Doubling Up Your Protection Against COVID-19 During the Rainy Season

By: Matthew Du
Doubling Up Your Protection Against COVID 19 During the Rainy Season

By now, everyone has probably heard of COVID. It’s become a household name. There have already been 184 million reported cases worldwide. And to think it’s only been less than a year and a half. We’ve been panic-buying and spraying hand sanitizer onto our hands every 5 minutes all because of this virus. And it’s been a nightmare so far.

Now that we have vaccines, we’re a bit less guarded. But, the horror of the pandemic still gets the best of us sometimes. We hesitate before we shake hands with others or exchange a hug. The best thing we can do is protect ourselves against COVID. Don’t know how? Not a problem. We’ll help you out. Here’s a guide on doubling up your protection against COVID-19, especially during the rainy season.

photo of a cat watching the rain through a window

When is the start of the rainy season in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the rainy season usually starts early May or June and ends on the last few days of October. The dry season then occurs the rest of the year.

PAGASA has reported that intermittent rain will affect Metro Manila and the western section of the country. Rainfall will likely occur until July.

COVID-19 and the Weather 

The question that might be boggling your mind right now would be how COVID connects with our weather and the rainy season. It’s less about COVID and more about your immune system. There haven’t been any established studies that have pointed to an increase in COVID cases because of rainy weather. However, it is common knowledge that you are more likely to get the flu because of cold weather. Certain cold viruses spread even more easily during cold weather than during the summer because these viruses function better at lower temperatures.

If you get the flu or cold, your immune system can be impacted. Your body is weak and more susceptible to COVID. That’s a bad thing. Therefore, we have to double up protection against COVID and other diseases like the flu during the rainy season. Besides, it’s better safe than sorry.

photo of the spread of COVID-19

How does COVID-19 spread?

The virus can spread between two people or several people mainly through close contact. Close contact means at most 6 feet of distance between several people. It can also be spread through droplets. When someone sneezes or coughs and that person has been infected and the droplets land in your mouth, nose or you’ve inhaled it into your lungs, it is likely that you’ve been infected as well.

COVID is also spread through surfaces. If you touch something with the virus on it and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, you could contract the disease. It might not be the main way the virus spreads but, it is a possible way so, we have to be careful out there. This is why it is important to wash your hands! No matter how tiring it is to hear it, stay home! Wouldn’t you rather be bored at home than exposed and vulnerable in public?

10 Ways to Protect Yourself Against COVID During the Rainy Season

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1. Get vaccinated! What are you waiting for?

COVID is still quite a problem. Unlike other countries, the Philippines isn’t swimming in vaccines and not everyone has access to them. There are still a lot of unvaccinated people either because they refuse to be vaccinated or because they can’t get vaccinated.

But you’ve got to remember to go to a credible vaccination center. Think of it as buying a house. To find a house and lot for sale in the Philippines or a condo for sale in the Philippines, you’ll want to partner with credible real estate agencies such as Crown Asia. What makes us great is that we aren’t limited to finding houses. We can find a lot for sale as well. Looking for a house for sale in the Philippines but in a more specific location? We offer our services in places like Laguna also so finding a house for sale in Laguna won’t be difficult at all. Ok, enough about homes.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, you must do. I mean, what are you waiting for? Go visit the vaccination centers closest to you. Being vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect yourself against COVID.

2. Practice social distancing.

Staying at home is a must. But, if you do need to go out, practice social distancing. Remain at least 6 feet away from those who aren’t wearing face masks or those who are sick. Don’t forget those masks!

Avoid hugging others you aren’t living with. Avoid touching surfaces. Stay away from other people until you know you are completely safe. If you are going to leave the house because you’re bored, try not to. There are tons of ways you can fill up your time. Try your hand at a new hobby. Spend some time in your backyard and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re looking for a home that offers private outdoor space, contact one of our agents for some help. We offer great house and lots for sale in the Philippines and houses for sale in Laguna, Cavite, and more. There’s a variety of options you could choose from.

photo of a face mask and an alcohol

3. Bring a hand sanitizer.

When you leave your house, bring some hand sanitizer. That’ll come in handy a lot. If you accidentally touch something like the bar on the escalator, you can just pull out your hand sanitizer. Although, it is best to avoid touching your face even though you’ve put on some hand sanitizer until you can thoroughly wash your hands. Washing your hands is more effective than hand sanitizer and alcohol. But, for now, hand sanitizers are a great option. Especially when you’re on the go. Don’t forget to wash your hands when you find a bathroom or when you get home though!

4. Don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home.

Just think. By wetting your hands with water, rubbing some soap onto them for around 20 seconds, and rinsing them, you’ve probably just saved your life. Pretty miraculous right? Washing your hands can help prevent the spread of infection. Germs can easily spread through surfaces and skin-to-skin contact. When you prepare and eat food without washing your hands, you might get any kind of infection. When you touch a surface and then proceed to touch your face, that’s another hazard. But if you wash your hands, say goodbye to all these worries.

