An Endless Earning Opportunity Awaits at the VICON: Business Opportunities Summit

By: Crown Asia
An Endless Earning Opportunity Awaits at the VICON Business Opportunities Summit

The world has changed forever. The COVID-19 pandemic has made its impact on every aspect of our everyday lives. With its onset here in the Philippines last March of 2020, it has made not only households but also huge conglomerates rethink their strategies and processes internally and externally. A lot of businesses started to implement work-from-home setups resulting in continuous operations even amidst the growing number of COVID-19 cases. These businesses served also as the backbone of the country’s economy providing jobs and a source of income for families all over the country. Everything has really changed even in the real estate industry means of offering a house and lot for sale.

With the virus not going away anytime soon, people should start to adjust in the new normal that it brought. From schooling, traveling, and even finding opportunities for earning, people should learn to accept that the traditional means are gone and in are the trendier and pandemic-friendly approaches. This is the opportunity that VICON is anchored on.

The VICON: A Collaboration of the Villar Group of Companies


The VICON: Business Opportunities Summit is the second iteration of the Villar Group Convention. The first installment occurred on June 24 and 25, a two-day event featuring some of the real estate industry’s most renowned experts. The first VICON served as the country’s first and biggest virtual property exposition, it featured Vista Land’s wide portfolio of offerings targeted at different segments of the market. For the luxury brand, Vista Land has Brittany Corporation with projects in Laguna, Daang Hari, Sucat, and Tagaytay. The upscale premium segment, Vista Land offers Crown Asia Properties, the pioneer of creating thematic house and lot-for-sale communities in the Philippines with Italian, American, and Caribbean-inspired homes scattered in the South. For the OFW segment of the market, Camella is the brand to offer housing developments all around the archipelago. The affordable housing segment offered by Vista Land is Bria, Lumina, and Lessandra, with budget-friendly homes for a starting family. Lastly, for the vertical segment of the market Vista Land has Vista Residences and Camella Manors for a trendier condo living lifestyle.

The speakers at the first installment of the VICON also discussed some much-needed information on the recent updates and trends in the real estate industry. Speakers like David Leechiu and Joey Bondoc offered their insights regarding investing in a real estate property even amidst the ongoing pandemic. Aside from the wise words from real estate experts, the different house and lots for sale and condo for sale projects of Vista Land showcased their selling points and why it’s a good move to invest in their properties. The VICON, being a virtual convention has its own virtual conference area wherein the attendees and registrants can freely roam and click around to visit various virtual brand booths where their inquiries can be addressed and attended to in real-time.

It is this kind of creative and trailblazing endeavor that the Villar group came up with the second installment of the VICON. On October 15, the Villar group of companies will be having the VICON: Business Opportunities Summit, a virtual event to give hope and provide everyone the opportunity to earn big even at home in this time of the pandemic. The second iteration of the VICON will aim to provide the general market an opportunity for them to earn even while in the comforts of their home and away from the dangers of COVID-19.

This is a venture by the Villar group of companies to provide a solution to the rising issues of lack of income, unemployment, and failure to pay or sustain basic needs and/or necessities. Especially now in the middle of the pandemic that such problems are prevalent. In the recent Philippine Statistics Authority numbers, it was found that 3.88 million Filipinos are unemployed. This is a large number in comparison to the unemployment count in the past years. The increase in numbers can be directly attributed as a by-product of the lockdowns due to COVID-19 as well as the closing down of different businesses and cost-cutting of companies in order to sustain its operations.

Discover how to earn big, while staying at home!


With the abovementioned issues and problems, the second VICON was conceptualized. Aside from offering opportunities for a new source of income, the VICON will be featuring successful individuals and experts in the field of real estate selling, social media marketing, and establishing an online presence. This will be a great help for the attendees for them to have a deeper grasp and understanding of how they will earn as well.

With the advancements and changes in real estate selling, offering a house and lot for sale has now changed. From the traditional means of selling towards a more modern and pandemic-apt process of offering the latest in-house and lot-for-sale properties, the VICON will help you transition.

The VICON is a great avenue for people to discover new opportunities for them to earn and provide for their families. Even at these trying times when doing almost anything is difficult the Villar group found a way to help the Filipino people by curating an event that will benefit our countrymen without risking their health and safety due to COVID-19.

Make sure to register now and join the event this coming October 15! All interested attendees can visit https://thevicon.ph/registration to register for the VICON: Business Opportunities Summit. Enjoy the chance to learn new opportunities for earning and building your career with Vista Land, the country’s largest home builder!

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