Buon Appetito: A Guide to Italian Food

By: Crown Asia
Buon Appetito A Guide to Italian Food

Nothing beats going for a drive to a cafe in Tagaytay or just a nearby coffee shop, but it’s better to enjoy a foreign ambiance 

Diverse cultures are one of the prominent examples of creativity and uniqueness. Art, holidays, and even practices, and cultures are the basis of a person’s individuality. In addition to this, cuisine is not an exception. Over the past few years, food has been one of the staple symbols of culture as it radiates a country’s rich spices and traditions. It is exotic, different, and unique that can only be identified through the tongue’s taste. Moreover, the cuisine is an example of food culture in each country. It represents the originality and belongingness of a country’s beliefs and traditions.

You might be curious about European countries in this aspect. European countries are influenced mainly by Renaissance art and Baroque architecture; spices are crucial for their identity. Different ingredients make up one culture, and that is how important food is in Europe. Moving the scope closer, Italy is one of those countries that take food culture seriously. The influence of food from this country is incredibly prevalent in other countries—some have their own way of variation.

In traveling, food is an integral part of a happy trip; that is why tourists look forward to food to identify a country’s history, culture, and perceptions. Placing such importance, note that this culture is cultivated from years and years of ancestors passing down their legacy to their children. It gives a taste of comfort and nostalgia from their very delicious cuisine.

photo of pasta being made

Moving on, Italian food is exotic and diverse. Thus, different regions of Italy garner one specific food culture. However diverse, it makes up individuality—Italy’s rich cuisines, and food traditions. Now, if you wish to know more about Italy’s best food, this place might be the best for you. This text will mainly focus on Italian food in each region and how it makes up the uniqueness of Italian cuisine and culture.

A Guide to Some of the Most Famous Italian Dishes

photo of italian pizza

The Haven of Pizzas

A trip to such a festive country is not made possible without pizza. Specifically, Naples’s pride in pizza. So many variations as been made for this meal; in America, you might be familiar with Hawaiian pizza—however, in Italy, produce and ingredients are on a whole new level. Throughout the trend of pizzas rising into the global market, Italy has been infamous as a place of origin. A pizza such as Neapolitan style prevailed in Italian culture. A thin flatbread-style crust, tomato sauce, and basil leaves, with a whole lot of mozzarella. It may sound like a typical pizza, but Italy will give you a brand new experience as a foodie with exotic ingredients and produce.

photo of italian food

Hello, Lasagna!

We welcome the holy grail of pasta, Lasagna! This Italian cuisine has been dramatically implemented not only in Italy but all throughout the world. It has become a staple meal for Western countries during thanksgiving—and an epitome of culture for Italians. This famous Italian dish, Lasagna, is an alternating layer of pasta being smoldered with cheese and bologna. In some places in Italy, specifically in the Emilia Romagna region, this dish is called Bolognese-style. This is where noodles are made from flour, eggs, and spinach layered with ragu and creamy Bechamel sauce. This is an example of diverse yet united meals allocated in the food culture in Italy—it may be different in ingredients. Still, the produce from this country is always the same, thus despite diversity, it is also the exact epitome of their culture.

photo of pastas

Pasta? More Like Pestos

Carbonara, spaghetti, Lasagna—these types of pasta may be familiar to your ears. After all, these cuisines are trendy in Italian culture. However, if you ever get to grasp a dish such as pesto, it will probably take you to a new world of pasta fantasy. Typically originated in the western region of Italy, Pesto is a tradition where fresh basil is abundant, particularly in the warmer months. When these products are abundantly growing, pesto typically rises by then. Compared to tomato pasta, its simple sauce is made with varying amounts of basil, nuts, garlic, cheese, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Just like other dishes, pesto may vary from place to place. Spinach or parsley can also be added to lessen the strong taste and create a more complex palate. Some people prefer pesto over spaghetti due to its unique palate. If ever you get to taste one, share with us your thoughts on pesto!

photo of cheese and tomato

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Coming back to all dishes given above, there is one thing similar to these cuisines, cheese. Cheese is a part of Italy—you cannot mention this country’s name without being correlated to cheese. Mozzarella is one of their infamous produce. However, the “King of Cheese” is a must-try on your food tour and may change your perception of the typical cheese frenzy. Typically produced in Bologne, production is labor-intensive. Thus it is carefully created. Its tanginess is one of the sole factors of perfect texture; therefore, there is no other cheese like it! Next time you visit, make sure you do not miss and grab a taste of this rich Italian deli! Another famous Italian dish is the risotto alla Milanese which is made of Arborio rice, beef stock, saffron, onions, shallots, butter, white wine, and, you guessed it, Parmesan cheese!

Experience Italian Food in an Italian-Themed Community in South Luzon

Italian food is one of the most well-known types of food in the world. Wherever you go there will always be a hint of Italian food somewhere, even in the Philippines. Numerous restaurants offering Italian cuisine are present in the country and some are found in South Luzon such as the Roma cafe, San Marco in Evia Lifestyle Center and etc. But besides food, hints of Italy are also present when it comes to houses. Crown Asia’s themed communities in the south make you feel like you are in Italy. Italian-themed communities such as Ponticelli, Valenza, Citta Italia, and more by Crown Asia are present. These communities offer houses and lots for sale where you and your family could grow and explore life together. Located along major roads, accessibility would not be a problem. If you want an Italian-themed house and lot for sale, learn more here.

Enjoy Your Meal

Every cuisine produced is part of extensive labor—it does not solely come from nothing. Its rich diversity makes it unique, thus, giving out this comforting and warm taste at the end of our tongues, just like how unique Italian dishes are. These foods are exotic, thus gaining worldwide fame and implemented as a variation of culture in other countries. This fact speaks a lot since it shows how strong the influence of food is towards a shift in other countries cultures.


Italy is very infamous for bread and pasta, due to the abundant produce in their country. Their rich Italian delis are mainly cultivated over time and over extensive hard work. Cheese is a primary ingredient in this country—you cannot say Italy without mentioning cheese. This fact speaks of how established Italian cuisines are; you cannot mention this country without thinking of food.

Enjoy your meal! A phrase that brings you comfort and excitement, there is no limit in food, thus Buon Appetito indeed!

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