It’s the Climb: 6 Best Hiking Trails Near the Metro

By: Crown Asia
It’s the Climb 6 Best Hiking Trails Near the Metro

Do you dream of a beautiful life around an outdoor adventure? Just pack your backpack, and dedicate a day to exploring the many mountains that stand proud in landscapes beyond Manila. With an abundance of affordable, beginner-friendly, and intermediate peaks, going on your first or next climb will feel faster than your regular 9 to 5!

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Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, those who have a fiery spirit for adventure and conquering different trails and heights manage to schedule and perform their trek towards some of the most well-known hiking trails near the national capital region.

Enjoy a quick drive to paradise and the natural beauty of the peaks and slopes of the South, a few hours away from your recently purchase condo in Las Pinas by Hermosa COHO. Imagine having the urge to address your wonders for hiking and visiting these famous slopes just a few hours away from the Metro.

Can’t decide which summit to visit? Take your pick from the trail listed down below!

*Some of these hiking trails adhere to the guidelines of the local government unit and IATF with regards to the prevention of spreading the COVID 19 virus. Make sure to ask and inquire before scheduling a hike to ensure a seamless experience.

1. Mt. Daraitan (Tanay, Rizal)

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This jagged, rocky mountain with optional hikes to a nearby river and cave is perfect for those looking for a thrill. What’s better is that it’s only two hours away from Manila! From its heart-shaped peak, you can marvel at the Sierra Madre mountains, Tinipak River, Mt. Mamara — and, if you’re lucky, the sea of clouds beneath.

2. Mt. Pamitinan (Montalban, Rizal)

With rock formations and sharp ascents, Pamitinan is a favorite for those who are looking for a moderate challenge. The nearly three-hour climb atop limestone will test your strength and let you see other mountains in the area. The best part? It’s one and a half to two hours away.

3. Taal Volcano (San Nicolas, Batangas)

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Photo taken from afar.com

If you wonder about what Tagaytay’s iconic volcano looks like up close, find out by heading straight to its crater. While Taal is two hours away, this easy and leisurely climb takes only about 40 to 50 minutes to complete. You’ll be able to better appreciate the view of this mountain’s gorgeous crater lake if you’re right above it!

Just a word of caution! Even though the marvels of the Taal slope is something to look forward to, the situation nowadays around the volcano is dangerous and is prohibited to visit by the national government due to the continuous unrest and activities near the crater. For now, you can enjoy its beauty from afar, perhaps in your very own Tagaytay condo for sale unit!

4. Mt. Gulugod Baboy (Mabini, Batangas)

Situated three hours outside the metro, Gulugod Baboy collectively refers to the set of hills in Mabini initially frequented by divers in Anilao. Regardless of which starting point you’ll choose, the upwards journey is filled with sceneries of grassland and rolling hills. We recommend that you climb all of its three peaks — we promise that the breathtaking view of Batangas and Balayan bays is worth it!

5. Mt. Batulao (Nasugbu, Batangas)

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Photo taken by Biag Arnel commons.wikimedia.org

Travel for three hours to experience the warm beauty of Batulao. The hike to the summit takes four hours through the old trail or two hours via the new trail which is also more scenic. This hike is definitely not for the faint of heart, however, as it needs some rappelling, and a lot of balancing on the rocky, narrow camel’s back area. But when you reach its highest point, be prepared to have your breath taken away as the summit offers a panoramic, picturesque view of lush mountains and fields.

You can even take a quick detour to the beautiful city of Tagaytay on your way to Mt. Batulao and enjoy a hot bowl of bulalo or even buy some pasalubongs for your family members who stayed in your condo in Las Pinas while you are away conquering the Batulao trail!

6. Mt. Pinatubo (Capas, Tarlac)

Only two to three hours away from the city, Pinatubo is one of the best starting hikes for any climber. A 4×4 jeep brings you across a vast terrain of ashen lahar to the start of the volcano’s crater, where you’ll begin a straightforward upwards hike — no climbing skills required! Once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be rewarded by the gorgeous serenity of its crystalline IG-worthy lake.

Hiking is more enjoyable in the absence of long drives toward the sites of the trails!

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The aforementioned hiking trails are really something to look forward to! Nothing makes traveling to visit them easier than owning a property just a few hours away from them. If a condo is what you’re looking for, Crown Asia’s condo in Las Pinas offering, Hermosa COHO is your best bet for an address just a quick drive from these awe-inducing hiking sites. Hermosa COHO is located near essential road networks that make traveling towards the north or south of the Metro a breeze!

With so many neighboring mountains to explore, what are you waiting for? Take that one-day leave from the city, a quick weekend getaway, and leave your condo in Las Pinas for a while, and chase after the beautiful life that you deserve. Conquer those summits like how you conquer your fears and troubles to create a new and better you!

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