a unique hobby and also a great opportunity to invest in yourself.

Instrumental Exploration

With online tutorials, you can learn to play a musical instrument without being bound by time. Instrumental exploration is a hobby that offers something for every taste, to help us fill our homes with the sounds of art.

Digital Entertainment

Enjoy the world of online gaming, be it single-player or multiplayer. Gaming provides home entertainment without having to leave the house, a good way of unwinding. There are plenty of single or team player games that can also help individuals meet people online.


Start your podcast from the convenience of home. Behind the microphone, share your thoughts or stories and interview friends. Also a way to indulge in digital entertainment or the new hobby of connecting with others, podcasting is fairly entertaining.

Digital Gaming

Playing video games has become a favorite hobby for all kinds of people. Enjoy the world of online gaming, be it single-player or multiplayer. Gaming provides home entertainment without having to leave the house, a good way of unwinding.

Keep up with current events

Staying informed is one of the ways to keep up with the current events from newspapers or online newsletters, anyone can stay informed with news from around the globe without unnecessary information.

Financial Fun

If you want to start saving money, try a budget challenge

If you want to feed some excitement into financial management, using apps or spreadsheets is a great way to monitor your budget so that you can manage it like a game. It’s not just a game, either; it is an even better hobby to learn how to do this challenge, making each decision a step toward financial success. Unless it is your cold cash you want at home.

Virtual thrift shopping is a great way to recycle clothes

If you think you’ve been saving enough money and would like to treat yourself, then you can also consider taking a look at online thrift stores for distinctive items, and you might even get lucky enough to find some hidden gems. It’s a hobby that could reveal some hidden treasures.


To help improve one’s skill, hobbies are just one of the things anyone can do and include in their New Year’s resolution. This 2024 is the year for learning something new and focusing on one’s overall wellness. Enjoy trying these hobbies from the comfort of your home without worrying about it taking too much time, effort, and money.

The hobbies listed above can improve one’s mental, physical, and improve one’s creative juice. Soon enough, these hobbies will become a part of your routine that you can do anytime at home.

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