Popular Christmas Party Themes You Can Adopt This Year

By: Marge Santos
christmas party themes

With Christmas just around the corner, preparations for Christmas day are surely underway. Inasmuch as some lean on the familiar and traditional way of celebrating Christmas, there are also those yearning for something new and unconventional that will definitely bring out the fun in Christmas parties. These party hosts and hostesses are adventurous enough to come up with creative party ideas and host a Christmas party that everyone will enjoy and will truly be memorable. So, hop-on and bring out all the sparklers for unforgettable Christmas party themes that spell F-U-N.

Merry Christmas To All: Party Themes That Work For Everyone

For a family get-together with mixed age groups, a theme that will work for everyone is the best. A celebration fit for mixed age groups as well as suitable for all genders is the main idea of this Christmas party theme. The key for this type of party to succeed is not to leave anybody behind and ensure that everyone enjoys the feast as well as participate in the games.


To bring out the Christmas spirit in this party theme, encourage each family to dress up in their favorite Christmas color or wear similar Christmas-y attire and award the best-dressed family. Something red and green and white or attires embellished with Christmas red, green or white ornaments might do the trick. It might be surprising to know how competitive each family can get as they come up with the most creative ideas.


A potluck may work best for this kind of theme since each family gets to bring the dish they enjoy serving and sharing. Encourage each family to bring a dish that their family loves to prepare for Christmas to share with the rest of the guests.

Girls Night: Make Time For A Ladies-Only Party

Host a Christmas get-together with lady friends either from high school or college, from the office or with mom-friends and bring out the girl power in celebrating the most anticipated joyous occasion of the year. To take this ladies-only party a notch higher, consider to host a fun catch-up in one of the units in a Tagaytay condo for sale where everyone can party without unnecessary distractions.


It might be a welcome treat for some ladies to come in fancy dresses. Agree on something that will be comfortable for all and watch as every guest doll-up and glam-up for the party. A Gatsby-themed party might be an idea. A Barbie-themed one for a younger group may also be considered.

Another idea for a ladies-only party theme is a spa party where the ladies may relax and be pampered through the night. Invite masseuse and hair and nail experts that will help the lady guests destress, recharge and feel beautiful all over.


To take off the stress in food preparation, place an order for food trays from your favorite restaurant or caterer. Everyone will have a time to relax and just focus on being pampered.

Invite Paw-dorable Plus Ones

Animal-lover friends would find this an enjoyable and one-of-a-kind Christmas party celebration. While the fur babies play with each other, their fur parents may have a wonderful bonding time as well. This Christmas party theme allows people to celebrate with individuals they share the same passion with as well as with their adorable pets.


Twinning with the fur baby in tow would be one way to celebrate this unique Christmas party theme. Fur parents may walk the runway with their charming fur babies while showcasing their attire and being photographed to capture this special moment. Awards may be given to the most quirky outfits or the most impressive catwalk, no pun intended.


Set up a grazing table not only for the humans but for the amazing pets as well. While a scrumptious feast is laid out for the pet lovers, pet-friendly treats must be prepared as well. Pup cups, cookies and cakes allowed for pets may need to be present during this occasion.

Host a Christmas Brunch

A Christmas Brunch party theme might be more suited for people in the fast lane. Guests will be able to break bread with friends and family over a brunch banquet while being free for the rest of the day to attend to other matters. This is a simple way of celebrating Christmas since it is a venue to enjoy a feast and the company of the people close to one’s heart and having brief chats with them.


Considering the busyness of the guests, it is best to host a Christmas brunch party in the most convenient way possible. Allow the guests to come in their usual comfortable clothes and just take pleasure over the brunch banquet laid before them.


Hire a caterer for this theme so everyone may enjoy the stress-free gathering and to be fully immersed in the Christmas spirit. They are the experts when it comes to serving all-day breakfast dishes as well as festive holiday dishes best enjoyed during brunch.

Christmas Karaoke Party

Allow the guests to sing their hearts out on a Christmas karaoke party theme. Singing aficionados as well as karaoke fans who love to take center stage might take pleasure in being invited to this kind of party.


One of the best ways to succeed in this party theme is to encourage guests to dress up as their favorite singer. They will not only give their best in belting out their favorite performer’s tunes but they may also have a chance to look the part. An additional feature of this Christmas party theme is to award the best-dressed as well as the best performer or the star of the night for being both the best singer and best-dressed.


Something light and easy would be best for this party theme. A grazing table with delightful drinks might be best suited for these kinds of gathering. An assortment of cheese, cold cuts and cured meats, chips and dips, onion rings, chicken wings, fish and chips may just be a few ideas to serve during this Christmas party theme. with After all, guests look forward to the “singing” over the “eating” part of the party.

