Best Indoor Plants to Spice Up a WFH Setup

By: Jaira Sales
Best Indoor Plants to Spice Up a WFH Setup

As the entire globe continues to live through the ongoing pandemic, several companies opt to a work-from-home (WFH) arrangement as a new and counter-productive solution for working professionals seeking to pursue their careers. In some industries, however, they practice hybrid setup where working professionals have both work-from-home (WFH) and onsite schedules. According to a recent study conducted by Sprout Solutions, a significant number of companies in the Philippines have adopted the hybrid work arrangement due to the ongoing pandemic and health protocols. In another study by Cisco titled “Workforce of the Future,” ninety-three percent (93%) of respondents are utilizing the hybrid setup which has risen from the pre-pandemic figures of eighteen percent (18%).


Moreover, having a pleasant, appealing and clutter free workstation may help in boosting productivity at home. To make a home office cozy and work-efficient, working professionals tend to promote aesthetics through minimalist paintings, sleek wallpapers or other decorative materials. However, the most prominent ornament that has been famous especially during the pandemic is a vibrant indoor plant. Did you know that including an indoor plant in your home workstation entails several advantages especially to your overall health? Having an indoor plant in your area may help reduce stress. In fact, a research by the University of Technology, Sydney, discovered that thirty-seven percent of their respondents decreased in tension and anxiety, fifty-eight  reduced their signs of depression, forty-four percent declined in anger and hostility and finally, thirty-eight percent experienced a decline in fatigue. In addition to that, indoor plants and an indoor bonsai tree can aid in boosting productivity and creativity, reduce air pollution within the area and cut back the possibility of acquiring diseases.

With these numerous health advantages, there’s no doubt an indoor plant is one of the best options for a work-from-home post. This is why we jot down the best indoor plants to spice up a WFH Setup!

Top 5 Best Indoor Plants for your WFH Setup

1. Devil’s Ivy


Devil’s Ivy, also known as Pothos, is an evergreen vine that has heart-shaped, white splotched leaves with an array of light and dark colors in some of its deep green leaves. This indoor plant is easy to take care of as it can tolerate low to high bright levels. Devil’s Ivy can also stand limited water care. As per its health benefits, this vibrant indoor plant can reduce airborne mold and contaminants, which can then decrease the risks of having allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. They are also being used more and more as office plants because they are good at surviving at low light or indirect light.

2. African Violet


Add a touch of blooming violet in your home office! African Violet is a fuzzy-leafed plant that was in the mainstream during the 1970s. This colorful and lively plant can thrive in a room with average humidity and temperature. While African Violet needs sufficient light to grow, this plant can survive just by having a fluorescent lamp as a source of light. You should also avoid placing the plant in direct sunlight if you want to keep your African Violet blooming!

3. Succulents

Did you know that succulents can make your air cleaner, more breathable and improve indoor air quality?


Succulents such as snake plants and aloe can both purify and humidify the air through their pores on its leaves. The pores allow the succulents to absorb the unfavorable gases such as benzene and ammonia. In addition, they release water vapor during photosynthesis –  this process can add moisture in the air! Now, you can freely get rid of your air humidifier or purifier with the help of your succulents!

4. Bamboo

Do you want to attract good and positive energy at home? Get a mini bamboo as an indoor plant! According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, bamboo plants (also known as the lucky bamboo) vamp positive energy to your workstation and home. This is the reason why lucky bamboo is a popular indoor plant nowadays.


On top of its positive energy, good luck and well fortune attraction, bamboo can also filter your air at home. As for its plant care, mini bamboos require indirect sunlight and roots must be submerged in water.

5. Peace Lily


Keep your home clean, sleek and beautiful with peace lilies. If you are looking for a plant that will help you reach the plantita or plantito home vibe, Peace Lily will not disappoint with its big, white bracts and glossy green leaves.  Apart from this, this appealing plant can also make your air quality better and help remove mold spores; handing you a healthier environment to work at. Peace Lily is also a low maintenance plant because it can grow in bright, indirect sunlight or bright light.

There are other types of plants not mentioned above like a snake plant, a zz plant, spider plant, and even air plants.

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