Ever since COVID struck, we’ve become more aware of whether or not our hands are clean. Washing your hands proves to be more effective than rubbing some alcohol or using hand sanitizer. It kills more germs efficiently. And that’s exactly what we want. The simple act of handwashing can help you avoid COVID. So, why not do it?

5. Avoid touching your face.

Who knows where your hands have been? Imagine touching an object that was unknowingly sneezed on by another person who’s been infected by COVID. And then touching your nose and mouth. When you’re out in public and you touch something that hasn’t been disinfected, make sure to avoid touching your face even after you’ve put on hand sanitizer. Only touch your face when you’ve washed your hands.

6. Wear two face masks.

Can you remember what it was like when you walked in public and didn’t see any face masks? Yeah, we can’t remember too. Face masks have become part of our day-to-day outfits. Some have even turned it into fashion statements. But they’re more than that.

 Face masks are designed to help prevent the spread of COVID. Whenever you sneeze, cough, or talk, the mask helps prevent droplets of your saliva from reaching others. It’s pretty effective. Because of how severe this pandemic has been, lots of people have resorted to wearing two face masks thinking that the extra layer will help. And they’re right! Wearing two masks is 90% effective at filtering out aerosols compared to wearing one mask with 50% effectiveness.

7. Bring an umbrella. 

It’s the rainy season. So, it is best to always bring an umbrella. Though rain doesn’t cause colds, it can bring stress to your body. Stress on your body will weaken your immune system. This can make you more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. And who wants to get soaked because of the rain anyway? Just bring an umbrella and save yourself the hassle.

8. Cover your face when you sneeze or cough.

Remember how we talked about how the virus spreads? You don’t? Let me give you a quick recap. You can contract the disease whenever someone infected sneezes or coughs on you and you either inhale the droplets or the droplets touch your nose or mouth. Either way, you don’t want to be sneezed on. So, it is only right that you do not sneeze on anyone.

When you do feel the need to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose. Sneeze or cough into your elbow even if you are wearing a mask. If you aren’t wearing a mask, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue and throw the tissue away after use.

9. Follow the guidelines set by the government or your barangay and city leaders.

Some cities in the Philippines are still on lockdown or in quarantine. Just recently, Manila was put under quarantine because the number of cases was increasing. If your barangay or city has guidelines you need to follow, follow them! If those under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to exit their homes, make sure you are of age and make sure anyone who isn’t is staying home. If you don’t follow the guidelines, not only are you endangering yourself but, you are endangering others especially those living with you.

Guidelines are there for a reason. If your city is under quarantine, staying at home isn’t an option. It’s a must. If being stuck within the same 4 walls for days on end has been getting into your head, try some fun activities that’ll take your mind off things. If you have a backyard or some private outdoor space, why not make use of it and go camping? Or make smores with your family and tell stories around a campfire? If you’re looking for a house for sale in the Philippines with private outdoor space, contact us. We can also help you find lots for sale that are big enough for you to build your dream home and have enough space for a backyard. If a house and lot for sale in the Philippines is too broad for you and you’re looking for a house for rent or sale in a specific location, no need to worry. We also offer a house and lot for sale in Laguna, Cavite, and more. Check out our website now!

10. Always clean and disinfect the surfaces in your home.

Another way for COVID to spread is through surfaces. To help prevent this from happening, disinfect your doorknobs and tables at home. If you shop online or if you buy anything, disinfect that as well. Unless it’s something like food. You shouldn’t wipe alcohol on that.

photo of children wearing face masks before heading to school

FAQ Section

How much distance should I place between myself and another person to avoid the spread of COVID?

The ideal distance you should have between yourself another person in public is more than 6 feet. Avoid touching, hugging, or kissing the other person especially if that person isn’t someone you currently live with. The quarantine can be tough. But if you learn to have fun with it, it’ll be bearable. Go camping in your backyard. Build a fort and play pretend with your kids. Go nuts! Figuratively, of course. If your house is lacking backyard space, Crown Asia will help you out. We’ll find a house for sale in the Philippines or a house for rent with private outdoor space. We’ll also find spacious lots for sale to kickstart your house-building journey.

Who is more likely to have severe symptoms of COVID?

Senior citizens and those who have low immune systems are more susceptible to contracting COVID. So, if you are part of those groups, take all the necessary precautions.

There have been lots of new changes we’ve had to incorporate into our daily lives. We’ve had to wear masks. Social gatherings have been banned. A lot of us haven’t seen certain relatives for a year. But, COVID is unrelenting. We need to stay safe and the only way to do that is to protect ourselves from COVID. How? Check out the 10 ways we’ve discussed above. If you told me 2 years ago that this is what the world would look like, I’d call it a bluff. Who knew?

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