Backyard Beach Day

Considering the hot and humid weather being experienced now, this Christmas party theme might be a welcome treat for guests. A dip in the pool might be a refreshing way to spend Christmas day with loved ones. One of the amenities included in a Tagaytay condo is their pool. It is a great venue to have a Christmas poolside party where guests could swim, play games and enjoy the feast.


This might be the best time to host a Hawaiian Luau party and encourage guests to dress up to the occasion. Guests may arrive wearing Hawaiian costumes before changing to their swimsuits. As they arrive, present them with a lei they would wear around their necks. The host may choose and reward the top 3 guests who wore their Hawaiian costume best.


A barbecue potluck may be best for this Christmas party theme. Guests may bring their favorite skewered dish to share. Set up a barbecue grill in the venue and everything is set . In addition, salads, poke, ribs, grilled fish and refreshing drinks may also land a spot on the buffet table.

Another way of setting up the food for this party theme is through boodle fight. Guests will have to come prepared to eat with their hands to enjoy the feast. Include in the boodle fight crabs and shrimps, grilled meat and fish, ensaladang talong, green mangoes with bagoong, salted egg with tomatoes, sliced fruits in season and steamed rice.

Movie Marathon Party

A relaxing way to party is to host a movie marathon Christmas party that would showcase all-time favorite movies, trilogies, and movies that will be enjoyed by the guests. This type of Christmas gathering would work best for the less chatty group of friends who are movie fanatics.


A laid-back attire will be best for this theme. Guests may even come in their favorite pj’s and sleepwear. Who knows, the movie marathon party might just end up to a sleep over so it is best to be prepared. The host may lay-out mats with tons of pillows and allow the guests to comfortably settle in their chosen spots. Another fun way to host this party is to set-up a projector in the backyard and make it appear like a drive-in theater.


Keep the pop corn popping and the chips flowing during the movies. However, sandwiches, tacos, corndogs, and a pasta dish are some food ideas to keep this party going. Make sure the refreshment table is nearby to avoid too much movement and noise while the movie is playing.

Family Game Night

Another fun Christmas party that would bring out the competitiveness among families is hosting a family game night. The most popular group games and boardgames would play a vital role in this party. Also, prizes may be needed to ensure everyone’s participation in all the games.


Guests may come sporting a Christmas headdress per family. It may be a Santa hat, a Christmas themed headband, or a cap adorned Christmas decors. This may be a great way to identify each family during the games.

Cocktail Party

This Christmas party celebration may be best for adult guests. The host may serve wines and invite a barista to whip up cocktails for the guests. Make sure to invite social drinkers and guests who appreciate wines.


It might be a good time to bring out the coat and tie and cocktail dresses for this theme. It would be fun to invite a quartet who will provide the music in the background and have a dancefloor for guests who would want to sway with the music. So bring out the goblets and raise the glasses for an exceptional Christmas party ever.


Finger foods that may be perfectly paired with wines and cocktails may be served for Christmas party with this theme. Light dishes pleasing to the palate that would allow the guests is a delight for this occasion. Hors d’oeuvres and fancy appetizers take the stage in elegant cocktail parties.

Eat Around the World

A holiday party in the work place is a highly anticipated event in the office. This is a time for the employer to show appreciation for the hard work of employees throughout the year and this is a delightful time for employees to catch up with their colleagues while having fun. An “Eat around the World” Christmas party may be an enjoyable treat for an office with employees with multi-cultural backgrounds.


Although work clothes do not seem bad but employees might be excited to dress up for this celebration. Hence, a black and white theme may be in order. Guests may arrive dressed up in their semi-formal attire in an all black or all-white ensemble to fit the theme.


Since the theme is Eat Around the World, dishes known in a particular country may be tapped for this celebration. From Chinese dishes to Indian food and all-time favorite Korean, Mexican and American food. Plan the dishes to be served according to the employees’ origin and allow them to enjoy a sumptuous feast that would feel like they are home for the holidays.


When hosting a Christmas party, it is best to know who the invited guests would be. When drawing a plan, the activities as well as the dishes and refreshments to be served would depend on the the interests, preferences and passion of the group. As host, one should be able to tap into what the guests would enjoy and be happy about. In the event that the drawn lists of guests evidently show differences, create an atmosphere that would harmonize the group and allow each guest to enjoy every minute they spent in the party.

Hosting an amazing Christmas party is possible when carefully planned. The hosts don’t have to do everything on their own. Proper delegation as well as seeking assistance from professionals when it comes to creating the perfect ambience for the chosen theme as well as dishes and refreshments to be served are some of the ways to ensure the success of the gathering. So, have a wonderful time this Christmas and create unforgettable memories with loved ones either through the traditional way or by trying out something new and unconventional.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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