Delectable Christmas Delights: Festive Recipes for Your Crown Asia Home

By: Arvie Midel
christmas recipes

Christmas is hurriedly approaching and the preparation for this kind of event may be stressful for some people mat it be in the aspect of buying Christmas presents or looking for perfect recipes to cook for Christmas parties of family gatherings. To make this event more special, look for property for sale Philippines that is spacious, comfortable, and enjoyable to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. This holiday season is very special for everyone especially for those busy people who will finally have time to reunite with their family and friends. To elevate the version of this year’s Christmas parties, make sure to look for fun games, easy Christmas recipes, and other fruitful things to do.

Considering that many homes begin celebrating as early as September, Christmas is undoubtedly the most widely celebrated holiday in the Philippines. In fact, the Philippines has the world’s longest Christmas celebration, lasting until January. For some, Christmas is also a strongly religious holiday. Christmas, as a Christian, commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, and is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that. But, whether people celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday or simply as a time to bond with loved ones, it has a positive effect.

The Perfect Handa for Christmas Season

In the Philippines, eating is a major component of the holiday festivities. A few of the strong and flavorful Filipino dishes are served to everyone during the Noche Buena feast. Families prepare their best dishes for the Christmas celebration, which includes some unusual sweets and other Filipino food.  These delicious Christmas recipes are perfect to give a try this year for those who are looking for Filipino Christmas meal ideas.


This is another Christmas and holiday traditional meal that is typically prepared year-round in the Philippines, but it additionally incorporates Spanish influences. Rice and vegetables are combined into one pan to make paella. The delectable mixture of meat, seafood, and green veggies are all cooked in a shallow pan and is served with rice. There’s no denying that this meal is packed with a strong and rich flavor. 

Although the Valencia region is recognized as the birthplace of paella, many people view it as the national dish of Spain. There are numerous varieties of paella locally as well as globally, ranging from the traditional Valenciana, or paella de mariscos (fish stew) to mixed paella (vegetables, meat, and seafood). Another Filipino version of paella is called Arroz Valenciana, and it uses local ingredients including glutinous rice and coconut milk.

Cajun Seafood Boil

christmas recipes

An incredible array of the best seafood and vegetables are combined in this recipe for Seafood Boil, along with a rich and aromatic Cajun sauce. It may be made as spicy or as mild as possible. It also tastes buttery, garlicky, and partially tangy. This dish is ideal for entertaining family and friends. A mouthwatering mixture of sweet corn and baby potatoes tossed in an excellent Cajun seasoning, along with crabs, shrimp, mussels, and squid rings. This dish is the epitome holiday cuisine, bursting with vivid colors and strong tastes.

In addition to the seafood that is called for in this dish, one can substitute or add lobsters, crawfish, clams, scallops, and even some firm fish meat. Sausage pieces can be incorporated to make it even more substantial; they can use any kind of sausage they prefer. In addition to potatoes and corn, people might add mushrooms alongside the vegetables.

Lumpiang Shanghai

A particular kind of Filipino egg roll is called a lumpia or lumpiang Shanghai. Ground pork, minced onions, chopped carrots, and seasonings such ground black pepper and salt make up the basic filling. Lumpiang Shanghai is always present on every occasion, especially at Christmas parties since it is easy to make and it has plenty of flavorful ingredients. Because lumpia is a tasty dish that can be eaten as an appetizer, a main course, or a snack, Filipinos are fond of it, may it be the kids or the adults. This Christmas season, your guests will surely love to have some lumpia or for some of instance, it will be highlighted as the most delicious handa for the gathering.

Filipino-Style Pineapple Glazed Ham

Without hamon and queso de bola, a Christmas feast would not be complete. These two are a constant presence at Noche Buena, the midnight feast for Christmas in the Philippines. The Philippine hamon, often known as Christmas ham, is once again very sweet since it is coated in a crispy sugar coating and pineapple syrup. Because it could be kept for extended periods of time without refrigeration, ham garnered popularity as a holiday food. It was also considered a useful present because it was easily transportable and could be enjoyed with friends and family.

Filipino-Style Spaghetti

It may make Italians cringe, but in the Philippines, especially with young  people, it’s always a hit. Indeed, a party would not be complete without it. Traditional spaghetti is made with the same fundamental ingredients as Filipino-style spaghetti, plus some interesting additions. Initially people need to prepare for a considerably richer beef sauce that is garnished with sliced hotdogs and topped with grated cheese.

If you’re looking for the best handa this Christmas, this dish is one of the best dishes. Aside from that, this can also be brought to family and friends during birthdays, gatherings, or house blessing when they buy property for sale Philippines. The ultimate comfort food and nostalgia-inducing birthday dish in the Philippines was created by adding sweet banana ketchup or in some cases condensed milk is added to the tomato sauce. 

Chicken Macaroni Salad

christmas recipes

A typical dish in Filipino Christmas cuisine is chicken macaroni salad. This vibrantly colored salad has a cream base and is topped with shredded chicken, bell peppers, carrots, pineapple, raisins, and cheese cubes. In case it hasn’t been noticed, Filipinos enjoy incorporating raisins into their food. It’s just a simple way to add sweetness to an otherwise entirely savory dish.

End Note

This Christmas season, it is important to make it memorable with loved ones. Aside from preparing fun activities and delicious meals, look for property for sale Philippines where everyone can enjoy their vacation and spend the most loved and awaited holiday in the Philippines.

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